Chapter 1: iRegret It

A/N: I do not own the show iCarly or any of it's characters.

It was an unusually cold Saturday night in October. Sam Puckette was sitting on her bathroom floor with tears streaming down her face. How could she have let this happen? How could she have been so stupid? She was only fifteen! Sam put her head in her hands, closed her eyes, and began to sob as she remembered the horrible thing she had done two weeks ago.


It was Saturday Night and Sam had nothing to do. Her mom was out with her friends (probably drinking), and Sam couldn't find anything on t.v. to watch. She could start her homework, but she'd rather do that last minute on Sunday night like she always did. Carly wasn't answering her phone, but she'd told Sam yesterday that she didn't have any plans and maybe they could have a sleepover. So Sam left her mom a note and decided to surprise Carly. She grabbed her jacket and headed out the door.

It wasn't a far walk to Carly's apartment, Sam new the way by now (she visited Carly almost every single day), so after around 10 minutes of walking Sam had reached Carly's front door. She rang the doorbell, but no one answered. Being the aggressive person that she was, she decided to bang her fist on the door loudly until someone answered, but no one did. Sam figured maybe Carly was sleeping or something, so she took the key that Carly and Spencer kept under the mat, unlocked the door, and walked inside.

"Carly?" Sam yelled. "Spencer? Anybody home?" No one replied. So Sam did what she always did and sat down on their couch and waited for someone to come in the room. But as she sat down she saw a note taped onto the couch.

Dear Sam,

If you're reading this, that means you probably came over because I told you yesterday that we could hang out. What I forgot was that Spencer is presenting his new sculpture of a giant bumble bee at the Seattle Art Show tonight. We're also getting dinner out afterwards to celebrate, so we won't be home till late. If you want though, you can hang out here until we get back, that is, if you don't mind waiting. But if you get bored and go home, I understand. Or maybe you could even go see what Freddie is doing and hang out with him until we get back. If you do leave, I'll call you tomorrow and we can hang out.

See you soon!


Sam groaned. She was happy for Spencer and that his art was getting recognized, but now she had nothing to do. She didn't want to stay here alone in Carly's apartment for hours, that would just be weird. So she decided to go back home. She had walked out the door and locked it, when she looked at the door to Freddie's apartment. Carly had suggested that she hang out with Freddie while she waited for her and Spencer to come home. But she wasn't sure if she wanted to. Normally she wouldn't have hesitated in barging in on Freddie and getting some enjoyment out of harassing him. But she couldn't help thinking that the last time she had been alone with Freddie, they'd kissed. She'd convinced herself that it wasn't because they liked each other, they had just wanted to get the whole thing over with. But she still couldn't help but feel uneasy. No, she told herself, What are you thinking? There is nothing going on between you and Freddie. Don't be ridiculous. So Sam knocked on Freddie's door and then flung it open, not waiting for him to answer it.

Freddie was sitting on the couch watching some stupid cartoon. He looked up, surprised to see Sam there. "Uhh...hey Sam. What are you doing here?"

Sam sat down next to Freddie, hiding the fact that she was as uncomfortable as he was by being obnoxious, "Carly and Spencer aren't home so I'm waiting here until they come back. Gotta problem with that?"

"Uhh, I guess not," said Freddie, still looking confused.

"Is you're mom home?" said Sam, taking a handful of chips from the bag Freddie was eating out of.

"No, she's at some bluegrass concert, she won't be home until tomorrow morning."

"Wow, bluegrass, gee your mom's cool" said Sam sarcastically. She looked at the t.v. tried to seem interested in the show Freddie was watching, when on the inside she felt like a million butterflies were flying around in her stomach. And the weird thing was, she didn't know why. Then in the cartoon the kid's parents were making up some stupid lie about where babies came from, and Sam remembered what she had been thinking earlier that week.

"Hey uhh Freddie?" Sam said, not doing as well to hide the fact that she was nervous.


"Do you remember a few weeks ago when we...when we kissed?"

Freddie's face got red. He tried to avoid making eye contact with Sam. "Yeah, I remember."

"Well remember how we said we'd kiss, not because we like each other or anything. Just so that we didn't have to worry about it anymore, to get it over with."

Freddie nodded.

"Well uhh, I think, I think that it was good, you know, that we decided to do that. To get it over with and all."

"Yeah, it was."

"Well, so, there's something else I want to do so that i can get it over with."

Freddie stared at her. "Okay...what?"

"Well," Sam didn't know how to say this. She looked back at the t.v., the parents were still lying about where babies came from.

Freddie, still confused, looked at the t.v. too. Suddenly he understood what Sam was saying. His eyes widened. "You, you don't mean..."

Sam looked down at her shoes.

Freddie's face was now not only red, but he looked like he was going to have a panick attack. "Sam, we can't, we can't just do, that."

Sam looked up at him. "Why not?"

"Well, don't you want to wait until you're married?"

"Well, yeah I do, but today kids are teasing kids who haven't been kissed. What if in a few months they're teasing kids who haven't, you know. Plus we would be waiting until we are married, because it's not like this would be real. It's not like we're in love or even together. This way, just incase, we can say we've done it, and not have to worry about it."

"I don't know Sam."

"Come on Freddie, think about it. What have we got to lose?"

Freddie was silent for a while. He just looked down at the floor and didn't say anything. Sam thought that meant no, but then Freddie spoke softly.


Sam looked up at Freddie and locked eyes with him. They just sat there for quite some time, just staring at each other. Then Freddie stood up.

"Come on."

Sam got up and followed Freddie into his bedroom. She'd never been in it before, but it was pretty plain. It had white walls, a brown wood floor with a blue rug on top of it, some wooden shelves and drawers with various technology on it, and a bed with blue sheets. Freddie and Sam stood there awkwardly, neither of them sure what to do.

"So," said Sam, "I guess we should start by kissing."

"Yeah," said Freddie quietly.

They got closer to each other and slowly, Freddie leaned and kissed Sam on the lips. He felt strangley warm and, (although Sam would never admit it) kissing him felt wonderful. Slowly, still kissing him, Sam wrapped her arms around Freddie's neck, as Freddie put his hands on her waist. As they were kissing, they started to walk backwards, until Sam had fallen back onto Freddie's bed. They took off each other's clothing and well, that's how it happened.

That Wednesday Sam was expecting to get her period, but it never came. This was strange for Sam because she almost always got her period on the 15th of every month. She figured it was just a day or so late and didn't worry about it. A week passed and it still didn't come. Then two weeks, nothing.

*End of Flashback*

So there Sam was. Sitting on the floor of her bathroom, two weeks after the Saturday they had done it, staring at the three pregnancy tests she had taken. Each one saying the exact same thing. Sam realized what an idiot she had been. The whole thing about wanting to get it over was crap and she knew it. She'd wanted to have sex with Freddy so she did. And now, she was pregnant.

A/N: I just want to make it clear that I do not support this. I believe in not having sex until I am married. I am just writing this because it's fun and I can see Sam and Freddie doing this after what happened when they kissed, however that does not mean it applies to me. I just wanted to make that clear and I hope you liked the first chapter!