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The Tooth Fairy is Real!

She wiped her tears smearing dirt across her soft cheeks still slightly chubby from fading childhood. Her mother was soothing her scrapped knees and eblows with her pocket Neosporin and her favorite unicorn band-aids. Her mother's face was scowling at her and she knew she was in for one of those talks again.

"Sweety you're twelve years old now don't you think its time you stopped believing in the Toothfairy?"

"No! He's really Mom he is! I don't care what Brittany Shannon says!"

It was widely known that Alexis Southernby was from one of the richer families in Tranquility, California. Her father, Allen Southernby, was a third generation GMC baby owning the very car lot his father and his father's father before him had owned. Allen had been not been a trustfund baby he had spent summers between Ivy League school learning the business and became just as successful as his predecessors. Her mother, Victoria Southernby, was a one time state qualifier for Junior Miss California and turned down and oppurtunity to advance in beauty contests to attend college. Victoria had met Allen as a young child and in silver sppon family tradition their parents pushed them together knowing they were the perfect couple. Young Alexis was born in a world of wealth but at the age of six something happened that changed her outlook on life and broke the proverbial mold her parents were trying to fit her in to in debutant society. That something had been the toothfairy landing in her backyard pool.

Like any impressionable child her parents had played along with the childhood belief in Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, and Toothfairy. However when they found their daughter outside beside a crushed pool from a rare meteor landing she had been convinced she had seen the Toothfairy and clung to that belief for the next six years. She was a happy child but lost in this ridiculous fantasy but it would make her strange to other children her age and she was often found playing by herself. Her parents gave her everything she wanted trying to influence their daughter to be what they considered normal. Alexis would not conform and at age twelve she had no friends and only cruel enemies. Brittany Shannon was the bully this week on the playground by the lake who had pushed Alexis down. It didn't matter her parents donated generously to the schools, little leagues, and girl scout troops their daughter's popularity was doomed all because of the Toothfairy.

Victoria took out a tissue wiping her daughter's nose she and Allen were considering therapy and a strict, all girls, Catholic school for Alexis if she didn't learn to leave this childhood fantasy behind. Victoria was giving her this last school year in sixth grade hoping coming out of grade school would help her adjust. Her parents were sadly disappointed.

"Alexis Marie Southernby its time you started to grow up or I'm afraid honey all the children are going to continue to be mean to you." Victoria said swiping her perfectly manicured nails through her layered blonde hair

Alexis puckered her lip crossing her arms defiantly "He's real! The Toothfair is REAL!"

"Alexis that was the meteor you saw we've talked about this." Victoria said trying to reason with her daughter

"No it wasn't! Why won't anybody believe me!"

"Alexis that is enough!" Her father's voice boomed from behind them

Allen Southernby stood in his sharp charcoal business suit his white and brown hair peppered with soft grey. His steel blue eyes bore into her and Alexis let more tears slide down her dirt stained cheeks.

"You will not use that tone when speaking to your mother apologize." He ordered

"Sorry Mommy." She muttered sniffling

"Its all right baby now go up to your room and take a bath Henrietta will lay out some clean clothes." Victoria said talking about her Swedish maid

Alexis complied reckless and argumentive streak fizzling to a dull spark. Her father had that effect on her always the disciplinarian. As Alexis neared the top of the stairs she overheard her parents who didn't think she was within earshot.

"I've hair it Victoria she's going to St. Cains next semester! I've had enough of these childish delusions."

"I know Allen but she is still just a child shouldn't we give her the rest of the school year just like we originally agreed." Victoria pleaded knowing Allen was just angry

Alexis nelt down grabbing the railing and pressing her face between the bars as she listened in shock. Her parents were really going to send her away?

"She is a Southernby and its high time we started treating her like one! I wish there was another way Victoria but is going to inherit from us I don't want our daughter turning into a quack I want to be able to leave her my accomplishments or see her be in something equally as successful in her own choosing. These ridiculous childhood fantasies and stories are corrupting her. Its time we stopped coddling her and became serious. We're her parents and its our responsibility to nurture her and help her grow." Allen said

Victoria sighed burying her face in her hands "I know Allen but I'm so afraid that we'll hurt her more then do good for her she is so impressionable and sensitive."

"We have to take that risk or she'll never have a normal life or be taken seriously by her peers after the next report cards we're transfering her to St. Cains indefinitely."

Victoria looked up feeling eyes on them but no one was there both parents wouldn't see the pink converse sneakers retreating nor the the grubby, tear stained, hand prints on the stair rails.

Alexis packed her Jansport backpack haphazardly deciding to run away. Sniffling and sobbing she didn't get very far other then the park bench a mile away from her house tired from peddling her bike so far. She was lost never having gone anywhere on her own without her mother driving her around in her Jaguar or Suburban. Alexis sniffled drawing her knees to her chest and hugging her legs she was scared but she didn't want to go back home and she didn't want to go to St. Cain's! It started getting dark and then she was really getting scared.

