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An dusty old bar in Hogsmeade. Besides the bartender and a random goat, only Severus and Harry are present.

Snape: This is asinine.

Harry: What? An ass?

Snape: Nevermind. Look Harry, I don't think anyone's ever going to show up-

Ron walks in.

Ron: Oi! I'm here for the uh-

Harry: Audition signup for Snape's-

Ron: Band, right right.

Ron walks to sign a piece of paper.

Ron: Lets see here- (there are absolutely no names on the list)

Harry: Uh, how about you just tell us what you can play.

Ron: Harry, you already know I play the drums.

Harry: I know Ron. I just have to interview you and all. It's protocol. Wouldn't want to be unfair, you know?

Snape: (Sarcastically) Yes, please. The competition for the position of drummer is raging.

Harry: Alright. So far we have a guitarist, (Nods to Snape) a bassist, (Points to himself) and a drummer. All we need now is a pianist. Any ideas?

Snape looks to Harry who in turn looks to Ron who in turn looks to Snape.

Snape: Oh all right. But you musn't tell anyone! Follow me.

Just outside the Shrieking Shack.

Snape: When we get in there, I want you both to be alert and ready to run when I give you the signal.

Ron: Yes professor.

Snape: Wha-?

Ron: -sor McGonagall has nice legs. What kind of signal?

Snape: What do you mean, what kind of signal?

Ron: You know, the signal so we know when to get out.

Snape: I don't know. I doesn't matter. You'll know it when I do it.

Ron: Yes... but what if we don't?

Snape: I don't know, I'll erm, I'll wave my hands in the air.

Ron: Lame. I was thinking something along the lines of a glowing bat signal in thin air.

Snape: Whatever! Just follow my lead and don't get yourself killed!

Ron: This isn't what I signed up for!

Inside the Shrieking Shack.

Ron: Harry, I'm scared. Hold me.

Snape: Shh!

Harry: Do you hear that?

Ron: It sounds like...

"Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-da, life goes on bra, darling how the life goes-"

Ron: There is no way we're letting him join our band.

Remus is merrily playing piano and singing in the corner of the Shrieking Shack.

Snape: Lupin.

Remus: Severus! What are- why are... you swore you'd never tell!

Snape: Relax Lupin, any hairy details were left out. The three of us are only here to offer you a proposition.

Remus: Well alright, but make it quick. The sun will be down in a few minutes... and you know that I... I play the piano... louder... on full moons.

Snape: Bloody hell Lupin, even Potter and Black could have decoded that cryptic message.

Remus: The proposition?

Harry: We'd like you to join Snape's band.

Remus: But I was planning on taking Hermione to the ball.

Ron: Oh well. Guess you can't be her date after all. Well then- what songs do you know!?

Harry: That's alright, we won't be on for the whole night. Snape only needs us for the opening act.

Ron smacks him on the head.

Harry: What the hell was that for?

Ron: Sorry, thought Snape there was giving the signal.

Snape: So it's settled. Lupin is in the band.

Harry: We ought to practice.

Ron: Yeah, I suck.

Snape: Me too.

Remus: Tell me about it.

Inside the Gryffindor common room- night.

James: He's probably off with those wannabe Death Eaters!

Sirius: Or wiping the grease off his long nose!

Lily: Stop that. What about those two other boys?

Hermione: Harry's with Prof- Severus, and Ron's probably with them.

Lily: And Remus?

James: Hasn't been feeling too well as of late. Stuck in bed. Not to worry, he'll be fine in a week or so.

Lily: Oh ok. Well then, we'll see you two-

Peter: Three!

Lily: Two, in the morning.

Hermione: Goodnight!

James: Wh- wait! What about our date!?

Lily: Oh, I'm so sorry James, but it's been quite nice to finally have a friend that's Muggleborn and a woman. So unless you want to watch romantic Muggle films and talk about past boyfriends and puberty...

Hermione: Oh Lily, remind me to tell you about the first time I had my period-

James, Sirius, and Peter were gone before she finished the sentence.

Hermione: What? I was just going to tell you about my periodic table test. Muggles do have the strangest sciences.

The next day- Room of Requirement.

Harry: How'd you know about this place Snape?

Snape: Lily and I used to come here to brew potions.

Remus: Among other things.

Harry gags.

Snape: Guitarius Pooficus! (A guitar poofs out of thin air) Before you arrived, I took the liberty of conjuring up your instruments.

Harry: Very cool. (Harry's bass is in the shape of a red lightning bolt.)

Snape: I thought this would be more fitting. (He levitates Remus a shiny keytar)

Remus: Totally rad!

Everyone turns to look at Remus and are puzzled by his lame use of slang.

Snape: Muggle movie nights with Lily?

Remus: Yeah.

Snape: Right. I don't know what our band name is yet, so I left the skin on the bass drum blank-

Ron takes a marker and begins writing on the bass drum- The Ron Experience.

Snape: Accio idiot's marker.

The marker flies into Snape's hand and Remus charms the drum head clean.

Ron: They never listened to Ringo either!


James: Periods. Bloody hell Sirius, why would they ever talk about that?

Sirius: I don't know. I guess girls are just closer than blokes are.

James: You're my best mate Sirius:

Sirius: Back at you Prongs.

Peter: Hey guys, am I your best friend too?

Awkward silence.

Sirius: So periods-

James: Right, right.


Ron: I've got blisters on my fingers!

Snape: We haven't even started playing yet.

Harry: We need to come up with a name.

Remus: What about The Remus Lupins?

Harry: Ministry of Magic?

Ron: Switchblade Kittens?

Harry: Just because you fancy Professor McGonagall does not mean we're naming our band after her!

Remus: You fancy Professor McGonagall?!

Ron: (Fuming with rage) Harry wet his bed last term!

Harry: (Gasp) Ron doesn't know how to tie his shoes!

Ron: Harry once hit on a man!

Harry: He had long hair!

(Remus looks to Snape)

Snape: Wasn't me.

Ron: Lupin is a werewolf!!!

Remus: (Turning to Snape) You swore!

Snape: I didn't say anything!

Remus: Severus knows all the lyrics to every Sound of Music song!

Snape: Only after you told Lily all about them!

Awkward silence.

Harry: I love that movie.

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