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Chapter Sixteen (Epilogue): Happy Endings Do Exist.

The hardest thing to do in this world is to live in it – Buffy The Vampire Slayer, The Gift.


I had thought I was going to be a wife, the Mrs O'Conner, before becoming a mother for the second time. However, you stumble across a few surprises in life. Like the surprise of finding out I was three months pregnant only a month after Angel had proposed to me. I hadn't even put the clues together, like the morning sickness and late period, which was why my eyes were the size of two plate saucers after the doctor congratulated me with the news. The whole family, especially Angel and Willow, were ecstatic about my little surprise. And it turned out that I was only a month behind Willow. Definite best friend pregnancy bonding had been in both of our minds after I had broken the news about the new addition to the Summer/O'Conner family.

Although, I was more interested in explaining to Evelyn she was going to have a baby brother or sister. I knew that she was only eight months and would therefore not understand a single word I was saying, however I wanted to explain why in a few months she would have the responsibility of being an older sibling for the rest of her life. So when I finally had a moment alone with my baby girl, I explained – as simply as I could – that Mommy was going to get fat and then the stork would bring a baby like her to the house. It was as much use as talking to a brick wall. Evelyn just gave me a blank stare before giggling as though I had pulled a funny face. I just laughed back. What did I expect from an seven month child?

One night, when Angel and I were snuggled up in bed, I made a tiny offer. I asked Angel if we could wait until the baby was born before we married. I wanted everyone there, including our child that still had months to go before it was born. And Angel, being the truly amazing human he was, agreed with enthusiasm. So our marriage was postponed until our family had been completed.

As soon as we possibly could, we moved out of our beloved house, handing it over to Faith who was pretty ecstatic to own such a beautiful house. We were soon only a few seconds away from Willow and her home. Everyone helped us decorate our new home – Xander and Oz helped Angel with everything to do with building and other manly activities, whilst Mom and Cordelia helped me with decorating the rooms. After I had decorated Evelyn's in an Alice in Wonderland theme – she loved that story – with a huge Cheshire Cat covering one wall, I decided to move onto the little ones room. It was decorated in a soft yellow colour – something that would suit either gender – with swirls and other patterns. It looked gorgeous.

Two week after we moved in, Willow found out she was expecting another girl. I was extremely happy for her. Her sixth month bump was visible now beneath most of her shirts – it added a glow to her. Whereas my five month bump was only beginning to bloom, it still looked like I had only put on weight to me. Angel thought it was the most amazing thing in the world. When Willow and I began shopping for our little ones, I finally got an insight to the name she and Oz had decided for their daughter. Blair Annabelle Osbourne. It was a beautiful name. And, the more Willow gushed over her daughter, the more curious I became to find out the sex of my own little miracle.

The next month couldn't have gone slower. It went painfully slow. However, after what seemed an eternity, I was lay at the doctors with my bump exposed and cold gel rubbed across it. And when the doctor asked if I wanted to know the sex, I couldn't have been less eager – I almost scared him. Angel told him that I had been waiting for this for the last four weeks. I had to tell Angel to shut it so I could find out the gender at all.

I was going to have a little girl.

Angel and I celebrated with joy. Neither of us was rooting for a certain gender as long as our child was happy and healthy, though we were glad that Evelyn would have a baby sister to look out for. It was something that I as a child had always dreamed of yet never had the chance to fulfil. Everyone was so happy for Willow and I. Both of us would have two beautiful little girls – something we had always dreamt about in High School.

The next three months went by like a flash of lightening. I was woke up at eight in the morning on the sixth of October by Angel who informed me that Willow had gone into labour and had given birth last night. We rushed to the hospital, as fast as we could seen as there was rush hour traffic, to be greeted by a euphoric Willow and Oz. Blair Annabelle Osbourne was so incredibly stunning. It had been almost a year since I had given birth to Evelyn … I forgot how tiny newborns were. Sky adapted extremely well to her baby sister, who she couldn't get enough of. I hoped that my gorgeous Evelyn would mimic Sky's welcoming to her own new sibling.

On the day of Evelyn's first birthday, during her fabulous party that Grandma Joyce, Daddy and Aunty Cordelia had set up, I went into labour. It was a tough eight hours, much harder than Evelyn's birth, but at twenty to midnight, on the same day as Evelyn's birthday, I was blessed with a healthy little boy. And what a surprise he was. After months of expecting a girl, I had never in my wildest imagination expected to hold a seven and a half pound little boy who was the handsomest creature I had ever laid eyes on.

It was so amazing sitting in the hospital bed, cradling my new baby boy in one arm with my beautiful little girl snuggled up in my other. I felt complete, whole. I had Angel to thank for that as well. I would never have gotten to where I was without him by my side, I would never have produced the two most precious human beings in this world, and I would never have gotten over the past.

Whilst I cradled my two perfections in my arms, I finally understood what being a mother meant. Being a mother is sacrificing everything, even your own life, to protect your children. It was when you looked down at your newborn baby for the first time and smiling like an idiot because you never knew something so precious and so delicate could exist. Being a mother was when you felt that tiny heartbeat and you knew that you'd never be able to love anything else so much in the world. It wasn't a job or a responsibility, it was a gift. And the gift of being a mother would never ever compare to anything else in the universe.