Ironhide was really enjoying his free time. Optimus in the time of peace had given all the Autobots the chance for a couple of weeks to go cruising into any area they wished as long as they maintained absolute discretion. All of them had created holoforms so it was not a hindered task at all. Optimus also figured it was a good chance for the Autobots to experience human life and what earth had to offer outside Diego Garcia. Ironhide chose his first stop on his road trip to be Tranquility he was just making a pit stop to radio Optimus and let him know all was good. This was also a good chance for the Autobots to do reconaissance scouting to look for Decepticon activity. Though they were scattered thin the new stealth technology Prowl had invented kept their signals from being tracked by Soundwave or any of the others. Still it was not much of a straining mission Ironhide had blasted a hole through Starscream big enough to let the sun shin through the last time they met in a battle Decepticons were still being repaired. Even though the Autobots had received their fair share of injuries they were quickly subduing the hold the Decepticons had on this world and the down time was nice.

He cruised father outside of the city until he came next to what Sam Witwicky would refer to as "Snobville" the really ritzy side of Tranquility. If Ironhide calculated the trejectory right he landed here on earth for the first time not far from here. He stopped next to a playground to scan the area because his original landing sight would still be giving off signals that a Decepticon might be able to read. The area was quiet the usual birds chirping and flying, car horns and radios blaring, laughter, and screaming children. Not too far off he noticed what was akinned to a child crying it sounded like Annabelle Lennox his young charge but that was impossible she was in Arizona on the Lennox family farm. He listened closer and the audio didn't match his records of Annabelle he had saved. He scanned more thoroughly and saw that it was indeed a young girl who was sitting on a park bench crying. He sat back watching as the hours passed keeping a close eye on her having been around Annabelle children only cried that way when they were really distraught. Parents and other adults walked by the park bench oblivious and he ground his gears seeing the sheer lack of astuteness the human race had sometimes. One of their younglings was in distress and they were clearly ignoring her. Ironhide waited until the streetlights came on until he intervened with his Holoform.

Alexis watched it start to get dark and she sighed softly picking up her back pack and going to grab her bike. She should find a payphone or someone to help her so she could call home it was inevitable and she was too scared to stay out much longer.

"Ahem...are you lost little one?" A gruff voice cut through her thoughts

Alexis turned sharply her green eyes focusing on the stranger. He was really tall and thick bodied with deep tanned skin and a handle bar mustache. To top it off he was wearing a plaid shirt with sleeves ripped off, weather blue jeans, and a netted ball cap. His whole image screamed farmer or mechanic his hands were even tanned, weathered, and scarred. Alexis shrank from his dark gaze scared.

"Please don't be afraid I'm not going to hurt you."

"I'm not supposed to talk to strangers! You might be a pedophile!" She shrieked

Ironhide scowled fiercely at he accusation "I am not! Do you want my help or not youngling?" his voice boomed

Alexis cowered looking at him "For Prime's sake forget it."

He turned walking away and Alexis squeaked "I'm sorry! Wait I'm scared!"

Ironhide stopped and turned back to her "Well then stop acting ridiculous and tell me your name so I can find your parents."

"Alexis Southernby." She said

"Ah all right I'll be right back don't move." He said pointing at her as he walked towards a GMC Top Kick

Alexis's eyes widened that truck looked just like her father's the gruff farmer man came back. "I just called your parents they're on their way to pick you up I'll stay with you until they arrive."

Alexis sat back down on the bench and looked behind her at the man curiously. He was standing straight up arms crossed he looked down at her "What?"

"Your looks like my Dad's he owns a Top Kick too."

"Really?" He asked curious

"Its a cool truck just so big! Dad says he'll let me drive it one day."

"Its a lot to handle for such a little thing but if your father supervises I don't see why it would be a problem."

"What's your name?" Alexis asked

"They call me Ironhide or Hide for short."

"That's a funny name." She said with a smile

He glared at her and her smile dropped "It is only odd to some not my family."

"Oh...its a nickname then."

"Whatever." He huffed the younglings could be annoying at times

"I like it...are you a mechanic...or a farmer?"

"Erm....I suppose you would call me a mechanic." He said unsure

"Cool my grandpa was good mechanic used to build race cars." Alexis said softly


"Do you have any kids?"


Alexis swung her pink converses and Ironhide looked down at her dirt streaked appearance and bandaged knees and elbows "You look as though you were in a fight do you requirce medical assistance or are the wounds superficial?"

Alexis blinked at him confused "Are you hurt youngling?"

"Oh no...not really I got these from falling down its kind of why I'm here."

"What happened did your parents harm you?" Ironhide asked suddenly feeling very protective

"No! It was a girl named Brittany Shannon! She's just a mean bully who picks on me." Alexis giggled at his silly accusation her parents never so much as spanked her

"Oh...Did you win the fight?"

"Almost if my Mom hadn't come."

"What was the fight about?"

"The Toothfairy."

Ironhide faltered looking at the brown haired girl he knew vaguely of this Toothfairy from the human traditions. However if he was correct this child was of an age cycle where she should no longer believe in such a fantasy.

