Hey guys! I'm going through ALL of my stories and rewriting them, I just realized how awful my grammar was!(:

A Lighter Shade of Blue

by: Lesli Lene'

It was today Reba awoke in an array of tears, today that her world came to an end. She had finally realized Brock was never coming back, that he had really left her for Barbra Jean, that he had really knocked her up, even better than that her own teenage daughter was pregnant! This afternoon Cheyanne was going to marry Van, her highschool sweet heart. What was her life coming to? two weeks ago her life was perfect..or atleast damn well close to it, then it was like everything came crashing down. No one would ever understand her or how she felt, or how her heart raced when he entered the room. It's unreal how much finding out the one she had loved for 20 years, the one she could never hurt, the one she changed her entire life and moved from her hometown for, had been unfaithful, and had even concieved a child. To put it in simplest terms she was the rock, and she couldn't afford for her family to see her crumble.

Reba shifted on her stomach, why did this all have to be so comlicated? Why couldn't she tell him she still loved him and even through everything she accepted him for who he was?..It was her pride, it always got in the way. who would she be if she let him come home after him knocking the town whore up? She'd look a damn fool and she couldn't let that happen, she refused to look as if she let a man run over her, she was Reba for christ's sake! She wanted everything to be normal, but that was impossible considering Barbra Jean was in the way, truthfully she had grown quite sick of the woman. How odd was it that she had an affair with Brock and still expected for them to be friends..the woman was a dits!

Reba groaned, I have to get up , she thought to herself. who else would cook or arrange for the revrend to come or anything else?..she wanted to scream. Was she the only one who could do anything? Where did she go wrong?..she gave the sex talk, she was there when her children needed her, she was a decent wife..or at least she thought so. Reba just couldn't see why he would pick that bimbo over her! Thinking everything through didn't make anything better, she still didn't want to leave her bed. She didn't want to face this new life or even admit that it existed. She wanted her white picket fence, to be in the PTA, to rejoin the junior league, to have her husband back. Reba would kill to have him back, but the only person she could dream of killing was Barbra Jean. Did she want to?..the answer was obvious but could she?