More PW kinkage. :P This one is a lot more... um... kinky? Haha, no. But... I friggin' love it. This was the most fun EVER. Seriously. Some Mighty Boosh influenced my thinking. Go watch the episode "The Crack Fox", especially the head shaman, you'll get my point. Or not. Eh.

Apollo gets invited to a Gavinners party. As a hilarious joke, Daryan slips him some mints/pez/tictacs that he's dyed with food colouring, pretending that they're drugs. Which is all very fine except that Apollo really believes he's taken drugs, flips out, and runs off somewhere, convinced that if he stops moving he'll die.

It kinda sucks that the prompt is probably a million times better than my response but eh. XD It was fun anyway.

"I don't think I can do this..." Apollo had whined. Klavier was trying to get him to come to one of his house parties.
"Don't be silly, Forehead! It'll be fun! It's just a few friends!" Klavier had tried to comfort him. "Ja, it's probably going to be really boring."
"Oh... okay then. I guess if it is just friends..."

'A few friends, huh...' Apollo thought bitterly once the party was in full swing, 'Why does Klavier have so many bloody friends?'
He would've gone to find Klavier and tell him he was going to stay with Trucy and Mr Wright for the night, but he was currently performing with the Gavinners. Instead, he had to sit down and wait for him, all while trying not to talk to anyone. These rockstar and groupie types were all a bit iffy to Apollo. Who knew what strange drugs and vices they were into?

Once they'd finished playing, Klavier and Daryan sat down with Apollo.
"Are you okay, mein Apollochein?" Klavier asked.
"Yeah, got a bit of a headache..." he simpered.
"Aww, Forehead..." he purred, giving him a sympathetic pat on the head.
"Here, take a couple of aspirin..." Daryan smirked, handing him a glass of clear liquid and a couple of tablets.
Absent-mindedly, Apollo accepted them and took them immediately.
"Oh no!" Daryan mock-cried.
"What is it?" Klavier asked.
"That water... It wasn't water..." he said, "It was vodka!"
Apollo's gaze locked onto him in fear.
"And the tablets..."
"Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit..." Apollo cried.
"Well... yeah, it's crack!"
Apollo screamed and ran off.
His heart was racing. Up was down, left was right, blue was red and pie was a fashionable dance movement from the 1980's.

"Was that... really... cocaine?" Klavier asked, quite baffled.
"Nope. And that was water as well."
Apollo ran back again, still screaming. He tugged at his hair a little then ran back off.
"Yeah, this is gonna be an awesome party, dude!" Daryan sniggered.