"Toothfairy?" he asked confused

"The Toothfairy is real! I saw him! He climbed out of my pool when I was six and no one believes me." Alexis said her voice broken by emotion and her gaze becoming fierce

Ironhide's memories surfaced and it made sense when he had first landed on earth he had encountered a young, female, child. She had been only a mere toddler a year or so older then Annabelle Lennox now. The child had called him the Toothfairy too. Could it possibly be the same female child?

"Many of the humans say it was a meteor strike." He said testing her knowledge

"NO! That's what everyone thinks but it was the Toothfairy! He was huge he climbed out of my pool and hid behind a tree peeking out! He forgot my tooth and to leave me my dollar because my mom and dad scared him off! Adults aren't supposed to be able to see them or they disappear." Alexis huffed

Ironhide smiled softly at the young girl "I see."

"You don't believe me do you? Just like everyone else." Alexis accused

"I never said..."

"You're using that voice! That voice all adults use to try to make you think they believe when they really don't to make you feel better!" Tears spilled down her cheeks

"Now look youngling don't go spouting off with your smart mouth thinking you know things you just don't! What you saw that night was certainly no the "Toothfairy" it was me!" Ironhide said gruffly jabbing a large thumb in his own chest

"Not it wasn't!"

"It was!"

"Was not!"

"I can prove it!" he said

Alexis screamed as the man before her suddenly fizzled out of sight like someone turned off a T.V. screen. She jumped up looking wildly around until she heard the roar of an engine and the black Top Kick came over parking right in front of the park bench. A strange sound like tires spinning really fast and metal grinding filled her ears as the truck transformed literally and a hulking body stood in front of her of none other then a giant robot. Her mouth was agape as she stood in amazement then a giant smile followed as she stared into bright blue optics.

"IT IS YOU! I KNEW IT!" She giggled excitedly

"I'm not a fragging Toothfair I'm a Autobot." He said

"Au-to-bot?" She asked

"Autonomou-oh frag it...I'm a giant alien robot." He said gruffly clicking his cannons and stretching he'd been stuck in alt mode to long luckily the streets were empty

"SO COOL!" Alexis said walking a circle around him

"Stop that I'm not something to oggle at." He ordered

"So...are you going to take over the planet?" Alexis asked curiously

"What? Of all the-NO! I'm a warrior I'm here to protect you and your planet."

" why'd you land in my pool?"

"I did not mean too I had just arrived on earth and unfortunately that was where I landed I do however remember you. You were quite younger then."

"Uh-huh! Now everyone will really believe me and mom and dad won't send me to St. Cains! YES!"

"You can't tell anyone."

Alexis stopped abruptly "What? Why?"

"Because we are at war trying to protect your earth and we do so secretly because not many would be as accepting as you about our being here." He said trying to explain as best as he could

"Oh...right they'd take you and do experiments on you and stuff." Alexis said sticking her tongue out


"So thank you...for showing me." She said shyly

"Your welcome." He said

They talked some more over the next few minutes it took for her parents to arrive. Ironhide was growing fond of the young girl she was the direct example of what was worth to protect on this planet. She was sweet and bright talking no stop and asking him questions not at all afraid of his secret. He had transformed back and now his holoform was sitting next to her his alt mode parked infront. Alexis told him that no one had ever believed her about his appearance and he found it almost touching child was so loyal. She also told him that her parents were going to send her away to a Catholic Boarding school where they were mean and strict and his scowled though there was nothing he could really do. Not soon after her parents arrived in a white suburban a beautifully made up woman ran up enveloping her in a hug.

"Alexis! Oh my god honey we were so worried!" She said in a half sob

Ironhide stood looking at her father who himself was a large man he was angry but more worried then angry as he approached him. "Thank you...Mr...?"

"Ironhide! His name is Ironhide Dad he has a truck like yours." Alexis said

"Ironhide...thank you Mr. Ironhide." Allen said extending his hand

Ironhide shook it tightly glaring at him "Nice sweet girl you got there son....I wouldn't be sending her away to no boarding school."

Allen's eyebrows shot up "What?"

"That's why I ran away Dad I don't want to go to St. Cains." Alexis said pulling out of her father's grip

"All right honey will talk about this later." Allen said trying to take his hand away from the handshake with Ironhide

"I think its a fine time to talk about it you won't be sending that sweet girl to know boarding school." Ironhide growled his eyes glowing in reminiscence of his blue optics grip tightening his handshake considerably

Allen Southernby's eyes widened considerably in shock and pain "R-right can you please let go." He pleaded

Ironhide sniffed at the pathetic excuse of a man in front of him and let his hand go. Allen shook it and Ironhide still kept that blazing stare on him. Alexis giggled hiding her mouth behind hands as her usually big strong dad cowering from Ironhide. Victoria hid behind her daughter from the huge man.

"See you around Alexis..let me know how your school year goes." Ironhide said with a smile to the little girl

"Bye Ironhide!" she called as her parents quickly steared her towards the Surburban

Peeking out her window that night at the repaired pool Alexis Southernby smiled content wondering if she would ever see her alien friend again. At least she hoped so because she wouldn't be going to St. Cain's ever as her dad iced his hand down stairs.