Professor McGonagall floated in the fireplace, seeing first the tray of food and tea for two, then Snape sitting in his chair looking slightly disheveled and red in the face, and then Harry, who looked quite normal. Dishevelment and pink cheeks were things Harry was rarely without, but the fact that he was in Snape's quarters was reason for a double-take.

Harry fidgeted with the hem of his shirt, glancing surreptitiously at the food as he waited for McGonagall to talk and, most likely, berate him. As McGonagall and Snape starred at each other silently for several long moments, Harry snuck a piece of toast of the tray. However, the crunching of him eating the toast broke the silence and cued McGonagall to begin her questioning.

"Harry! What a surprise. What are you doing down in the dungeons so early in the morning?" she asked, her tone going from cheerful to a lecture tone rather quickly. McGonagall raised an eyebrow, making Harry laugh nervously, before she bluntly asked, "Well?" Harry blushed, anxiously taking a bite of toast.

"Snape invited me over for breakfast," Harry said frankly, trying not to look as embarrassed as he felt.

"Professor Snape, Harry," McGonagall responded automatically, not bothering to give Harry a scolding glance.

"It's all right, Minerva," Snape said, startling both McGonagall and Harry, "I gave him my permission." McGonagall accepted this without much further surprise, noting that Snape's face looked as if he greatly regretted giving Harry permission to call him anything at all besides sir.

"Well, Severus; I suppose I'll hurry this along, seeing as you have company," McGonagall said in a slightly annoyed voice, though it sounded slightly amused, as well.

"I was speaking with Rufus Scrimgeour, who is the Minister for Magic, as I hope you already know. Well, he rather likes the Protector spell you two created, and would like his Aurors to be able to perform it as they round up the remaining Death Eaters and what not, as well as in any future battles or fights."

McGonagall sighed a heavy sigh, rather unknowingly giving Snape the opportunity to attempt to intervene, undoubtedly wanting to ask what this had to do with him, but before he could even begin, McGonagall said, "The point, Severus, is that he thinks the spell is to complicated and grueling to execute, and he would like you and Harry to perfect this spell, so that it could be performed in a slightly more timely manner."

Snape scowled darkly at McGonagall.

"Fine," He said gruffly, "I will do it."

"Oh, so will I," Harry added quickly, confused by Snape's anger. He hoped Snape hadn't changed his mind about their plans.

"I bet he has," thought Harry miserably, "He's angry because he just wants to kick me out of here." Harry's heart thudded painfully in his chest, and he felt torn between wanting McGonagall to leave right that instant, and hoping she would stay longer so Harry wouldn't have to be disappointed.

"Well, "I'll be on my way, then," McGonagall said simply, looking rather pleased with herself, "Have a nice breakfast, you two."

Harry sighed and slumped down in his seat, very aware of Snape sitting very rigidly and staring straight at Harry. Harry shoved the last bit of toast into his mouth and tried not to look too dejected as he glanced up at Snape.

Suddenly, Snape stood up. He crossed the expanse between then in three long strides, and Harry couldn't help but look fearful as Snape glowered down at him.

"Sir?" Harry managed to squeak out, his hands starting to tremble. Snape stood stock still, glaring harshly down at Harry for several long moments that seemed like an eternity to Harry.

Then Snape growled and in a flash, he was on top of Harry, kissing him roughly and pinning him against the back of the seat. Harry gasped as Snape's lips moved against his own, and he couldn't help but moan as Snape's tongue invaded his mouth. He tried to reach up and grab Snape— to haul him closer— but Snape smacked his hands away.

Snape grabbed the back of Harry's head and shoved their lips even closer, and Harry whimpered pathetically as Snape mauled Harry's mouth. Slowly, Harry reached around Snape's back, and when Snape didn't smack his hand back, Harry groped Snape's ass. Snape moaned into Harry's mouth; a low, breathy moan, and Harry pulled back, gasping.

"B-bedroom?" He asked, hand still firmly grabbing Snape's bum. Snape nodded once, and Harry was on his feet in a heartbeat. He stood up slowly, and Harry had to restrain himself from bouncing on the balls of his feet. Snape pointed to the hallway.

"It's on the left," he said, and Harry was off, pushing open the door and gazing into Snape's bedroom.

The room looked more like a library then a bedroom, seeing as two whole walls were lined ceiling to floor with bookshelves. There were so many books in the room that they couldn't even all fit on the bookshelves, and there were piles of books shoved against a third wall.

"You like books," Harry said, smiling broadly as Snape appeared at his side.

"I might," Snape whispered into Harry's ear, shoving him towards the bed. It was a double bed, and the head of it was pushed against the only wall not covered in books, a dresser on one side, and a wardrobe on the other.

Harry laughed and fell against the bed, liking the feel of the soft knit sheets and loving the idea of Snape sleeping in them. Snape growled again, this time slightly playfully, and leapt onto the bed, pinning Harry down once more. They kissed romantically for a moment, until the heated rush of lust over took them once more.

