Yeah...sorry that I forgot to warn you, my dear readers, that I will be using a lot of time skips...short ones, or long. but I do need to remind you, if you took offence to that for some reason, that this is based of an RP, and those DO have time , enjoy. And I'm sorry about my horrible spelling, and grammar. Thank yas.

"This is spreakin"-"this is thinkin "-(this is outside talk)

What If THIS Happened: Chapter Two - Year Two Carries The Chaos Farther

It's almost been one year since our friends started going to Hogwarts, and this year is predicted to be even crazier then the first. but of course, that makes it more fun. We shall begin this part of the story very early in the morning, as a flying car lands in the driveway of a large house, also known as The Burrow, where the Weasly's reside.

````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Four boys entered the kitchen of the house as quietly as they could, sneaking in after sneaking out so they didn't get in trouble. Unfortunately for them, there was someone in the house that had insomnia. Harry fell backwards onto the floor, making a rather loud thud, and this caused the three Weasley brothers-Ron, Fred, and George-to cringe. Harry also had the wind knocked out of him, as a catlike figure glomped him. "Harry! ohmygee!! Tis awesome to sees ya again buddeh!" the always hyper-Chib declared, earning a harsh "sshhhh!!!" from the Weasleys, making her cringe, and nod. "S-sorry. I was just excited!" she said as she stood up, and helped Harry to his feet. There was suddenly a lot of thumping sounds coming from the upstairs, and appeared, and shouted at them."WHERE HAVE-YOU-BEEN?!" her son's hid the biscuits they were holding behind their backs, and looked at the floor. The impact was so powerful, it even made Chib look at the floor somewhat shamefully. And she hadn't even done anything!...Well...Except keep a look out for Harry, Ron, Fred, and George. She then looked at Harry, and smiled warmly, and her voice got a nicer tone to it. "Harry! How wonderful to see you dear.." . Then she addressed her sons again with a bit of a glare. "Bed's empty, No note, Car gone! What were you thinking?! You could have been killed! You could have been seen!" She lectured as a mother would, before giving Harry a reassuring "Of course, I don't blame you Harry, dear." "...They were starving him, mum...There were bars on his windows!" Ron defended. "Well you had best hope that I don't put bars on your windows, Ronald Weasley!" Molly said before giving Harry another warm smile, and telling him that it was time for breakfast. Chib had just gotten her plate of food finished, and was sitting down at the table when someone entered the house. "Morning Weasleys!" greeted his family before giving his wife a good morning kiss, and sitting down at the table. He looked to his right to see a face he hadn't see before. "...And who are you?" He asked, making Harry swallow fast in order to answer. Harry apologized, and introduced himself. Arthur seemed calmly excited to meet the lad, and said that Ron s told the family about him, before digging into breakfast. "Well, when did he get here?" he seemed to ask no one in particular. It was Molly who answered him. "This morning...your sons flew that enchanted car of yours to Surry and back last night" she said before turning back to the stove. "Did you really? How did it go?" he asked excitedly, earning a small-ish hit on the shoulder from Molly, causing him to correct himself. "Ah-I mean--that was very wrong indeed, boys. Very wrong of you.." he said in a rather unconvincing way. Molly seemed to be satisfied though.

```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` After breakfast, The Weasleys, Harry, and Chib all gathered around the gigantic fireplace. Molly took a small plant-pot from its holder next to the fire place, and held it in front of Harry, allowing him to put his hand in to get the powder from it first. To this, Harry gave a confused look. "Harry's never traveled by Floo Powder before mum.." Ron said with a bit of a worried expression. "You haven't? Its lots of fun to do!....Once you get the hang of it that is.." Chib said looking excited at first, but then letting her gaze fall to the floor. This made Harry a bit more worried. But Molly told him that Ron could go first, so he could see how to do , Ron took a handful of the powder, walked into the fireplace, and dropped the powder to the floor after announcing the destination that he wanted to go. Ron then vanished within a brilliant green flame that only lasted for a few seconds. It was then Harry's turn to go, so he got his handful of powder, stepped into the fireplace, and spoke where he wanted to go, before vanishing in the brilliant Floo Flame. After a couple seconds, Molly looked at her husband. "What did he say, dear?" she asked. "...Diagonally..." he answered. "Yes I thought he did.." Molly muttered while looking back at the fireplace, as Chib did a faceplam.

