This is the sequel to Forbidden Love.

Go and read that one if you want to know the beginning to the story.

The first one is Gabby which means there will be that along the way.

If you don't want to read Gabby I will tell you what is going on.

The last time we saw Ziva she was pregnant with someone's child.

The choices were McGee, Tony, or Gibbs.

All is revealed now.

Ziva has disappeared and no on knows were she went.

Not her father, not Tony, but wait.

She sends a letter to Gibbs every once in awhile.

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Three long years and nothing seemed the same. She had a beautiful child, one that looked just like the father. The father was now standing in front of her, after three years. Had it really taken this long? Her child hid behind her leg, just hugging it. What was she supposed to say? She'd thought of this day over and over, she still wasn't ready.

"Ziva?" he asked reaching for her hand. She backed up and bent down to pick up the frightened child. The child started to cry in her arms she tried to shush the child. There was only one way, she'd have to say the name. The same name as the father.

"Shh Tony..." she finally said. Tony hushed down and closed his eyes. Tony J.r now she really regretted naming her child that. Why had she done that? Now he knew that that was his son in her arms.

That was just the beginning.