Jacob stopped the car near the woods. "I'm serious, it's out of gas," he laughed, helping the young woman in the passenger's seat out of the car. She smiled. Jacob led the woman into the woods, until he reached a clearing. Then, he paused. "I like you," he whispered.

"I like you, too," said the woman.

"Do you like me the way that I like you?" he asked. She nodded. "Will you be my girl?" Jacob smiled.

"Yes, Jacob," said the woman. He slipped a sparkling ring onto her finger. Jacob cast a wary glance at the dark sky.

"I'm different than the other boys, you know," he said cautiously.

"That's why I like you," laughed the woman, not understanding.

"No…" said Jacob. "I'm very different." Before her terrified eyes, Jacob began his transformation into a werewolf. With his last ounce of human strength, he cried, "Go away!" The woman shrieked, sprinting into the forest with the large wolf tearing after her. Eventually, she met a dead end, and Jacob lunged towards her…

Renesmee snapped her eyes shut and huddled against Jacob as sounds of a massacre erupted from the movie screen. "Jacob, I'm scared," she whimpered.

"It's just a movie," he assured her.

"I don't care, I'm leaving," she announced, standing up and making her way to the back of the theater. "But it's not done," protested Jacob before standing up and following her. "See you next Wednesday," said a bemused voice from the movie. Jacob chased Renesmee out to the street and began to walk her home. He grinned, sliding in front of her.

"It's close to midnight," he sang. "And something evil's lurking in the dark." He sang and danced with a laughing Renesmee, until suddenly, they stopped. Hundreds of ragged men with squinted, evil, dead eyes surrounded them, keeping them from going any further. Renesmee was terrified as they began to close in on her and Jacob. However, when she turned to Jacob for help, she realized that he was one of them, staring off into the distance with wide, unseeing, yellow eyes. Renesmee shrieked. Jacob and the other zombies approached her, leering. Jacob was still singing. "That this is thriller! Thriller night," his voice boomed. The zombies chased Renesmee towards a menacing, empty, dark house, their wrinkled, nasty hands in claws as they attacked choreographically. Renesmee curled up on the couch in the house, terrified. The zombies broke through the windows and snapped the floorboards as they followed her. Jacob neared her, reaching out. Renesmee shuddered as he placed his hand on hr shoulder…

"Come on," said Jacob airily. He was back to normal. It was sunny outside. The room showed no signs of damage- it had all been a dream. "I'll take you home." Renesmee smiled gratefully. Jacob pulled her from the couch and wrapped his arm around her as he led her out the door. However, before he left, he looked back at the now empty room, and his eyes once again transformed to that frightening, yellow glare, proving that Renesmee's frightful encounter with the dead had all been true.