```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` As Harry left the shop he entered from the fireplace in Knockturn Ally. There were a bunch of shady characters who tried to crowd around Harry, but lucky for him, Hagrid found him. "Harry?...what do you think you're doing down there? Come on! " He said, and Harry went over to him as quickly as he could. He was then grabbed by the wrist by a small hand, with tiny claws-which he recognized to be Chib's hand-, and was half dragged out of the Ally. Harry noticed that she was wearing her hat(though her hair color had not changed, it was her eyes that did. pink where the brown was, brown where the pink was, such and such). Hagrid gave him a tiny lecture about how he shouldn't be in that ally before they found the rest of their group, which had gained a Hermione. She fixed his glasses after she saw they were broken from the tumble he took out of the fireplace, and they all entered the Book Shop to get their School they'd caught up with the rest, Harry found that Eowyn had caught up with them as well. She too was hiding her inhuman-ness. Molly brushed him off, and Chib , and Eowyn each gave him a hug to show they were worried. Chib also tried to give him a bit of a lecture, but an announcement was made, and it cut her off. She looked at the front, and her left ear twitched in annoyance. Eowyn didn't seem pleased the announcement had been announced, a tall man who looked like the stereotypical Muggle Acter walks up to the front desk, and smiled a "devilish grin". someone from the Daily Prophet then squeezed passed them, and took a picture of Lockheart, before he noticed that Harry Potter was standing right in front of him, and he let it slip out that the poor kid was there. Harry was then seized from his place in the crowed by the reporter, and then placed next to Lockheart before getting a blinding flash of light shown in his eyes. "People like him really tick me off.." Chib muttered to no one. "Yeah...but they do make good paint-ball targets.." Eowyn replied, looking like she had 3/4ths of a mind to shoot Mr. Lockheart with several different colored paintballs. The Two girls giggled, and plotted until it was time to leave, but even then they couldn't get out of the store, after being stopped by Draco who made it apparent that he didn't like Harry even more now."Leave him alone..." Ginny tried to say as threatening as she could, but Malfoy just smirked. "Oh look here've got yourself a girlfriend!" he said, not noticing the Chib was holding Eowyn back from hitting Malfoy with a thick book. "Now, now nicely.." a man said after tapping Malfoy's shoulder with the head of his cane. Which, happened to look like a snake's head. This man turned out to be Malfoy's father. Chib's ear twitched annoyed again when Lucius was examining Harry's scar. -"Where do all these wackos come from!?"- She shouted in her head. Harry and Lucius exchanged words, Hermione stepping in once. After Lucius had insulted Hermione, and her family, it was Eowyn's turn to keep Chib from attacking the arrogant Malfoy. Then it was just a sheer test of will to keep both of them from attacking him once he spoke ill of the Weasleys."You know..." Chib spoke up, eyes shaded with anger, and hate. "just because someone isn't considered pure in blood, or rich in wealth, that doesn't make them any less powerful, smart, or talented...though, you would know that because unlike you, not everyone had to claw their way to the top..." said she, spite lacing her words. Not many people would talk to a Malfoy that way, but no one in their group was surprised when she did. Lucius didn't give Eowyn the second she needed to think up something to back up her words though. "Young lady...if i were you, I would keep my mouth shut when it comes to those words..." Lucis said, trying to seem menacing. Chib of course, being either really brave, or super stupid as always, did not back down. "I'll say what i want, to whom I want...I'm not from America, but I do believe in Freedom of Speech, and I will worry about it getting me killed or not later...if you wish for me to talk to you with respect, then you have to earn it Malfoy...but, i doubt that you will ever accomplish tha-t...." she replied, putting emphasis on the T. Lucius was either about to curse her, strike her, or yell at Chib, but Mr. Weasley came up to the group, telling them that they should be . Weasley, and Mr. Malfoy exchanged a few words, and they somehow got to talking about disgrace. Of course, Chib being Chib, and Eowyn just being out there. "What s the use of being a disgrace to the name of Wizard...if they don't even pay you well for it?" Lucius asked, with an expression that said "i'm looking at something's truly disgusting". "We have a very different idea about what disgraces the name of Wizard, Malfoy..." Mr. Weasley countered. The aura that flowed from Chib and Eowyn said to all that was near enough to feel them: "and you happen to be the first thing we think of when it comes to that view..." Lucius looked at the two girls who were glaring at him one last time, giving them a glare of his own. He then glanced at the rest of the group, before leaving with Draco. ".....I' m gonna be the first to murder a Malfoy in my generation Eowyn declared, getting looks from everyone else in the group, before Chib cracked a smile. "Okay then, you can take the Family down, and I'll destroy the house!" she said in a joking tone. The two girls laughed, and shook on it before they, and everyone else in their group left the shop, and Eowyn separated with the group before they got to the station. ```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` It was the first morning after the whole "stole, and lost the car to get to Hogwarts" fiasco, and when Harry, and Ron got downstairs to go to breakfast, they were glomped. Ron now new what it felt like to get the window knocked out of him and Harry felt it for the second time within two days, though it wasn't Chib who'd glomped him. She had decided to glomp Ron this time, since she now decided that she would only limit herself three glomps a week per-person, and Harry had already gotten glomped once , the two girls began to yell at them franticly, before Husky, and Cooro came downstairs, and pried the two girls away from the poor boys. Before they could thank Husky, and Cooro though, Husky was yelling at the both of them, and Cooro looked like he was gonna cry, and shouted about how he'd be so worried. There was finally silence when Senri came downstairs. Chib then forgot about her anger towards Harry, and Ron, and glomped him. Eowyn sighed, and looked at her growling stomach, and decided just to go down to the Great Hall herself. She was shortly followed by Harry, Ron, Cooro, and Husky, and Senri, with Chib riding on Senri's shoulders, like a five year old.

```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` After breakfast, they all went to Herbologi, and that meant they were also in the Green Houses. Chib and Senri liked the green houses. It was like a forest in there. or some other form of wilderness. Eowyn liked it too, but because it made a good scene for a prank, or something to be taken place. though before that'd happen, she'd have to figure out how to pull one off without harming the Professor entered the greenhouse, and tapped the pot in front of her with her wand, getting everyone's attention, as well as a "good morning professor Sprout." from her class. Sprout then told the class that they were to re-pot mandrakes, so they needed to have earmuffs over their ears, so they weren't knocked out. Eowyn had to put ear plugs in her ears, though Chib could get the earmuffs on after a bit of adjusting. Professor Sprout then began to demonstrate how to re-pot the plant, and right as she pulled it up, and the herb began to wail, Chib smacked her hands over her ears, and began to scream. It only took Chib two seconds to decide to bail on the class, and she tore out of the room, still screaming. "should have worn ear-plugs..." Eowyn muttered. Professor Sprout shook her head slightly, before going on with her demonstration. Neville collapsed after a minute or two more though. Sprout sighed, disapprovingly. "It seems Mr. Longbottom's been neglecting his earmuffs she said. Seamus then looked up at her, and said "no ma'am. he's just fainted Sprout then just decided to leave me as he was, and the lesson continued.

