Substitute Teacher

I made this story, just out of boredom and because my favorite character is Gibson.

Read this if you like Chiro and/or Gibson or even both because they are the two main characters for this story!

Science Room

"Okay class as you know I'm due in less than 3 days so you kids are gonna have a long term substitute teacher till the end of the year." (She said patting her large rounded belly. Duh she's pregnant for you pp l that are slow.)

"Who's our sub?" ask Jacob

"Mr. Tress. (The kids groaned) Hey hey. I know you kids don't enjoy Mr. Tress as a sub. because he's too strict and what not, but he was all we could find on a short notice with some scientific knowledge."

(Chiro's face lit up. So of course he had an idea. Chiro raised his hand.)

"Yes Chiro?"

"I know someone with a great education in science, and love's to teach. He's nice, smart, and not as strict and up tight as Mr. Tress."

"Oh who's that?"

"A loveable blue simian with a head bigger than his body." (Literally)

"Hmm, It's up to him." (The kids sighed with relief. They don't have to be tortured by the evil Mr. Tress again!)

Super Robot (The Lab)

"Absolutely not Chiro!" said Gibson

"C'mon think about it Gibson. You love to teach, and you love science. Why won't you be our sub?"

"Lot's of reasons."

"Name three."

"Well the kids might try to yank my tail off."

"We're in High school, not kindergarten."

"The kids will tower above me a couple feet. So if I give one detention he might try to beat me up after school."

"That's insane Gibson! C'mon please teach our class for me!" (Puppy dog eyes look)

"I said No!"







"THANK YOU!" (He squished the blue monkey in a tight hug.) "Woohoo No more Mr. Tress!" (He ran off.) "Freedom!"

"Monkey Doodle, just what have I gotten myself into?"

(Nova walked over to Gibson)

"Do I wanna know?" (Gibson shook his head)

"Excuse me; I have to go and talk to a school principle from the looks of it." (He walk off too.)

"Okay I'll see ya later, I guess."

Shuggazoom High School Miss. Steel's Office

Knock knock

"Come in." (Gibson entered) "Ah Mr. Gibson I was expecting you!"

"You were?"

"Yes; Miss. Nash told me that you might sub for the 10th graders."

"She did?"

"Yes; I wanted to go over some rules with you before you start teaching." "One. You must wear clothes when going to school, we do not tolerate nudity in this school."

(Gibson started to blush)

"Oh I'm sorry." (He moved uncomfortably in his seat.)

"It's alright." "Two. We do not give physical punishments toward the students."

"Um. Oookaaay."

"Three. No swearing."

"This is a childrens cartoon, nobody swears."

"Oh right, well that's it. I'll call you when you need to sub."

"Okay, see you tomorrow then." (He held out his hand she grabbed it and shakes it.)

"Bye." (After Gibson had left) "Those monkeys are so cute!" "I just wish they would wear some clothes, instead of always going around Shuggazoom naked looking all the time?"

Next chapter coming up very soon!