Author's Note:: Another Brarl fic from me. Set after season five.

The redhead had taken enough from him now. She wanted out. Karl had become rough, demanding and egotistical. She looked up to him as she was flipping through a book, enjoying the relaxing sounds of the birds chirping away outside on Wisteria Lane while the kids all seemed to be out at school and other neighbours were out at work. He had let himself inside her home without her consent, she could have just easily have retrieved a gun and ushered him out but that would have meant leaving him alone downstairs while she went to her bedroom and got one.

He stood there looking down to Bree as she turned the page, looking up at him. Bree flipped her hair a little and she narrowed her eyes before she said, "What are you doing here?"

"I'm helping you" Karl replied.

"You can help me by leaving my home and me alone" she retorted.

Karl loved it when Bree was domineering and she spoke back to him like she just had done, he smirked a little as he felt the blood rushing south. He let his eyes travel over her body, taking in the sight of her tidying clothes, not the usual elegant clothing she wore day in day out. Karl stepped forwards and Bree stood up, tossing her book onto the sofa ,she swallowed and looked into his dark eyes.

Quickly, Karl grabbed at Bree's wrist and he pulled her close to him, the scent of his musky cologne clogging her nostrils as she was pressed against him and he held her there before he forced down her trousers and panties. The redhead gasped as she felt this, but they both knew they wanted it, it was an odd feeling for Bree, she loathed this man, the man who had cost her so much and yet she wanted to feel his body against hers.

Pretty soon, both were on the floor, Bree below Karl as he held tightly to her legs and pulsed inside her body while she gasped and moaned a loud, enjoying what she felt yet still resenting the man who was doing her so amazingly well. Dressed in just her bra, she closed her eyes tightly since she couldn't bare to look up into those eyes as Karl pounded her, his trousers and boxers around his calves somewhere and his shirt strewn across the rug.

All of a sudden it happened, him climaxed first as he watched Bree's face before she reached her peak, groaning as he jerked deeper inside her tight body and she grabbed onto his back, her nails griping the skin and he groaned then. Without warning she set off like some rocket and flailed beneath his body, her nails tracking down his back before they left behind bloody tracks in their wake and she screamed out in her anger and ecstasy as he filled her.

When the deed was done, Karl wrenched himself from her body and stood, re-dressing himself as he left her there, her body relaxing back to normal again while he buttoned his shirt back again. Bree's legs relaxed back down and she panted a little before feeling that well of tears begin to form in her throat first of all before she whispered, "You've done your job now leave..." and with that, Karl left her.

Naked in all senses.