OKAAAAAY! Who wants their hearts to be broken today! Sorry guys but I've gots a CONFESSION! Okay so I'm gonna first kick you guys off with a story of how I first got into de awesome show Super Robot Blah Blah Blah Hyper Force Go!

Okay so, Once Upon a time in da fourth gra- . . . you might want to get comfortable, this is a long story. In the fourth grade I was at home browsing, seeing what was on da tube dat day! And then what da'ya know! Five insanely cute cyborg monkeys and some sort of wanna-be 13 year old super hero kid who was abandoned by his parents because he was a cocky brat or something. (JK!) Anywhoooooooo, I is like, 'Ehhhh, I shall watch dis since Spongebob is not on.' So I did! And the episode was the first of the series and I just so happened to catch it the night it premiered for da first time! Wowza! So I watch and I like and fell in love then suddenly two years later! OMG! Pirates of the Caribbean FTW! I got all crazy about dat movie and the ever so lovely Johnny Depp. Tee hee. A couple more years later I say to me-self. Hmm. I wonder what happened to dat one monkey show I used to like. I googled it and . . . WHAT DA (Censor)! It was canceled! And some how I fell in love wiv it again. (By the way, spell chek is 4 loooooosers. Again, Just kidding!) Then I gots an fanfiction account, started writing horrible stories and for some reason people liked dem. Then! A year and a half LATAR! (Present day) OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH MYYYYYYYYYYYYY GOOOOOODDDDDNNNNEEEESSS!

Another show trotted up so me and said, 'HEEEELLLLLLO NURSE!' If you haven't guessed the show that I am currently obsessing over then . . . I'll tell ya! Da show be called,

ANIMANIACS! I Love da show sooooooo much! How could I not they bring out the best in me! So in a nut shell here's the news. (Bites lip)

Here goes... …...

I lost interest in SRMTHFG! . . . . . again.

I'm sorry. I hate to disappoint but I can not go on writing for a series I am no longer interested in. Where's the fun it that? You guys understand right? So don't hate Animaniacs because they are awesome, don't hate me for liking their awesomeness, and ESPECIALLY! Don't hate Porky Pig because he has a stuttering problem! Instead hate some one who deserves to be hated, like Hitler or Bin Laden. So no flames, because you'll never live to regret it!

To wrap it all up. I'm hanging up my keyboard for now and who knows, maybe I'll come back in awhile. So on that note,

You gotta cheer up! And never ever give up hope!

Oh and the people who volunteered to be my co-authors. Thanks! But I no longer need your help. Take care ya'll!

Mikki S.A. Is out!

(I actually might start writing for Animaniacs, so if your interested stay tuned! Dat show is DY-NA-MITE!)