```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` It was once again time for Study Hall, and Ron was tapping his wand back together, with his friend's sitting either next to him, in front of him, or in front of the people next to him. He looked at his now "fixed" wand, and sighed. "..say it....I'm doomed he said, looking at Harry. "you're doomed Harry said, but Eowyn and Husky had also chimed in on that statement. Suddenly there was a: "hi Harry!" followed by a flash of bright light from a camera. Ron, who was sitting next to Harry got hit too, but not as bad. Chib, who was sitting on the other side of Harry, also got hit, but she was so surprised at the sudden wave of light hitting her eyes, that she fell out of her chair. Senri also got hit, for he was sitting next to Chib, but he didn't get nearly as blinded, and so he just blinked a lot. Harry, sadly, got hit full force, and it took him a few seconds to recover. The 1st-year introduced himself, and they found out his name was Colin Creevey, who also happened to be in their house. Chib managed to get up, but she still had to blink a lot. Ron's owl, Earl, was then spotted flying towards them, and he crashed into a large bowl of chips. Ron mutter something about the bird begin a menace while Eowyn, Chib, and Senri flicked chips off themselves, Senri actully eating the chips that had landed on him. Ron took the note from Earl, and a look of horror found it's way on to his face, while he said "oh no...". Someone then pointed out that Ron had gotten a Howler, and Cooro asked absent mindedly "what's a Howler?" before getting smacked on his head by Husky, who used a rolled up Daily Prophet. Ron then tried to open it, but when he did, a terrible voice shrieked from it, causing Chib to once again fall out of her chair. But she was joined by Cooro, and Eowyn, as they had fallen from surprise, much like herself. As the letter yelled at Ron, several people-Husky, and Senri included-covered their the Howler decided to stop shouting, it turned to Ginny, and congratulated her on her entering Gryffindor. Then it turned back to Ron, blew a razzberry at him, and ripped itself up.

```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` It was then time for their Defense Against The Dark Arts, and it turned out to be Lockheart. When he introduced himself, Chib let her head ram into her desk, and Eowyn began to rub her temples like a sudden headache was coming on. All the other girls in the class looked like they were gonna faint, and had dreamy looks in their eyes, while the boys looked rather uncertain of their new then took out his wand, and seemed to turn serious. Chib, and Eowyn actully looked up to see what he had planned for the lesson, but they didn't look interested. Husky had gotten out a book to read, and Senri and Cooro were being distracted by something. Lockheart then reveled what they were to learn, and Seamus let out a laugh. "Cornish Pixies?" "Freshly caught Cornish Pixies." Lockheart said proudly. Chib looked like a cat that was stalking a bird, and Eowyn just did a faceplam. Seamus and another couple of boys laughed at that day's lesson. "laugh if you will Mr. Finnigon!" Lock Heart started. "but Pixies can be devilishly tricky little blighters..." he said, glancing around the room. let s see what you make of them..."he said, opening the door to the Pixies cage, releasing them. half the class ducked in cover, several tried to hit them with books. Cooro and Chib were chasing them to play with them. Eowyn was shooting jinxes at them, and Senri was chasing them, trying to hit them with his text-book. a couple of the Pixies had gotten Neville by his ears, and decided to hang hi up on the seemed to realize that he'd done something stupid, but he was not willing to do anything about it, and tried to rescue some of the painting that had been snatched up by the things, but his battles against them proved useless. Lockheart then looked at Harry, Ron, Hermione, Eowyn, and Husky, and told them to finish up, before ducking into his office. Eowyn, and Husky went back to trying to curse them for a couple more minutes before Hermione decided enough was enough, and just jinxed them all at once, making them freeze in midair, and that made it easier for everyone to get them back into their cage, and it was also easier for Harry, Ron, and Senri to get Neville down, and for Chib, and Eowyn to fix the Dragon Skeleton.

