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Have you ever been thinking that love was useless?

That you were different from people?

That no one ever loved you?


Dare to be yourself.

Don't listen listen what the other say.

Stand up.

~Ma-Chan's Message for you. :)

- 6 Months Later, February - *Ikuto's POV*

I looked at my girlfriend. She was sleeping peacefully.

I stroked her cheek and kissed her hair.

"Amuuuu.." I whispered in her ear. "You look like an little girl when you sleep."

"M..mmm.." She buried her face in my neck. "Let me sleep."

"Your parents said that you could sleep here for 3 days, but I never thought that you would be like this." I pulled my hand through her back.


"Wake up...~ We have alot of things to do today."

"Like what?"

"That's a secret."

"I'm... not gonna wake up then.."

"Please... for me?" I kissed her. "I'll go and prepare your clothes, by the time I get back, I want to see a fully-awake Amu."


.:Amu's POV:.

When Ikuto left, I got up. I yawned.

I saw Ikuto's white shirt he used to use and took it on me. I searched for Ikuto.

I went to the libary.

"Ikutoooo.. Are you in here?" I asked.

Ikuto was in the corner. He was looking at something. He looked up and suddenly, he did a quick move.

"Ah, sorry." He smiled and walked to me. "Your clothes are in the living room."

.:Ikuto's POV:.

I need to hide the thing!

I'll have it in my pocket.

"Amu, hurry up. We can't be late to the restaurant."

"... Fine."

- At the resturant - *Amu's POV*

"Nee Ikuto... who are we waiting at..?" I asked the man next to me.


"Come on, tell me!" I tried to play the-cute-angel. "Come on!"

Ikuto looked at something behind me. He smirked.

"You're late." He said.

"Hahah, sorry! There was alot of trafic today!" A voice said.

That voice.. this voice.. this scent..

I looked up. What did I see?

Kukai-senpai and Utau!

"Yaaah Hinamori! Haven't seen you in awhile! Have it been a year? Maybe more?" Kukai smiled the smile I knew.

"Kukai-senpai... Utau..." My tears filled with tears. I jumped right at him.

"Woaah Hinamori, you've grown!" He laughed and hugged me.

"W-Why are you here?" I cried. "Shouldn't you two be in America?"

"Naahh, I'm free this whole week from school. Ikuto heard that and asked us to visit you!" Kukai said and spun me around.

.:Ikuto's POV:.

This guy.. wanna have a kick in his face?!

"Oii... time out. Don't touch my girlfriend." I said and pulled Amu to me. "You have your own."

Kukai just looked at me and then smiled.

"Don't worry! Me and Utau are already engaged!" He said and hugged Utau. "You can't see our rings?" He said and showed both his left and Utau's.

"Heheh, we wanted it to be a surprise." Utau explained and looked at Kukai. "Kukai, maybe it was a bad idea?"

"Don't worry." He said and kissed her cheek. "Why don't we sit? My legs are really tired."

"Kukai.. you're lazy as ever." I said and smiled at him.

"Hahhahah, wanna order something?" Kukai said and called for a waitress. "I want water."

The waitress bowed and disappeard.

.:Amu's POV:.

"Soooooo.. tell me how all this happened!" I smiled. "I'm really sure that Ikuto wants to know!"

"Ehmm.." Ikuto coughed.

I gave him a stab in the waist.

"Oh yeah... I really want.. to know..."

Utau looked at us then chuckled. "Honestly, I don't know. This guy here just proposed."

"Maahh, how long have I known Utau? More than... 10 years? And I've been in love with this crazy girl since I met her, so why not?"

Utau blushed.

"Congratulations! I forgot to say that!"

I'm so happy for they..

"So Hinamori and Ikuto, I've heard that you two also were engaged?" Kukai looked at us.


"w-WHAT?! W-We are not engaged! W-Who said t-tha-that?!" I asked. I could feel that my heart would jump out of nowhere.

"Amu, Ikuto.. your father called every little person in our family and told that to us." Utau said.

"Yeah, your father, your father." Kukai said for himself and nodded.

.:Ikuto's POV:.

Oya-jii... I'll call you and kill you!

You need to control yourself when you're in good mood!

"Oya-jii...." I murmured.

But.. I can tease Amu now! Good idea!

