Chapter 8: iSnap

A/N: So I'm sorry I know it's been months since I've updated, but high school is really, really challenging. However, it's spring break so I've finally got some free time! Also, since you might not know him by name (I had to look him up) Mr. Devlin is that teacher that talks really fast and gives Carly a B+ for printing her essay on "three-hole paper".

Sam trudged down the hallway, dragging her feet with every step. First period had eventually ended, and as even though Sam could think of about a million things she'd rather do, she had to go to class. She took a deap breath and slowly opened the door to her History classroom.

Mr. Devlin was in the middle if giving an incredibly fast paced lecture on the reading that had been assigned for homework, but of course Sam didn't do it. What was the point of reading about a bunch of dead people anyways? The students were frantically trying to copy down all that Mr. Devlin was saying, which of course was impossible. Sam wondered how it was possible for someone to talk that fast. The class was too preoccupied with taking notes to hear Sam come in, so she opened the door a little wider causing the hinges to creak. Instantly, all of the heads in the class room simultaneously rose up to look at Sam. Sam shifted uncomfortably. Mr. Devlin was still absorbed in his lecture, and continued to ramble on about who knows what. However, he did seem to notice that there was no longer a sound of pencils writing away on paper. And then the impossible occurred, Mr. Devlin stopped talking in the middle of class. He turned his head over and stared at Sam, his eyes widening.

"Um, well, he-hello there Sam," for once, Mr Devlin seemed at a loss for words, "you're um, well you're late."

"I know," said Sam, "I have a pass."

"Alright then, take a seat."

Sam nodded. She usually sat in the back, next to Carly and Freddie. She looked over at them. Carly tried to put on a welcoming smile for Sam, but to no avail. Meanwhile Freddie sank lower and lower in his chair, avoiding all eye-contact with Sam. Sam sighed and sat in an open seat up in the front.

"Okay class, anyways back to the reign of Henry VIII. After Thomas Wolsey was unable to convince Pope Clement VII to declare Henry's marriage to Catherine of Aragon over, Henry..." Mr. Dublin proceeded with his lecture, but Sam didn't feel like listening. She looked over at Carly and Freddie. Carly, being the perfect student that she was, was rapidly scribbling notes into her notebook. Sam stared at Carly, and wished for a second that she could be more like her. Perfect hair, perfect skin, amazing wardrobe, and incredibly studious. Pretty much everything that Sam wasn't. Then her gaze turned to Freddie, who she realized was looking back at her. He shifted uncomfortably in his seat, repeatedly looking away and then once again glancing at Sam to see if she was still looking. Sam never broke her gaze. She wanted so desperately just to talk to Freddie. She didn't understand why he refused to be involved in this. It wasn't fair really. The baby was just as much hers as it was Freddie's. Just because she was the one who was stuck carrying it, people thought they could blame it all on her. The more she thought about it, the angrier she became.

At last, the bell rang. Sam and Freddie immediately leaped out of their seats.

"Freddie!" Sam called out. But Freddie quickly bolted out of the classroom before she could say another word. Sam ran out after him. She looked around the hallway. Freddie was nowhere to be seen. Sam groaned.

"Sam!" Carly shouted, running to catch up with her. "You okay?"

"Yeah," Sam mumbled. "I just, wanted to talk to him, that's all."

"He probably just needs time to adjust. Just give him sometime and he'll come around."

"Your probably right," Sam agreed. But for some reason, she got the feeling Freddie didn't want to adjust.

"Come on, let's go to Geometry class."

For the rest of the day, Freddie continued to avoid Sam. He was never at his locker, and at the end of the every class he raced out the door. Geometry, English, Spanish, it was always the same. Sam didn't even bother to try to talk to him anymore. She understood that he was uncomfortable, but he didn't have to make it so damn obvious. During English class, he almost knocked over Gibby while trying to leave the room. Still, there was a time when Sam knew she'd be able to get ahold of Freddie. Everyday, Freddie went to his locker to get the sandwich his mom had made him for lunch, because she didn't think cafeteria food was safe. So at the end of Spanish class, before lunch, Sam headed over to his locker to make sure she could get ahold of him. She didn't really know what she would say to him, but she just had to say something.

Suddenly though, as Sam walked towards him, staring at the back of his head, all she could think about was how angry she was with him. He had left her to deal with all of the hardships of a pregnancy. No one was asking Freddie if they could feel his stomache, or calling him names. And even if they were, it couldn't have been nearly as bad. She was the one who was going to be stuck giving birth, the least he could do was try to be just a little bit more supportive. Sam realized she wasn't just angry, she was furious. So as Freddie stood up from his locker and headed towards the cafeteria, Sam tapped him on the shoulder. The blood rushing through her veins, she glared at Freddie as he turned around, an expression of shock and nervousness across his face.

And then, without even thinking, Sam punched him in the face.

Freddie moaned and fell to the ground, his head slamming against a locker. Sam then realized how many other people were in the hallway at that moment. Everything went silent, and all eyes were on her. But Sam didn't care, she felt great. Punching Freddie had been the catharsis that she had so desperately needed. She didn't feel even an inch of guilt, instead she felt incredibly relieved. Slowly, a small smile spread across her face. She couldn't remember the last time she'd been this satisfied.

But then, as Sam looked around at all of the other students staring at her, she realized school was the last place she wanted to be right now. So she walked out the door, with the sound of Freddie wailing behind her.

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