```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` The Gryffindor Quidditch Team was heading to the field, Wood explaining their new schedule, when he spotted the Slythorin team heading that same way. When the two teams stood before the other, Wood confronted the Slythorin Team Caption, Flint, that he had reserved the field for Gryffindor that day. But Flint told Wood that he had a note, and he showed Wood that he indeed did. Ron, who was sitting a few feet away with Hermione, Eowyn, Senri, and Chib, looked up to see the confrontation, and said he could smell trouble, before getting up with the other boy, and three girls, and they walked over to see what the problem was, while Wood was skimming over the turned out that the Slytherins had a new Seeker. He turned out to be Malfoy, and Malfoy had gotten on to the team threw a bribe of new broomsticks for the whole team, that brand was the New Nimbus Two-Thousand-And-One. "You see Weasley, unlike some; my father can afford the best." Malfoy boasted, but was quickly shot down when Hermione countered by saying "Well at least no one on the Gryffindor Team had to buy their way in. They got on because of their talent." she said smugly (and she deserved to be smug about that!). Malfoy got angry that he'd been pwned, and spat back. "No one asked for your filthy little Mud-Blood!"The second those words were out of his mouth, Chib spontaneously slapped him as hard as she could. The surprise attack knocked him back a couple steps, and he had his hand over the red mark, with a look of pure shock on his face. As did most everyone else in the group the two houses had formed...'sept for most of the people on the Gryffindor Quidditch team. They smirked, while Eowyn, Hermione, and Senri looked shock, and Ron, and Chib just looked angry. Before anyone else could say, or do anything else, Ron pulled out his wand. "You ll pay for that one, Malfoy!" he said angrily, and told Malfoy to eat slugs before flicking his wand at him. The curse however backfired, and shot him instead, making him then sent backwards, and as he did that, Senri grabbed Eowyn, and Chib-who had been standing closest to Ron, and pulled them back, before the Gryffindors gathered around him, to make sure he was okay. Ron then sat up, and immediately puked a slung, making most of the Gryffindors back up. Senri found a stick, and began to poke the slug, while Harry and Hermione got Ron to stand up, before getting him over to Hagrid's house. The Slytherins started to laugh, but Chib tried to attack them again. Lucky for them, most of the Gryffindors were able to hold her back.

```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` The day after, Ron, and Hermione told Chib, and Eowyn what happened the night before. "Harry's hearing voices?" Eowyn questioned, while Chib looked like she was in deep thought. "..........perhaps she said, thinking out loud before looking up at her friends. .....well...there is this theory....but I suppose we should wait until we're around to see it happen..." she theorized. "What? Hear the voice?" Ron questioned. " different situation she answered. "What kind?" Eowyn asked. "..You ll know when it happens." Chib replied before darting off down the corridor. -"I remember what happened...that cat...hung in front of those words.....Harry, Ron, and Hermione couldn't have done it.." -Chib though as she walked down the hall. -"not by a long shot -. She though, turning a corner.

```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` It was during the Transfiguration Class, that weirdness seemed to happen again. This was a different kind of weirdness from what happened the night before. They were turning animals into goblets. McGonigal had requested Senri to try, but he transfigured his arm into a bear arm, instead of transfiguring his Red Panda into a cup. He didn't say anything when this happened, and when he did this, Cooro got excited, and transfigured himself as well, only black wings sprouted from his back, and feathers appeared down his arms. This surprised everyone except Husky, Chib, and Eowyn. "What happened? Did the spell backfire?" someone asked. "No, these two are just stupid..." Husky answered. "They aren't stupid, nor did the spell backfire..." Chib spoke up. "They're what's called +Anima..." she course, Hermione had read about them, and she then spoke up. "I've read about the +Anima...they're said to be natural Animagous, and they can naturally turn parts of their body into animal limbs! They can also turn fully into animals quicker then normal Wizards..." She explained, quoting the book. There were whispers thruout the classroom, but they were silenced by the Professor, as she wanted to the class to continue. McGonigal then chose Ron to try to transfigure his rat into a goblet. When Ron tried, however, he just got the transformation half complete. "Hm...That wand needs replacing Mr. Weasley" McGonigal told him. Hermione raised her hand as Ron nodded, and when McGonigal gave her permission to speak, Hermione wanted to know if they could be told about the Chamber of Secrets. McGonigal sighed, and told them the story.

```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` When they found they needed to use the Polly Juice Potion to get the information required, Harry, Ron, and Hermione went Chib. She did, after all, always go out to get supplies for Snape. Surely she would know where to get them. "'re going on another adventure are you?" she asked, looking slightly board. "Yes. We need it to find out if Malfoy is the heir of Slytherin," Hermione explained. "'re making this potion... And by doing so you'd be breaking maybe half the school's rules...Of course it is important... And just by getting you the ingredients, I'd be breaking a lot of rules too... Okay, I'll do it!" she agreed in a cheerful tone. "Yeah, well... You should kno--wait... What?" Harry asked confused. "You know me, I love a great adventure. Eo Does too... I might get her to help me with my gathering. He-he, well, the more rule breaking there is, the more of a chance at danger, right? So I'll help!" She announced. "...Great," Ron spoke up, before Chib darted off down the hall.

```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` While Harry was in the Hospital Wing because of Lockheart's stupid mistake at the Quidditch Match, Chib, and Eowyn had figured out a spell that would numb the nerves where the bones had vanished, so the re-growing of the bones would be less painful. And it worked, though it took them a while to get all the nerves, since it was like Chinese Acupuncture, where they had to poke the skin where each nerve ending was with their wands. It took a very long time indeed, but Harry didn't feel any pain during the night and the re-growing of the bones didn't wake him when he managed to get to sleep. Though just to be safe, Chib, Eowyn, and Senri sat around his bed for most of the night. ```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` While Chib was still on the hunt for ingredients for the Polly-Juice Potion, Lockheart got Dumbeldore's permission to hold a Dueling to help the students find ways to defend themselves. Most of the staff, as well, and Chib, and Eowyn found it useless. But if there might be a chance of explosions happening, Eowyn, and Chib were , first to demonstrate how this was to work, Professors Lockheart, and Snape dueled. Though it wasn't much of an example. When Lockheart tried to send a spell at Snape, Snape sent one at him faster, and completely made him fly across the table. So they decided to have the Students try, but when Lockheart tried to pair Harry against Ron, Snape fortunately told Lockheart that Ron was rather dangerous and unpredictable with his impaired wand. So he had Malfoy sent up to Duel two completely disregarded Lockheart's rule of disarming only, and sent each other flying across the stage a couple times. Malfoy then cast a Summon Spell, and a Cobra flew out of his wand. For a couple minutes it looked like it was going to bite someone, then when Snape tried to get rid of it, Lockheart intervened. he tried to make it vanish, but instead he sent it flying into the air a few feet. This only made it angrier. After another few seconds, Harry spoke to it, though no one, except perhaps a couple of people-one of them sitting on the wall behind him-, could understand what he was after Harry calmed the snake down, Snape sent a curse at it, but before he could flick his wand, and fireball flew at it from behind Harry, barely missing his ear, and hit it with enough force to shake the table. The Snake was burnt away within seconds, and after another second, the fire went out as well. Harry, scared nearly out of his wits, looked behind him to see where the ball of fire had come from, as did everyone else in the Great Hall. They saw Chib placing her wand back into her robes, the tip of it was smoking. She then looked at all the faces, and gave everyone an annoyed look. "what?!...I don't like snakes..." she said, looking off in a "random direction, away from everyone else's gaze, before sinking into the wall. While everyone else starting whispering to each other, Hermione, and Ron dragged Harry away to get an explanation. They also thought that this was the situation Chib had told them about when she was first told about Harry hearing voices.