"But.. Amu.. don't be so shy.. Doesn't it sound good? Engaged? .. Marrige?" I leaned closer to Amu. "It sounds great.."

Her ears turned red.

"No way!" She screamed at me. "D-Don't be ridiculous!"

"Hahahahah, Hinamori! You two are already like a married couple!" Kukai laughed. "Just get engaged, already!"

"Kukai! Let's stop talk about this! I want to know everything you did in America!" Amu lied.

She's using this as a excuse!

Fine.. But just this time.

"I agree, Kukai. Tell us everything you did there.."

"I have so much to tell you! Ikuto, it wasn't a good idea to send me there! There was such nice people there, their english.. pjooooohh!"

Utau chuckled again.

"Kukai did so many things there!" Utau said. "I have pictures and everything!"

"Ooooh, let's see, let's see!"

- Later, Evening - *Amu's POV*

"Ikuto, I'm so tired! We were half of the day in that restaurant and then we were playing in the amusement park!"

"But you did have a good time, right?"

"I didn't have a good time."


"I had a great time!" I took Ikuto's arm and leaned against his shoulder. "I don't.."

"Hmm..?" Ikuto stopped.

"I don't want to let go of you.." I confessed.

.:Ikuto's POV:.

I took Amu in my embrace.

"Then don't."

"Ikuto... people are watching.."

"You know, I still want to take you to a place."


"The beach."

"But it's ice cold! Don't forget that it's February!"

"Come on, this is a request from your boyfriend."


She gives up so easily.

"Let's call a taxi." I said and pulled her to me. "Look, I'm calling for a taxi. I'm not calling Haruka."

Amu chuckled.

As she looked at the other way, I touched the thing that was in my pocket.

When we arrived at the beach, it was empy. It was dark and I could hear the waves.

"Nee Ikuto, why are we here?" She asked. "It's cold.."

I hugged her from behind.


She nodded.

"Let's go!" I said and dragged her to the water.

"w-What are you doing?!"

"Well, I'm curious about the water. I wanna see how cold it is." I said and ran to the water.

"Ikuto, s-stop!"

"Too late!" I said and sat down on the shallow water. The water was only 4 centimeters of me.

(A/N; Getting tired now! Been writing this for 2 days! I've got dark circles under my eyes!)

"Don't just stand there!" I said and pulled Amu down. For some reason.. I pulled her to hard so she fell down, landing on her back.

"Ikuto! Look what you did! I'm wet!"

"So am I." I said and kissed her.

I looked down at Amu. I kissed her again.

"Amu... I love you.." I said and removed a hair from Amu's face. "I can't get enough of you.."

She just looked at me with her golden eyes. She stroked my cheek.

"I know.."

"Amu, I've been thinking lately...."


"Why don't we... get married?"

Her eyes widen.

"I'm not.. jealous of Kukai or Utau that they're already engaged but.. this love I have for you.. I don't want it to end." I said and kissed her again. "You're the girl for me, no one else. I want you by my side, forever."

I took out the thing from my pocket. The silver ring.

"So Hinamori Amu... wanna be Tsukiyomi Amu?" I asked and showed her the ring. "How about it?"

She started to cry.

"A-Amu, did I say something wrong? Please forgive me!"

What did I say?!

"I-Ikuto, you idiot! How can you believe that you said something mean to me?!" She cried. "Put that ring on me!"

"W-Was that a Yes?"

"What do you think?!"

"You need to say it."

"Damn you Tsukiyomi Ikuto! I will marry you! Hinamori Amu marries Tsukiyomi Ikuto! Are you happy now?!"

I smirked.


"B-But Ikuto... you won't c-cheat on me?" She blushed and looked away.

I didn't answer her. I just hugged her, my head was resting at her chest.

"Amu, you aren't cold in the water?"

"You're here."


"Nee Amu.. I want you, right now."

.:Amu's POV:.

Ikuto... we're engaged now..

I want you too... but I'm afraid..

"Ikuto.. I'm scared.."

"I won't hurt you.. I promise."

"Are you s-sure?"


.:Ikuto's POV:.

When we got home, Amu was still wet.

"Wanna take a bath?" I asked.

Amu was blushing, holding my shirt.

She nodded.

"I don't want to be alone.."

I didn't understand what she meant first but then..

"You won't."

I took her upstairs where the bathroom was and surprisly, the bath was ready.

Haruka, you're the best!

