Hi Everyone! This is Wandering and it's my first story I'm posting on the site.

As the Darkness consumed her mind and body all Bella could think of was the pain. The soul wrenching, heart stopping pain. Just moments before she was being forced to celebrate her birthday with the people that she loved most in the world and now. Just pain. A simple paper cut was all it took. As soon as, Jasper smelled that one drop of scarlet temptation his mind was filled with bloodlust and answered the siren's call. Although Edward and Emmett managed to pull him off he still managed one bite. When Bella felt his teeth break skin on her neck she knew. As with James before the mind numbing pain began but this time she took it with almost an acceptance and managed to say, " I want this Edward please don't try to stop the change."

He bent his head and looked into her eyes with his amber ones and saw the answer in them. She wanted to be his for eternity and nothing was going to change her mind.

"She wants this to happen Edward, we will need to figure out a way to explain this and make arrangements to leave Forks immediately," Carlisle's calm voice broke trough his reverie.

Carlisle and Esme's faces reflected the same emotion and Edward heard their minds beginning to race. They were joyous that their youngest would have his mate but knew the price it would come with. Edward with the greatest of care picked Bella's writhing body up off the floor and carried her to his room. Placing her on the chaise that he would read on into the night he stroked the sweated dampened hair off her face and began his vigil over her.

Downstairs Jasper's hunger began to ease as Bella's change deepened. Carlisle and Esme entered the room where their children were waiting for news. The news that Edward had saved Bella again.

"Edward did not stop Bella's change this time," Carlisle stated simply. The looks on the faces of the other vampires were of joy and in one case extreme anger. Rosalie hissed at her family and stormed out of the room. Edward shuddered when he felt the seething hatred flowing through her mind. A door slammed upstairs and he knew the fight was only just beginning. Rosalie had always been against Bella's change and now to be faced with it. She was Broken. Not in body but in mind. Rosalie the consummate beauty was never really threatened by Bella, however, she saw what she missed after Royce and his band of fiends had taken her life and spirit from her. A chance to not have to live this damnnedable life, a chance to have the one thing that had burned in her mind, a child.

Edward hearing Rose's thoughts felt a grave need to go to his sister. He promised Bella though to never leave her side again. He truly couldn't leave at her greatest hour of need. They would have all eternity to try and make things up to Rose.