After everyone crowded in the tiny hospital room, adoring my new son from all angles, was the first time when anyone questioned about his name. I instantly looked up at Angel. I had named Evelyn, it was his turn. With a quick murmur of "are you sure?" and me pressuring him to choose, Angel decided on the name Noah Liam O'Conner.

So there we had it.

Angel and I were parents of the two most beautiful children in the world. Willow and Oz's family was also complete with their two gorgeous children. My Mom was back in her own house … except, unlike before this whole ordeal had begun, she wasn't alone! Giles – Rupert Giles – and my Mom were dating. Ok, I had been pretty grossed out in the start though I realised how happy they were … and that made me happy. Cordelia and Xander had also began dating – much surprise to Angel and I. Everyone else said they had seen it coming for a while, so I guessed both of us had been pretty out of it that we had blindingly not seen the chemistry between them. Whilst Faith was finally embracing life to the best of her ability, which included her getting a job and reducing the amount of time she spent getting drunk on nights out at The Bronze.

There was only one last thing to do...

I entered through the large oak doors, watching as every single person spun around in their seats to survey me. Giles gave my arm a little squeeze as we began sauntering down the aisle. I felt so privileged to have Giles giving me away on the happiest day of my life. I finally looked up to scan what the end of this long walk would bring.

Xander and Oz were the first two I spotted, both of them smiling widely down the aisle at me. They were wearing black tuxedos, looking more like powerful business men than two best men. Curled up in Xander's arms was my beautiful son, looking like an angel from heaven. Noah was wearing his own little tuxedo and a blue tie, matching his bright blue little booties. He was going to break all the girl's hearts one day. If it wasn't for all the make up, and what Cordelia would do if I messed it up, then I would have cried in delight right there at the beauty of my baby boy.

On the opposite side lined up in a row, all sporting soft blue bridesmaid dresses, were Willow, Faith, Cordelia, Sky, Blair and my own mesmerizing Evelyn. Willow, Faith and Cordelia each had their hair spiralling down their backs with the same delicate amount of make up brightening up their faces. Even Faith – who did kick and scream before Cordelia threatened her. Evelyn and Sky had their hair tied up in cute childish ponytails as I requested, whereas Blair's vivid red hair was left as its stunning self. Blair was wrapped up in Willow's embrace, watching the whole event with her wide blue eyes, whilst Faith had Sky placed on her hip and Cordelia held Evelyn. My baby girl looked so grown up in her dress – it didn't seem real that she was already one year old.

I sneaked a glance behind me. My Mom was sat on the front row, a crumpled tissue enclosed in her hand, as she watched me with tearful eyes. She gave me a soft nod. I knew what she meant: I was making the right decision. Angel's Father was sat beside her, wearing a heavy smile as he gazed at the scene before him. I smiled back at him.

Finally, I was at the end of the longest walk in my life.

I turned and pressed a kiss to Giles' cheek, thanked him for everything before leaving him to take his seat besides my Mother.

I spun around and looked at the man I was about to give the whole of me to.

Angel stood on the right hand side, sporting a very handsome tuxedo with a white rose tucked in his pocket. He looked so handsome that it almost hurt. He unleashed the full beauty of his brown orbs upon me, fluttering his eyelashes as he drunk in my appearance. I guess you couldn't really miss me in the humongous white wedding dress. However, judging from the dying love burning in the depths of his eyes, I knew that I had done well in shaping up for today. Because this day, like forever onwards, was about making Angel and my two children happy as they possibly could be.

We had known each other since High School. He had protected me, flirted with me, and laughed with me. He had grown up with me through the whole of High School, caring for me and secretly loving me. He had the one who picked up the broken shards of my heart when I returned to Sunnydale, when I thought my life was coming to an end. How wrong I had been. When I met Angel, it was only the beginning of my life. He sowed up my shattered heart with his love and affection and then he kept it. He kept my heart so safe and tender. And when we got together – my heart soared. For the first time in almost five years, I felt hope. Hope that maybe my life didn't have to end now. Three months later, only three months after becoming a couple, I fell pregnant with Evelyn. And I knew we were just meant to be. Two years later, we had two children and was now joining together as husband and wife for the rest of eternity.

And I've never been more thankful that I didn't give up on life.

'You look so beautiful,' Angel whispered.

'Only for you,' I replied.

Life could be difficult. It would throw every single bad thing at you and still expect you to carry on as though nothing had ever happened. It would be cruel, twisted and down right evil sometimes. Some days you would wake up and beg for life to end, other days you would question your purpose on this earth. But it wasn't always black and white. The simplest things made life worth living; family, friends, the sun rising in the morning, the breath of fresh air when you stepped out of your home. But I had everything I ever needed right with me now. My soon to be husband, my children, my family and friends – it was the reason why I lived.

Life, if you looked close enough, was beautiful. And I truly believed that … no matter how much Spike had tried to make life unbearably hard, I still believed that life was beautiful.

But it was a pain in the arse, it could be horrible … but you just had to get through the Battlefield.

And I was proud to say that I had survived the Battlefield.


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The Deathly Destiny of Darkness.

After loosing her mom at the tender age of five, Buffy is thrown into a whole different world. A world where vampires exist. A world where even the most creative fairytale creatures do in fact exist. On a quest to find her mom's killer, she finds herself doing something she swore she never would: falling in love with a vampire.


'Was it a monster that put my mommy to sleep?' said Buffy, looking up at him.

'Erm … yeah,' he answered, deciding honesty was the best way.

'I don't like monsters,' croaked Buffy.