```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` It was near the Christmas season, and the Polly Juice Potion was ready. Chib and Eowyn waited for the trio to enter the bathroom. Eowyn had long scared Murtle off. The two watched as Harry, Ron, and Hermione downed the horrid drink. Chib spazzed when Harry finished his transformation, while Eowyn just laughed. Once they were gone, Chib, and Eowyn tried to coax Hermione out of her cubicle, but she wouldn't budge, so Chib peeked over the door, and her eyes went the two boys got back, and finally got the door to Hermione's door open. Chib hit Ron's shoulder slightly when he "complimented" on Hermione's tail. Chib, and Eowyn helped Hermione get to the Hospital Wing, as Harry, and Ron went back to the Common Room.

```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` The next day, when Chib learned about the book that Harry had gotten, she stood there thinking while Senri was flipping threw the "blank" pages. "Perhaps you shouldn't fool around with something like that." she decided, and looked at Harry. "Yeah, things like that tend to be especially dangerous Harry. Best to be extra careful if you plan to keep it" Eowyn advised. "............Empty..." Senri suddenly and randomly spoke up, making Harry, Chib, Eowyn, and Ron-who had been silent for most of that time-look at him. A few hours later, after having a lovely visit with Hagrid, Harry, Ron, and Hermione were led back to the common room by Neville, to find that Harry's belongings had been torn threw, and there was many ripped up things around his bed. Senri and Chib were going threw the debris, while Eowyn was asking the other's questions. It was then discovered by Harry that Tom Riddle's diary, the book that he'd recently gotten, was missing.

```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Harry, and Ron were led into the hospital wing by Professor McGonigal, and Eowyn. They were then taken to a bed that Chib was sitting next to. It was clear that she had been crying. Husky, and Cooro, as well as Senri were trying to make her feel a bit better, so she'd at least keep her tears from falling, but it wasn't working that well. Cooro then went to comfort Eowyn, and Senri tried to keep Ron, and Harry from being upset, but again...their attempts didn't work that well. For lying in the bed, Petrified, was their friend Hermione Grandure. It was so shocking, no one could really speak. But it was clear that it was a painful site to them was a couple hours later when McGonigal walked into the Gryffindor Common room with Chib, and Eowyn, holding a scroll. The two students next to her, looking rather sad. McGonigal announced that there were to be some new rules placed immediately, and she read them off the scroll. After she finished reading the scroll, she said, sadly, that if the problem was not fixing, and if the culprit was not caught, Hogwarts...would be closed down.

```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` That night, Chib, Eowyn, Harry, and Ron, under the cover of the invisibility cloak, went to Hagrid's hut. When the door was opened, they saw Hagrid was armed with a crossbow, so they let the cloak slide off, and Ron asked when the weapon was used for. Hagrid said it was nothing, and let the four inside. Unfortunately for them, right after Harry asked about the Chamber, there was a knock at the door, and Hagrid stood to open it, while the four students squeezed themselves back under the cloak. Who entered the hut was Professor Dumbledore, and Prime Minister: Cornilious Fudge. There was talk of Hagrid going to prison, and though Dumbledore tried to defend him, Hagrid's record was against was then, another knock at the door, and the next person to step inside was Lucis Malfoy. "What're you doin' here?" Hagrid demanded. "Get out of my house!" he then commanded. "Believe me..." Lucius started, looking around the place. "..I take absolutely no pleasure being inside your..." he started again, before pausing. "..You call this a house? I simply called up the school, and was told that the Head Master was here." he said, looking at Dumbledore. "Well, what exactly is it that you want with me?" Dumbledore asked, still not looking surprised, as always. There was then talk about Dumbledore being told that he was ordered to step down temporarily from his position. Hagrid was 150% against the decision, and he told them what he thought. But in the end, Dumbledore allowed himself to leave, after telling Malfoy, or more like Harry, Ron, Eowyn, and Chib that "you will find that help will always be given at those who...Ask for it". And after that, he allowed himself to be led away. Before Hagrid was also led away, he told "no one in particular" that "if anyone was looking for some stuff, then all they had to do was just...Follow the spiders..". And then he too was a minute or two, the four headed out, no need for the cloak now, into the Dark Forest, and they followed the spiders. Ron complained about it though. He wanted to know "why spiders?...why couldn't it be follow the butterflies?". So they walked, and walked, and walked, and walked, with Ron complaining the whole way. The spiders that they followed now grew from a little line, to a whole wave. They followed them threw a tunnel, and it wasn't until a voice stopped them. "Who is it?.....Hagrid?...Is that you?" the voice asked, gigantic spider legs coming out of a huge hole that was in the ground until a huge spider appeared out of the hole, and looked at them. "We're friend's of Hagrid s..." Harry answered. They found out that the giant Spider was Arigog. Harry explained to Arigog what was happening, and Arigog told them the little facts that he knew about what happened. The girl dieing in the bathroom, the monster being born in the chamber, how the Spider's fear it. Though, Ron was looking around, and he was seeing that they were slowly being surrounded. After a short while, Chib, and Eowyn started backing away, unnoticed to any of them. When Harry and Ron tried to leave, they had to fight their way threw, and after a couple minutes, Chib, and Eowyn returned, and Chib was driving the car when they did. Ron, and Harry quickly got into the car, and they drove away as fast as they could, trying to get into the air. One of the spiders made it partly into the car, and Harry sent a spell at it that mad it fly back. They were soon surrounded again, but they managed to get into the air, and they were safe. The car dropped them all off at the edge of the Dark Forest, and Ron stormed away when the Car drove back into the woods. "Follow the spiders...follow the spiders...if Hagrid ever gets out of Azkaban, I'll kill him!" Ron shouted angrily, walking back to the castle with his friends.

