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Soi Fon endured precisely two weeks of watching Hanataro be tormented and tortured by the ungrateful Soul Reapers he healed, slowly growing more and more annoyed and enraged at their actions. She would have loved to have intervened, but could only do so in near-fatal cases, since otherwise she would revealed too much of her task, something which went against her training. The worst attack she had seen thus far was an attack from an extremely low level Soul Reaper wielding an unnamed sword. All the attacks were taking their toll on her conscience and her willpower to not help. Of course, her tendency to showcase this through a scowl that would have peeled paint off a wall had the undesired effect of worsening Hanataro's concentration, negatively affecting his healing attempts and making the abuse inflicted on him even more extreme, which created a vicious circle.

"Y-you wanted to see us, Captain?" Hanataro asked as he fidgeted in his chair. He and Soi Fon had been brought to Unohana's office, where the woman herself had met them.

Unohana sighed, "Yes. It's been brought to my attention that your healing has become…less adept lately. Isane noted at least three patients on whom healing Kido had been applied incorrectly. Is there something you wish to tell me?"

"N-no C-captain Unohana." He said, though his eyes told a different tale as they kept glancing frightenedly at Soi Fon.

"And you, Soi Fon? Anything to tell me?"

Soi Fon grimaced, "Yes, actually. Yamada-San, leave us." Hanataro blinked once before nodding and scampering out fearfully. Once the door closed, Soi Fon rounded on Unohana, "I just have one question. Do you know what he goes through on a daily basis?"

Retsu quirked an eyebrow, "What do you mean?"

"I mean the verbal abuse and the assaults by the Soul Reapers he heals. I've seen him do his work while they insult everything about him they could-His powers, his name, his appearance, his family line…and yet he takes it all without a word of complaint. And then, once he finishes the healing, the Reapers physically attack him! Kicks, punches, Kido…I saw one almost use his sword on him! These things don't even happen in Stealth Force training!" Soi Fon shouted, her arms shaking at her sides, "And yet, he takes it all in stride. Did you know?"

"Yes…I knew, but-" Retsu would have said more, but a blade at her throat stopped her.

"And you did nothing?"

Retsu sighed, "May I finish? I knew, but I didn't interfere for his sake."

Soi Fon sent a scathing glare at Unohana, her blade moving closer, "His sake? What could possibly be for his sake with all that?"

Unohana looked her dead in the eye, "His pride. He's proud of what he does. That he takes pain for others to be safe. It's something no one else does. Further…why are you so concerned, Soi Fon? I thought that as long as the mission succeeded, the damages didn't matter."

Her words struck home, as Soi Fon stumbled back a step, "I…I d-don't care."

"Your violent outburst and unsheathed blade say different." Unohana replied nonchalantly, opening a file on her desk briefly before turning her eyes back to the 2nd Squad Captain and spinning the file around, "Take a look here, Soi Fon. His brother was the same way many years ago."

Soi Fon looked at the file, and saw that Seinosuke Yamada was indeed similar in his behavior. "'Seinosuke-Has protected the rest of Squad 4 from their standard abuse single-handedly.' This file is yours?"


"But this doesn't make sense. Seinosuke was your lieutenant, and powerful enough for the spot. Further, I thought he had an…attitude problem? Why did he protect them all?"

Unohana chuckled, "He did have an attitude, but it was mild. He was still noble, and couldn't resist helping someone in need, a lot like Ichigo Kurosaki. As for his power, that's a secret about the Yamada family. One even they don't know."

Soi Fon snarled as she sat back down on a chair, "Then how am I supposed to find out?"

"It will be revealed. Once you have learned about Hanataro as much as is possible. I have given him the day off. Go to him…talk to him as a person, not as a Soul Reaper, or as Yamada-San, but as Hanataro."

"Retsu, he is frightened of me."

Retsu smiled sickeningly-sweet at her, "All the more reason to treat him normally."

Knowing she was dismissed, Soi Fon left the office. Retsu waited a few moments before pulling a small hand-held device with a screen from her desk drawer, and flipped it on, revealing a grinning Yoruichi, "The Bee is headed for the Pollen. Repeat, the Bee is headed for the Pollen."

"Roger, Retsu. Thanks for the assist."

"For you Yoruichi, anytime. You think it'll happen now?"

Yoruichi's grin grew, "Maybe, maybe not. But Soi Fon is exposed now. With any luck, he'll get to her heart."

Retsu nodded, and cut the link. 'We can only hope.'

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