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Because I Would Do Anything

Chapter 1: Babies and Big Cupcakes

"Angela, go play in your bedroom for a few minutes sweetie. When I come out you can help me make dinner." Alex told her two-in-a-half year old daughter.

The little girl smiled as she made her way down the hallway to her bedroom, picking up a coloring book and crayons.

Alex rushed into the bathroom, small brown paper bag in hand. Opening the bag she pulled out a pregnancy test.

Just pee on the stick Alex. She told herself.

Just do it.

Get it over with.

You already know you're pregnant; this is just to confirm it before you schedule the doctor's appointment.

Just pee.

Then the double lines will appear.

And you'll finally have succeeded.

Then you can tell Walker.

Something better than last time.

I'll have to make it much more special.

Like dinner.

Or I could get Angela to help.

That would make him smile.

She sat on the edge of the tub as she watched the double lines appear.

Of course, she was already expecting it, but just the confirmation that she was carrying another child brought a smile to her face.

Instinctively, Alex reached down and gently rubbed circles on her abdomen.

After months of trying, they were finally going to have another child, and Alex was more excited than she had been in months.

A new baby.

I wonder if it'll be a boy or a girl.

Will he or she look just like Angela did?

Maybe this one will have red hair and look like Walker.


Alex was suddenly shaken from her thoughts when she heard Angela scream.

Racing out of the bathroom, Alex soon found herself in Angela's room with a tear-stained face little girl looking back at her.

"What happened sweetheart?" Alex questioned her daughter, kneeling down so she was at eye level with her.

"Trip…dolly…fall…table…hurt" Angela got out through her tears.

Alex picked up her little girl and sat her on her bed. Her knee was red and looked as if she had fallen onto the floor and hit something.

"Angel, did you trip over your doll and fall into the table?"

Angela shook her head.

Alex reached up, wiping away her daughter's tears.

She pulled her into a hug and then stood, picking Angela up with her.

Angela buried her head into her mother's shoulder, as the tears finally started to stop.

Laying Angela down on the couch once she reached the living room, Alex looked her daughter over, accessing if there was anything else wrong.

Once pleased that her daughter was indeed fine, Alex looked up at her, realizing she had fallen asleep.

She stood up and returned to the bathroom.

She quickly got rid of the test and the box, not wanting Walker to find out about the baby until she had the chance to confirm it with Dr. Bates and have a check-up to make sure the baby was fine and the pregnancy was too.

Returning downstairs, she glanced over at her sleeping daughter.

Again, she moved her hand to her abdomen.

In just a few months we'll have another baby.

Angela will have a brother or sister.

Walker and I will have another daughter or a son.

I know he really wants a son.

Even if he won't admit it right now.

He dreams of having a son.

But he would be happy with another daughter.

He adores Angela and loves her just as much as he loves me.

As long as the baby is healthy.

That's all that matters.

And hopefully this pregnancy will go just as smoothly as the first.

I just hope the delivery goes better this time.

Turning her thoughts to happier times, Alex got into the motions of making dinner.

Angela woke up just as Alex put the cupcakes in the oven for desert.

"Mommy start without me?" Angela questioned, running into the kitchen.

"I just put the cupcakes in the oven sweetie. We can frost them and put sprinkles on them as soon as they're done."

"Okay mommy."

With that, Angela ran off to play.

Alex continued preparing dinner. The spaghetti was almost done by the time Walker arrived home.

"Sorry I'm late Alex," he apologized as he came into the kitchen. He then took her in his arms and leaned down to kiss her.

"That's okay. You're right on time. I was just finishing dinner and then Angela was going to come help with the cupcakes," she said smiling. "You could go shower and change and then we'll be done."

"You think I smell? That's not nice," he replied, putting on his best pouting face.

"You can pout all you want Cowboy. Just remember that with pouting comes no desert."

"I'd rather pout," he said smiling. "I can always have a cupcake tomorrow."

"Who said we were talking about cupcakes?" she questioned.

His eyes grew bigger when he realized she was no longer talking about food.

Alex smiled. "You might want to make that a cold shower now."

She then leaned in to kiss him, and pulled away laughing.

"Go. Then you can tell me about your day. I missed seeing you. I always hate being stuck in court all day."

"Didn't miss much. Trivette and I are trying to track down Nickelson. You remember him? The man from a few years back?" Walker asked.

"Yes, and I can't believe a judge would ever let that man out." Alex cringed at the thought of him. She remembered seeing the pictures of all the women he had harmed before they had been able to catch him. Several had even started coming to her women's support group.

"I know," Walker said, getting lost in his own thoughts as he recalled what the man had done as well.

The oven timer went off; bring them both back to reality.

Alex smiled up at her husband as she grabbed an oven mitt and opened the oven door to pull the cupcakes out. Placing them down, she looked back up at Walker.

"Can you tell Angela she can help now? Please. You were already on your way up to take a shower anyways," Alex said as she started to giggle again.

"Sure, hun."

With that, Walker turned and left the kitchen, leaving Alex to gather the frosting and sprinkles before their daughter arrived in the kitchen.

Angela arrived in the kitchen a few moments later.

"Cupcakes!" she squealed.

"And there's pink frosting," Alex told her, and watched at the smile on her daughter's face grew.

Alex pulled up a stool and picked Angela up so she could sit on it and reach the counter.

She let Angela pick out the color of frosting for each cupcake and then the little girl decorated hers as Alex decorated a few too.