```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` It was the next evening when Harry ran up to Chib, and Eowyn in the halls after visiting Hermione again. They walked down the hall, and Harry read from a piece of paper that Hermione hand in her hand when she was attacked."Of the many fearsome beasts that roam our land...none is more deadly then the Basilisk. Capable of living for hundreds of years...Instant death awaits any who meet this giant serpent s eye...Spiders flee before it...Guys, this is it...The monster in the Chamber of Secrets is a Basilisk. That's why I can hear it's a snake!" Harry explained. "I hate snakes..." Chib muttered, scowling at the paper in Harry's hands. "But if it kills by looking people in the eye, why is it no one's dead?" Ron asked. Eowyn stared into space for a few seconds, then answered "Because no one did look it in the eye..". Harry nodded. "Not directly anyways." he said, before they started moving again. They then began to start thinking of how they saw the thing. "Colin saw it threw his camera....Justin--Justin must have seen the Basilisk through Nearly-Headless-Nick.." he started the list. "Right! And, Nick's a ghost, so he can't die." Chib added. Eowyn spoke up saying "Hermione had the mirror, so she was probably using it to look behind her, or look around corners...just in case". "Right.." Harry agreed. Ron look at the three of them before saying "and what about Mrs. Norris? I'm pretty sure she didn't have a camera, or a mirror guys..." he said, and everyone thought. The Harry spoke up again. "...The water. There was water on the floor that night. She only saw the Basilisk's reflection." he said, looking at the picture of the serpent again. "So how's it been getting around? A dirty great snake. Someone would have seen it." Ron said, also looking at the paper. "But Hermione answered that too.." Eowyn pointed out, also pointing at the paper corner, which read "pipes" in her handwriting. "...It's using the pluming" Ron said, a tiny bit of fear laced into his voice. "Remember what Aragog said about the girl 50 years ago?" Harry asked. when Ron nodded, he continued, looking from one face to the others. "She died in a bathroom?...What if she never left?" he asked, and a look of realization found it's way on to everyone's faces. "Moaning Murtle..." Ron said. "Moaning Murtle" Harry nodded, and the four of them made their way up the hall way announcement was sounded by McGonigal saying that the students were to return to their dormitories, and the staff was to go to the second floor. Harry, Ron, Chib, and Eowyn went to the second floor, and hid themselves from view, as the teachers came to the next message, painted on the wall. It turned out that a student was kidnapped and taken to the Chamber. "The students must be sent home...I am afraid this is the end of Hogwarts..." McGonigal said sadly. Lockhart then decided to show up, saying he's sorry, and that he dozed off. "What've I missed?" he asked, looking at each teacher. "A girl has been taken by the monster. this is your moment of truth Lockhart." Snape replied bluntly. "My...moment?" Lockhart said, slightly shocked. "Weren't you just saying last night...that you knew where the Chamber was this whole time?" Snape questioned. After a slight pause, McGonigal spoke. "Then it's settled...we'll leave you to deal with the monster Gilderoy...after all, your skills are legend." she said, giving him a skeptical look. Lockhart agreed, and went back to his office, saying that he'd be getting Pomphry asked who it was that the monster had taken. "...Ginny Weasley.." McGonigal answered, before turning, and walking back down the corridor with the other teachers, leaving the students who were still hidden to read the message. "Her Skeleton will lie in the Chamber forever...." Ron read out loud in horror. "..Ginny.."

