Flying Low

Jess, for once, was not getting into trouble. For once, neither was Sunstreaker. They were both enjoying a peaceful drive in the country while waiting for Sideswipe and Raven to get back from patrol. Jess had only ever been on patrol once. That had not ended well. Optimus forbade her to go out again.

She hated being bored.

Jess reached out to adjust the radio, but her eyes were caught by the speedometer. "Holy pit, Sunny! Just how fast are you going?!"

Sunstreaker hesitated. "What do you mean?"

"You do realize there's a speed limit, right?"

" . . . Speed limit? But no one else is on the road."

"That doesn't really matter to the cops when you're flying low, dude." Jess couldn't help but laugh. No wonder Prowl was reluctant to let them take off together. Sunstreaker was a worse speed demon than she was, and that was saying something. "They'll still pull you over."

Sunstreaker couldn't exactly smile in alt form, but Jess was well aware of his wicked smirk as he picked up speed. "Only if they can catch us!" Jess squealed in delight and waved her hands in the air as if Sunstreaker was a convertible.

The sound of static came over the comm. links, and Sunstreaker groaned. "What do you want, 'Warp?" he demanded.

From overhead, Skywarp responded. "Sunstreaker, I think you're being followed."

"By who?"

"Either Prowl or Barricade. From this distance, I can't tell."

"Well, pit." Sunstreaker picked up the speed again. Jess laughed, wondering the entire time what Ratchet would do if Sunny's engine blew. Probably reformat him into a blender, knowing the cranky medic.

"Told ya." she said playfully.

"Oh, shut up."


The next day found Jess and Sunstreaker pulling guard duty. Speeding through a heavily populated city at speeds exceeding 200 mph just wasn't a smart idea. Especially with Prowl on their tails. Barricade might have let them get away with it, but Prowl had reported them to Optimus. Which was why Jess was standing out here, staring at the base with a scowl on her face, arms crossed over her chest. And she was counting down.

Because Skywarp had said he'd make up for the boredom. She was at 2365 and still waiting, slag it all. For a jet, he was incredibly slow. Just what the pit was taking him so long?!

Someone announced Skywarp and Thundercracker coming in for a landing, and she briefly glanced in their direction. She had fully anticipated them to come in, land, and then Sky would come over and amuse her to keep her from getting too totally bored. Optimus wasn't stupid enough to let her get to that point.

She wasn't expecting them to come blazing through at top speed little more than two inches from the ground. She squealed as the two blasted past her, sending mechs scattering and cursing up a storm. She thought she could hear Frenzy's squealing involved in there somewhere, but with any luck Thunder or Sky hit him. The two Seekers took off again, circled back around, and came back in for a proper landing.

Thundercracker and Skywarp walked up to Jess with identical broad grins. "What'cha think?" Thunder asked with a chuckle. "Sky said you'd love that."

Jess was laughing by now. "What on earth possessed you to do that?" she demanded.

Sky grinned. "You said Sunstreaker was 'flying low'." he pointed out. "Now that's what I call flying low!"