"I suppose that you're a little shy, so we're doing this.." I said and lifted Amu with my two arms and jumped in the bathtub.

"Ikuto, what are you doing?! Are you a idiot?!" She screamed at me.

"You're back to the Amu I know."

She looked at me then she laughed.

"This top annoys me!" Amu said and took it off. "Should I take off my jeans too?"

I.. I-I n-never seen A-Amu... h-halfna-naked..

.:Amu's POV:.

Ikuto's... blushing?

"Ikuto.. are my eyes showing me the right thing..?"


"Are you blushing?"

"What?! No way!" He said and blushed even more.

"You're soo blushing!" I teased him.

"I'm not!"

"You are! Don't be so shy!" I said and took off my jeans. "I was shy of showing these parts to you but.. we can do this!" I said and took the bubble-bottle and pressed it. "Bubbles can help.."

He smiled.

"You've thought about it?"

Well, yeah?

"I knew that this day would come sooner or later so I had to think about something! But it doesn't seem like I'm the shy." I said and smiled.

"You're smart." He said and kissed me.

"I know." I said and pulled him to me.

Some of the parts of me wanted more..!

Ikuto understood me and tore off his shirt.

"A-Amu.. you really want this..? You know that we can s-stop.. anytime.."

"Don't.. I want.. you, Ikuto.."

Ikuto didn't answer me and kissed me again.

- Later - *Ikuto's POV*

"Amu... you know, we can stop this.." I said.

I don't want to force her into anything..

"I'm ready... and we're engaged now.." She said and pulled me to the bed.

".. Okay." I looked at Amu's back. She had just a towel around her.

She must be freezing..

"Amu, you're 100% sure about this?" I asked again.

Really don't want to force her..

She nodded.

"We'll try, but if you feel uncomfterble, stop me."

She nodded once again.

I kissed her and she kissed me back. I stroked her cheek and looked into her golden eyes.

I took off the towel around her.

Her body was.... beautiful.

"You're... so.. beautiful.." I said and kissed every part of it.

"Ikuto... I love you.. more than anyone else..." She whispered.

.:Amu's POV:.

Ikuto's body.. was beautiful..

He had 6-pack and his skin was so smooth..

.:Ikuto's POV:.

"Amu, I love you.. more than you can imagine.." I kissed her. "You're the love of my life."

And that day, it was the day Amu and I made love for the first time. (A/N: This is not a M-rated story! Don't forget that! That why I'm not writing the scene soo... you know xD)

- Next Day - *Amu's POV*

I woke up.. seeing Ikuto sleep next to me. I noticed how diffrent I felt, I felt.. like an adult.

I watched Ikuto sleep for 30 minutes before I realised something.

I'll take those things now..

I thought for myself and ran to the bathroom.

The clothes was still there and I took my jeans. I rummaged in my pocket.

The two things were safetly there.

.:Ikuto's POV:.

Amu.. where are you?

I woke up when Amu ran out of the room. I heard that she was in the bathroom.

"Amu! Are you there?" I asked.

She was back in a second.

"Sorry if I woke you up.. I have something to give you."

"First of all, are your body okay?"

She nodded.

I looked in her hand. She held two things.

.:Amu's POV:.

I saw Ikuto looking at the things in my hand.

"Close your eyes." I said and kissed him.

He did it without saying anything.

I took the black thing and put on the thing on him.

He opened his eyes.

.:Ikuto's POV:.

I opened my eyes and looked at Amu. She was looking at me.

And I felt something cold against my chest.

She had put me on something..

I held the thing.

A necklace.. it was a black puzzle-piece.

"What's this?"

"Ikuto.. I have one the same, but a white one." She showed me hers.

It was a exactly same but in white.

"It wasn't a expensive thing but I really loved this couple-necklace.. Don't you get it? These two pieces are matched for each other."

She showed and she was right, the two pieces was perfect match.

I understood what she meant.

"These resembles us, doesn't it?"

She smiled.

"Ikuto, I love you." She said and blushed.

I kissed Amu.

"Want help to put yours on?" I asked.

She gave hers to me.

I put the necklace on her. I looked at her pink hair.

"Amu, I've said it many times before but I'll say it again." I said. "I love you, my fiancé."

Her ears turned red.

I smiled for myself.

I knew that our love wouldn't end. It would continue in years.




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