```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` When going back to Lockhart's office, Harry and Ron had found Senri, and he followed them. Chib, and Eowyn had disappeared again. When the three boys had gotten to his office, however, he appeared to be packing. When asked where he was going, he told them that he was sorry about it, but he had to leave. He then told them that he was good at memory charms, but other then those, he was useless. He tried to erase their memories, but they had their wands pointed at him, so he now had no choice, but to go with then went to the Bathroom that Murtle was haunting, and asked her about her death. " was happened right here, in this cubicle.....I had hidden here because Olive Hornby was teasing me about my glasses...I was crying, and then, I heard somebody some in." she started to explain. "who was it Myrtle?" Harry asked. "I don't know!...I was DISTROT!!!... but they said something funny. A kind of made-up language. And I realized that it was a boy, so I unlocked the door to tell him to ....I died...." she finished. "Just like that? How?" Harry asked. "I just remember seeing a pair of great, big, yellow, eyes...over there, by that sink." she said, pointing at a sink. " she said before turning around, and floating away as Harry went over to the sink, and inspected Harry opened the entrance, Lockhart got pushed down the hole. Then Senri went, then Harry, and lastly Ron. They then went down another tunnel, until they found the Basilisk's skin, and Lockhart fainted. Of course, it was a stupid roose, and he got up, grabbing Ron's wand, pointing it at them. Senri seemed unfazed, and started looking around the cavern for something. Lockhart then tried to erase their memories, but the spell backfired and hit him, making him fly into a wall, which caused a cave in separating Harry, from Ron, and Senri. Lockhart woke up after that, completely forgetting who he was. Ron reported this to Harry, and Senri picked up a nice rock. "This is an odd sort of place isn't it?" Lockhart stated, looking around. "Do you live here?" he asked, looking up at Ron. "" Ron answered before Senri chucked the rock he found at Lockhart, hitting him in the head and knocking him out. "....nice shot." Ron complimented Senri before turning back to Harry. "What do we do now?" Ron asked, Senri also looking at Harry. "You guys try to shift some of these rocks out of the way, so we can get threw again. I'll go find Ginny." Ron nodded, and he and Senri got to work, while Harry walked farther down the tunnel.

```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` After Harry had gotten into the chamber, found Ginny, and was now backing away from the Basilisk, when Fawkes came flying into the chamber, carrying Eowyn, who was holding a sort of cloth. Fawkes dropped Eowyn by Ginny, and she tried to wake the poor girl up. Harry had to drop the hat Eowyn had given him, and he was running from the giant snake. Fawkes then came back, and attacked the snake s eyes, blinding it. A minute or so later, and Harry was running threw the tunnels. After getting the Basilisk to go in a different direction, Harry made it back to the main chamber, and he ran back over to Ginny, and Eowyn. "I can't get her to wake up.." Eowyn said sadly. "Keep trying" Harry said, as Voldemort watched in amusement. "it's no a moment, Ginny will be dead, and I....will cease to be a memory...Lord Voldemort will return...very...much...alive." he promised. As the serpent rose from the waters behind Harry, a sword appeared in the hat. "Harry!" Eowyn said, pointing at the sword. Harry grabbed it, and pulled it from the a matter of a couple minutes, Harry was fighting the Basilisk a-top the statue from which it came, swinging the sword at it. He almost fell a couple times, making Eowyn squeak, and then yell at him to be careful. After a few more swings of the sword, Harry stabbed the beast threw the roof of it's mouth, threw it's head. When he did this, blue flames irrupted from the blade, flowing out of the snake's mouth, and down it's throat, burning it to a crisp from the inside out. When Harry pulled the sword out, however, one of the snake's fangs got stuck in his arm, and poison began to flow threw his Harry got back down, and over to Ginny, and Eowyn(who was slightly panicking, trying to figure out how she could help), Voldemort smiled smugly. "Remarkable, isn't it? How quickly the venom of the Basilisk penetrates the body? I guess you have a little more then a minute to live. You'll be with your dear Mud-Blood mother soon Harry..." Voldemort stated, a look of disgust on his face. "funny..." the evil wizard started again. "the damage a silly little book can do...especially in the hands of a silly...little...girl." he said, expression not changing. Harry looked down at the diary, and took it from Ginny. He then opened it, and started to stab it with the Basilisk fang, until Voldemort exploded, and Ginny woke with a start. She then sat up, and apologized to Harry, saying Riddle made her do those things. Harry knew, Eowyn knew, and she hugged the girl out of pure joy that she was then noticed Harry was hurt, but he said it's fine. He then told the girls to go find Ron and Senri, and to get themselves out. Fawkes flew over to them, and started to coo. "You were brilliant Fawkes" Harry complimented. "I just wasn't quick enough.." he said sadly. Fawkes then bent his head down, and started to cry. The tears fell down to Harry's wound, and the Phoenix continued to cry until the wound was healed completely. "Of course...Phoenix tears have healing powers..." Harry said in amazement. Suddenly, the Basilisk corps began to move, and the three students, and bird looked over at it in surprise. The ash corps then crumbled leaving a ball of blue flames in the middle of where it had been. The flames then began to take shape, and they eventually turned into Chib. She looked at them, then to the ashes she was sitting, before looking back at them, and smiling shyly. "Well....I told you I don't like Snakes...". Everyone then laughed, and headed for the chamber , Ron, Eowyn, Chib, Senri, and Lockhart with then carried out of the underground tunnels by Fawkes, and they all flew back to the castle, with Lockhart yelling "Amazing!! This is just like magic!"