Harry pulled at Snape's robes, and Snape hauled off Harry's jumper, and soon enough they were both naked and panting stop the sheets. Snape pulled open the second dresser drawer, not taking his eyes off of Harry, and fumbled around for the small jar of lubricant he kept in there.

"Do this often?" Harry whispered, and Snape's face flushed red.

"Only by myself," Snape answered brusquely, and Harry couldn't help but laugh. He kissed Snape soundly, framing Snape's face with his hands, and Snape found the lubricant and placed it stop the dresser without breaking the kiss.

Snape moved his hands to Harry's chest, running them down over Harry's nipples, and Harry moaned deliciously at the touch. Snape pinched Harry's nipples, Harry gasped, and Snape took over the kiss as he flicked at Harry's nipples and Harry began to writhe underneath him, their hard cocks rubbing against each other.

Once Harry became accustomed to the intense pleasure, he decided to reciprocate. Again, he reached around Snape's back and grabbed at his ass, and Snape shoved forward roughly and bit down on Harry's lip. Harry gasped, at the spark of pain, but Snape eased it away as he rocked his hips ferociously against Harry's and suckled on Harry's bitten lip.

Snape reached one hand out for the lubricant, and Harry curled his toes in anticipation. With his fingers coated in lubricant, Snape reached in between them and placed his fingers against Harry's hole. Harry spread his legs wide, bending his knees to give Snape better access, and moaned loudly as Snape's fingers entered him. Snape stretched Harry's ass, inserting a third finger and flexing them inside Harry. Harry moaned, his hold on Snape's ass getting hard enough to leave a bruise, and broke their kiss.

"Hurry," Harry panted, "Now."

Readily complying, Snape removed his fingers from Harry's ass and slicked them up again, using them to coat his cock with lubricant. It was then that Harry got his first really good look at Snape's cock.

It was beautiful; much longer than Harry's and with an angry quality to it that Harry found incredibly endearing. The head was red and swollen, with the large vein on the underside of Snape's cock visibly pulsing with blood. Harry touched the head of Snape's cock, and Snape hissed in pleasure. With one quick shove, Snape's cock was inside Harry; and Harry through back his head in ecstasy.

Snape pounded his cock into Harry's hole, and Harry gasped and writhed, throwing his head back and forth as waves of pleasure washed over him. Snape pushed against Harry's knees, and Harry locked them around Snape's shoulders, moving his griping hand from Snape's ass to his own cock. After several grunting thrusts, Snape slapped Harry's hand off Harry's own cock, only to replace it with his hand. Harry gasped and moaned as those dexterous fingers encased his cock, and soon he was coming all over Snape's hand. With a few more thrusts, Snape too was coming, gasping out Harry's name as he spilt his seed inside of Harry.

Snape collapsed on top of Harry, panting heavily, but Harry was so far gone from his climax that he barely even noticed. A few minutes went by until Snape finally rolled off of Harry, and Harry rolled onto his side to look at Snape. Harry smiled, reaching out a hand to toy with Snape's sweat sticky hair, and bent down to kiss him.

"Did you enjoy it?" Snape mumbled huskily against Harry's lips. Harry laughed and kissed Snape again, a short, chaste kiss.

"Do you really have to ask?" Harry replied, linking his arms around Snape's neck and cuddling in close to his side.

"Our breakfast must be getting cold," said Snape, his tone of voice giving way to the fact that he could not care less. With a complacent sigh, Harry snuggled against Snape's neck and kissed it softly. Snape ran his fingers through Harry's messy hair for a moment as Harry kissed him, gently removing the newly-made tangles.

Then, Snape pushed Harry away gently, and said, "That's enough cuddling for me, thanks." With a laugh, Harry sat up in bed and groped around for his underpants. He found Snape's. Laughingly, he stood up and slid the worn black boxers on, jumping out of Snape's reach as he tried to snatch them back.

"And what do you propose I wear?" Snape said haughtily, standing nude in front of Harry with his arms crossed in front of his chest, as though he were reprimanding a student.

"You could get another pair," Harry suggested slyly, "Or you could wear nothing at all." He ran around the bed and picked up his blue jeans, bouncing on one foot to keep his balance as he put them on.

"Here!" said Harry as he tossed Snape his robe, the heavy black garment landing over Snape's head. Harry laughed uproariously as a flustered Snape went about putting his robe on. They finished getting dressed, Harry still giggling happily as Snape scowled, embarrassed, down at Harry.

"Tea?" Snape said as he sat in his chair and began pouring himself a cup of lukewarm tea.

"Why not?" Harry replied, sitting in the chaise longue and smiling at Snape. "Does this mean we're some sort of couple now?" Harry asked jokingly as he gazed at Snape happily.

"Possibly," Snape uttered, his face turning slightly red as he handed Harry a cup of tea. Harry laughed as he took the tea, peering over the top of the cup endearingly. Snape smiled, and though it wasn't a pretty smile, it made Harry's heart flutter all the same.