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Chapter 1 : The Meeting

.: Normal POV :.

"Amu-Chan! You're gonna be late for school!" Amu's mom called for Amu.

Running down from the stairs came Hinamori Amu. "Sorry mom, cant eat breakfast today, dont have enough time." Amu said.

"Bye mom!" Amu said and grabbed an apple, just in case if she would get hungry later on the day. The apple would remain in her bag.

As Amu ran too school, she could see alot of other students wearing the same schooluniform like herself.

"Amu!" A voice called. Rima, Amu's best friend was catching up too Amu. "Mornin' Rima, nice weather, isn't it?" Amu said brightly. "We dont have the time too talk about the weather now! We're gonna be late for the class!" Rima took Amu's hand and dashed to their school. "R-Rima! W-Waait! Slow down!"

When Amu saw that she was in the schoolyard Rima suddenly stopped. "Nee ne! Who's that?! I've never seen those guys before!" A girl whispered.

A distance from Rima were 3 new guys, in the middle were a long and tall guy, his hair were navy-blue and so were his eyes. To the left were an another guy, a bit shorter than the guy in the middle, he had brown hair and green eyes. And to the right, there were a guy who had long hair. His eyes were brown and his hair were purple/blue.

"A-Amu, have you seen those guys before?" Rima asked, her eyes were stalking the right-guy. "No, I haven't seen those guys before.."

Those 3 guys were suddenly surronded by all the girls, asking alot of questions. "Why do you have the same uniform like us, are you transferring to our school?" Yamabuki Saaya asked. "Yeah, we're new, yoroshiku." The middle-guy answered sexy.

"Kyaaaah!" The whole crowd were going insane. "Heey girl, you're in the way! Move!" And then Amu was pushed from a stranger.

.: Amu's POV :.

Oh noo! I'm falling! Rima! Heelp!

.: Rima's POV :.


.: Normal POV :.

Amu was prepared to fall, and hurt herself. But no, someone was holding her shoulder. Amu turned her head and then she saw one of the boys, the boy with green eyes holding her from falling. He looked worried.

"Are you okay?" He asked. Amu wasn't sure what her view was showing her, a bishounen was holding her shoulders!

.: Amu's POV :.

Omg, I'm heating up! Amu, Calm down! And do something! The whole crowd is watching!

.: Normal POV :.

Amu suddenly moved, standing on her own feet. "Y-Yees! Thank you soo mush for your help!" Amu bowed.

"Hahahha! You're funny! I've got a intrest in you, girl! Whatcha name?" The guy asked.

"It's Hinamori Amu-desuu!" Amu said while she was trying to calm down, she was still bowing. (A/N : Amu doesnt say "Desuu" in the anime xD)

"Nice to meet you, Hinamori! I'm Souma Kukai, just call me Kukai." Kukai said smiling. "And dont bow when you're with me."

Then the megaphone over the school went on. "All the students in Seiyo Gakuen, go immediately to their classrooms. The chairman repeats : All the students in Seiyo Gakuen, go immediately to their classrooms." Then suddenly, there was a big sigh over the whole schoolyard. Everyone sighed.

"Then senpai, I will be going now! Dont want to be late for my class. Then if you excuse me!" Amu said while bowing again then she ran to her class. Amu was so happy now. When Amu entred her classroom, it was just boys there.

"Nee Aoi-kun, where's everybody else?" Amu asked the boy who were chatting with the others boys.

"Probably outside, stalking these transferring "models" from heaven.." Amu could hear his jealousy.

"Dont say so Aoi-kun, you're pretty cool too." Amu said and sat on her seat.

"I-If Hinamori-san says s-soo" Aoi-kun said while he tried to hide his proudness.

After that, the whole class were in the classroom. All the girls were talking about the 3 guys in the morning.

"Hinamori Amu! You were so lucky to be able to talk with one of those guys!" Watarai Misaki said. (A/N : ep. 8 ) "But I wanted to talk with that long-haired-guy, he's sooo ... unique!"

Then Rima came in, blushing. Amu could see that she was trying to hide it, but she cant hide anything from her bestfriend. Rima looked at Amu with a do-not-ask-me-I'll-explain-later-look, then Rima sat on her seat.

Nikaido-sensei came in. "Everyone, sit on your seats. We have 3 transferring students today."

.: Amu's POV :.

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