```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` The next morning, Harry, Ron, Chib, Eowyn, and Senri stood before the Headmaster, getting lectured. In the end, after being reminded that they had broken about half the school's rules, Dumbledore smile warmly, and said that they were to get special awards for their services to the school, but Chib, and Eowyn turned them down, so it was only Harry, Ron, and Senri who would receive was sent to go send Hagrid's release papers sent to Azkaban, and Eowyn went with him. Shortly after they left, Lucius entered the office, while Harry was examining the sword he'd pulled from the hat. When Harry looked behind Lucius, he saw Dobby, the House-Elf that tried to "help" him threw the year, nearly getting him killed several times. "Dobby! So this is your master...The family you serve is the Malfoys." he said, rather astonished. "I'll deal with you later." Lucius threatened the poor House-Elf. Chib had been so quite, Harry had thought she had left with Ron, and Eowyn, so he jumped slightly when she spoke up. "Good day, Lucius..." She greeted in a rather, monotone way. Lucius merely glanced at her, as he made his way over to Dumbledore's desk, shoving Harry out of his way with his cane. "So, it's have returned..." Lucius said to Dumbledore. "Lovely to see you too..." Chib muttered, rolling her eyes as she stood at attention next to Dumbledore's desk, waiting for him to dismiss her. Though he didn't, so she just stood there. "When the Governor's learned that Arthur Weasly's daughter..." Dumbledore started to explain. "..Was taken into the Chamber, they saw fit to summon me back." he finished. "Ridiculous..." Lucius muttered none too quietly, as Dumbledore continued. "Curiously, Lucius, several of them seemed to be under the impression that you would...curse their family if they didn't agree to suspend me in the first place." To this, Lucius seemed to get rather insulted. "How...dare you!" he said. "I beg your pardon?" Dumbledore asked. Chib too looked at Lucius, but the expression of her face was anything, but pleasant, and Harry seemed to be seething where he was. "My sole concern always has, and always will be...the welfare of this school...and of s students" he said, glancing from Chib, to Harry, before turning back to Dumbledore. "The culprit has been identified, I presume?" Lucius asked, in a bit of a strained answered this question with a yes, and told him it was Voldemort. "Although...this time, he chose to act threw someone else. By means, of this." Dumbledore said, holding up the ruined diary. "Fortunately, our young Mr. Potter discovered it." Dumbledore continued. "One hopes that more of Voldemort's old school things do not wind up in innocent hands...the consequences for the one responsible would be...severe" Dumbledore finished, making it very clear that he knew Lucius was the one who gave Ginny the book. Well...let us hope that Mr. Potter, will always be save the day Lucius said, almost daring him, while looking at Harry. "Don't worry....I will be Harry replied. The adults exchanged a very quick goodbye then before Lucius told Dobby that they were leaving. He felt the elf did not walk fast enough, so he kicked the poor creature with his cane, knocking him down the stairs, and leaving him to pick himself up, whimpering, and following behind, rubbing the pain out of his was a minute or so after that Harry asked Dumbledore if he could have the book, and he then followed after Lucius to return the book. Harry then told him that he knew it was him who gave the book to Ginny. Lucius then dared him to prove that accusation with venom lacing his voice, before giving the book to Dobby, and turning to leave. Harry told Dobby to open it, and he did. To his astonishment, Dobby found a sock in the book, so when his "master" called for him, he announced it. "Master has given Dobby a sock..." he said looking up at the man that was down the hall. What? I didn't gi-...." he said, his words fading as he turned around, the look of realization appearing on his face. "Master has presented Dobby with clothes...Dobby is...Free!" he said in happiness. Lucius then looked at Harry with anger boiling up inside him, as the student lifted his pant's leg up a bit, to show he wasn't wearing a sock on that foot. "You lost me my servant!" he shouted at the boy angrily, pulling out his wand, and walking towards Harry menacingly, ready to kill him. Chib, who had been watching from a hiding place the whole time, was about ready to make another Fire Bubble appear in front of Lucius, when Dobby stood in front of Harry, stating that he would not harm Harry Potter, before snapping his fingers, and sending Lucius back down the hall with a hex he'd cast. "YOur parents were meddlesome fools too Lucius said, getting back onto his feet. "Mark my words, Potter...on day will meet the same, sticky end he promised before leaving. Chib smirked at the House Elf's work, and left Harry to talk a little longer with Dobby.

```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` During that year's Fare-Well Feast, those who had been petrified were being welcomed back. Mr. Filtch probably hadn't let Mrs. Norris's feet touch the ground since she'd been restored. Neville noticed Hermione walk into the Great Hall first, and notified Harry. Since Ron, Senri, Husky, Cooro, Chib, and Eowyn were so close to Harry, they heard to. All of them, Husky as well, got up, and when Hermione had run over to the table, they all formed a huge group hug, all of them telling Hermione how happy they were to see her. Then they sat down again, when McGonigal called for attention. Dumbledore then stood up, and gave thanks to Professor Sprout and Madam Pomfry for their work on the Mandrake Juice that had brought those who'd been petrified back. Everyone cheered for them. Then it was announced that all the exams had been canceled, and everyone-except Hermione, and Husky-cheered once again. After they settled down, and were about to dig into their feast, the Great Hall's doors opened again, and Hagrid walked into the room. "Sorry I'm late..." he started as he began walking between a couple of tables. "The owl that delivered my release papers got all lost and confused...some ruddy bird named "Eral"..Hagrid explained, and Ron shrunk down a bit in his seat. Hagrid walked up to Harry, Ron, Hermione and them, and Chib, and Eowyn got so excited, they glomped him when he was in arm's range. And Senri, being Senri, got swept up in the excitement, and hugged Hagrid Hagrid had gotten hugged by half the Hogwarts Students, and the whole room cheered for him, and he had taken his seat, the feast began again, and they all had one last night together before the summer break started again.