There is a story about a short hair girl. She has the most beautiful hair you would want to feel for yourself. Though timid the precious girl always does her best to triumph over her fears. She has a heart of gold. Her affection attracts many of her beloved fans. Her relationship with Makoto Kikuchi is like a sisterly bond in a way. She is the true angel of affection, my beloved Yukiho-chan.

This is the story of a blue haired girl passionate for singing. Her voice is like the blue skies itself and opera like. She is as beautiful as the shining moon at night. Her lovely singing lures in many of her adoring fans. Through tough times she does her best to keep up her spirit. The blue hair girl is nothing without singing. In the end she will always be the beautiful and passionate singer we know and love, Chihaya-san.

This is the story about a gentle blue-hair girl. Her voice is like an angel. She is as beautiful as the blue sea. In fact she is looked up to as onee-chan by the other idols. Always she searches for her destined someone and sometimes gets lost along the way. Any man would be willing to help someone like her get to her destination. Her tendency to fall asleep on a train or bench outside can be quite sweet. Some day Azusa-sama will find her destined someone with all her sweetness and charming looks.

This is a story about a girl with ribbons. The ribons on her hair are her trademark. She is very cheerful and is with a very happy family. Always moving forward happily and cheerfully everyday in her life. She usually ends up falling down along the way. Her tendency to get carried away can be pretty cute. Our main heroine is full of love and compassion and is pretty popular among her adoring fans. Haruka-chan will always be loved for her ribbons and enthusiasm she is a story about an idol with glasses and braids.

She is the meganekko idol of the company. She is the one you can always rely on with her intelligence. Behind her braids she really is beautiful. Everyday she plans out her schedule for the day. She is usually preoccupied at the office with her friend Kotori. But deep down Ritsuko-san must have some romance in her soul. She is known to be beautiful, intelligent, and a reliable friend. Ritsuko-san, show us your true beauty!

This is about an idol in the company named Miki Hoshii. She has the most wonderful, long, blond hair. She is so attractive you can't stay away. Though Miki never works hard for anything, her true power comes from her enthusiasm. She also looks lovely when on stage. No wonder she receives so many love confessions from men. Miki-kun whether with 765 or 961 will always be popular among her fans.

These are my ims poems guys. I had a couple others but the site I posted them called project ims isn't working right now. I will probably post them sometime later.

I hope you like it.