"Mommy, did you see the baby in the park yesterday?" Angela questioned, putting down the sprinkles for a second to look up at her mother.

"Yes, I remember see the baby sweetie," Alex told her, recalling the lady with the baby in the stroller and the young child who walked beside it.

"You think I could get a baby?"

"You want a little brother or sister sweetie?"

"Oh, please mommy! My friend Megan has one and loves her," she told her mother and Alex could see by the look in her eyes that she really wanted a sibling. "You think Santa can get one for Christmas?"

Chuckling, Alex answered, "I'm not sure that Santa can do that, but if you don't mention it to daddy at dinner, I promise to talk with him about it."

"Thanks mommy," Angela said, reaching over for a hug.

She can't know they're already a baby on the way.

Or can she?

At least she wants a brother or sister.

It'll be easier to tell her after seeing Dr. Bates and telling Walker.

I could let Angela do it.

He would enjoy that.

And Angela would have fun too.

It's just weird that the day I found out I'm pregnant, Angela starts questioning about wanting a sibling.

I can't wait to get the pregnancy confirmed at the doctor's office.

Then Angela and Walker will be so happy.

And I'll be happy too, happier than I am now, if that's possible.

Another baby.

Alex smiled.

Stepping out of the shower ten minutes later and after changing clothes, Walker found Alex and Angela in the kitchen. Sprinkles covered the countertop and both girls had frosting on their faces.

"Hi daddy!" Angela said with glee upon her father's arrival in the kitchen.

"Hi Angel," he said, leaning down to hug her.

"Careful!" Angela told him, pulling away. "You might ruin cupcakes."

"I'll be careful princess."

"You promise?" she asked, looking up into his eyes.

"I promise," he answered, as he kissed her on the forehead. Turning his attention to Alex, he started chuckling.

"What's so funny Cowboy?"

"You've got frosting on your cheek, right here," he told her, leaning down to kiss her where the frosting had ended up. "Am I allowed to hug you, or would I be ruining your cupcakes too?" he said smiling.

Thinking about it for a moment, Alex soon replied with a smile, "You might ruin my cupcakes. But you could be a big help by getting dinner off the stove while we clean up this mess."

Fetching dinner from the stove and after the kitchen counter was cleared; the Walker family found themselves enjoying dinner. They chatted about Christmas coming, and Angela made sure to mention they had to go see Santa so he knew what to bring her. Alex reminded her about the true meaning of Christmas, that it was Jesus' birthday.

"I know mommy, but can we go see Santa? Please?"

"When we go Christmas shopping we can stop and see Santa."

"Thanks mommy," the little girl squealed with delight.

Dinner resumed and soon Angela was asking about desert.

"And can I pick my cupcake?" she questioned her mother.

"Of course you can," Alex replied, picking up her daughter so she could see the cupcakes on the counter.

"I want that one," she said, pointing to the cupcake with pink frosting and pink sprinkles on top. "And daddy can have that one," she continued, pointing to a green frosted cupcake in the back, "and you can have that one," she finished, pointing to a pink one similar to the one Angela had selected for herself.

Alex thought for a moment of how to explain to her daughter that she really shouldn't have a cupcake.

A cupcake isn't going to hurt the baby.

But I've already eaten too many sweets the last few days.

Hard not to with Christmas coming.

I really shouldn't be eating something else sweet.

The baby doesn't need to be eating that too.

I eat healthy, but I really don't need a cupcake.

I think I ate enough frosting just making them.

"You know Angela; I don't think I'm up for a cupcake right now. But how about we put it on a plate and I'll save it for tomorrow and have it with you then, when you have another," she tried explaining to her daughter.

"How come you no want one mommy?" Angela asked as she looked at her cupcake that had made its way to her hand.

"Well, we just had dinner and mommy's a little full for it. But how about you take daddy's cupcake to him?"

"Okay mommy."

Alex put Angela on the floor and handed her the cupcake she had picked out for Walker. Angela walked over and gave it to him as she continued into the living.

"Be careful not to get that on the couch sweetie," Alex called after her daughter.

Walker looked up at her. "I thought I didn't get desert if I pouted?"

"I would never withhold desert from you," she said smiling.

"I know that," he grinned.

"Yeah, and you can have another cupcake when you're done with that one if you really like desert that much," she teased, trying to contain the giggling that threatened to escape her lips.

"You are such a tease," he said, getting up to take her in his arms. "Do I get my hug now?"

"Yes," she said, pulling him into an embrace.

Holding on for a moment, she let go and turned to leave.

"Where are you headed?" he asked, starting to follow.

"I have to make a phone call. Why don't you go eat your cupcake with Angela?"

"Don't want me listening in?"

"I just want you to keep an eye on your daughter for a moment."

"Our daughter," he gently corrected.

"Yes, she is our daughter," she smiled and then turned again to head up the stairs.

Once inside their bedroom, Alex grabbed her cell phone and dialed Dr. Bates' office.

"Dr. Bates' office," came a young women's voice.

"This is Alex Cahill-Walker and I need to schedule an appointment with Dr. Bates as soon as possible."

"Does tomorrow morning 8:00 work for you?"

"That would be wonderful."

"We'll see you then Mrs. Cahill-Walker."

"Thank you," Alex said, as another smile spread across her face.

Tomorrow morning it'll be confirmed.

Then I only have to share the news with Walker.

Another baby.