What I go to School For

Summary: After a month of argues and bickering, which reflected negatively on their grades, Mrs. Bitterman decided to sent Chad and Sonny to High School for a "reality adjustment".

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Sonny's POV

I walked into Chad's stage. Ms. Callait wanted Chad to explain better the fight he had with Eric and he ended up staying there the whole afternoon. I stayed with Spencer and took him to an ice cream store near the school. I also walked him home afraid that Eric might want revenge even though I knew he was with Chad on the Ms. Callait's office. I didn't want to leave him alone.

When I drop off Spencer Katherine thanked me and asked me how Chad was since he didn't call yet. I told Katherine what I knew: only that Chad had texted me saying that the police took Eric because he was accused of violence against minors (he's so dumb that he has failed twice, he's twenty and officially a grown up) and that he was driving directly to the studio to rehearsal.

"Hey Sonny." Portlyn greeted smiling "What are you doing here?"

As long as I didn't tell anyone that we were friends we could hang out once in a while and gossip about Chad, other couples of the studio and nails. She's really nice, funny and a secret "So Random!" fan.

"I was looking for Chad." I explained. "I was heading to his dressing room. Is he there?"

"Actually no. He left a while ago to make-up, we're shooting a scene for the next episode in half an hour." She replied helpfully.

"Thank you Port." I smiled.

She waved goodbye and walked into her dressing room. I continued in Chad's make-up table direction. I was worried about him getting in trouble at school and curious about Eric's trouble with the police. I hoped he got what he deserved. Spencer was practically family now I loved him as I would love a brother if had one...

"Hey there's my lady." Chad chuckled.

Nancy, the Mack Falls make-up artist, smiled over at me and excused herself. Chad thanked her.

He took the bib he had on in order not to mess his uniform and pushed the chair away from the table. He looked around for an extra chair and seeing there was none he pointed his lap.

"Hey. How's your lip?" I asked sitting on his legs.

"Better." He smiled "Although it would be a lot better if you kissed it."

"Nancy already disguised you're injured lip, I don't wanna mess her work." I replied.

"Oh... Come on Allison... Just a little peck on the lips? I bet that won't mess my make-up." Chad insisted.

"No and don't call me Allison pretty please."

Chad pouted. I played with his recently cut short, tousled hair. That was a huge scandal for a while, it still is since Chad had his hair cut on Monday. He said that he felt like a new person therefore he wanted a new look. After calling Jeff asking for permission, since they were in the middle of a season, he drove to a hairdresser and left with a new stylish hair style. A few paparazzi took pictures of him and it was Breaking News on Tween Weekly on that night. He liked the attention but refused to say anything to the press.

"I promise I'll kiss you when I finish rehearsal and you finish shooting." I told him.

Chad agreed.

"Aren't you late for your rehearsal?" He asked checking his iPhone.

"Shoot." I muttered. "Thanks for the warning!"

With that I left his stage running to mine.


"Why are you so late?" Tawni complained as soon as I arrived.

"I was with Chad." I replied.

She smiled.

"So you guys are good again?" Zora asked entering the conversation.

"Yes." I smiled "We're kinda dating now, I guess."

Tawni shrieked with enthusiasm.

"Tell me everything!" She begged.

"Actually it's a big story... But I don't mind telling you guys."

"I guess we still have time." Zora said.

We sat on the step and I began telling the whole thing. I told them about the party, about Penelope spiking my drink and almost being raped by a random guy. I sighed romantically as I explained how Chad saved me and broke the guy's nose. Then I talked about his really nice family, the videos and the kiss on my front door. Tawni and Zora would make a comment every now and then.

"That's so romantic..." Tawni sighed "I wish someone would do something like that for me."

She pouted.

"Why are you always the lucky one?" She asked crossing her arms "I want a prince charming too!"

"I guess you haven't found the right boy yet." I told her.

Tawni sniffed a bit but that quickly turned into a big wailing. Then she walked off the stage.

Zora looked strangely at Tawni as she left. I wasn't sure if that was the reaction I was hoping for but considering Tawni has these strange mood swings every now and then I could consider that normal. Grady, who was reading his script, dropped it and ran after her. He's really cute and he truly cares about Tawni, I wouldn't be surprised if he had a crush on her.

"So has he asked you out yet?" Zora asked smiling teasingly waking me up from my Grady's-crush-on-Tawni thoughts.

"On a proper date?" I asked.

She nodded.

"Not yet." I answered "But I know he will soon. We've been hanging out, kinda." I explained.

"I guess I understand. In my whole life I've only had two boyfriends. One when I was really young and whose name I don't recall, I just know he was my boyfriend because my mom he's always showing my baby photos with my said 'boyfriend' to all of our friends. The other boyfriend was Holloway." Zora said "All my friends have boyfriends and they say it's great but no boy of my age seems right for me, you understand?"

Zora with boy talk? That was unusual but really interesting. I couldn't help but smile, she was way too cute.

"You're really peculiar and I mean it in a good way." I told her "Give time time and you'll see you'll meet the right boy for you."

Zora smiled.

"Thank you Sonny." She said "I like talking to you."


Chad's POV

I got dressed and headed to the studio front door where Sonny would be waiting for me. I was late, I had told her I'd be there twenty minutes ago. I hate being late but I couldn't decide what to wear...

"Sorry Sonny!" I begged.

Sonny was sitting on the the front steps looking really bored. She looked up and smiled.

"That's okay." she assured.

She's always so nice... I'm so lucky to have her.

"It's not." I said "Let me make up to you."

I thought for a while.

"Let's grab dinner?" I asked her "I was thinking about Arcadia, we haven't been there for a while now." Sonny thought for a bit and I felt obliged to add "It's on me of course."

She smiled and nodded.

"Seems nice." She agreed.

"Nice, We can have chicken fingers." I added with a chuckle "And play ski-ball and air hockey."

"Even better." Sonny assured.

We walked there. It was only five minutes away from the studio and the night was great: not too hot and not too cold, there was also a soft breeze which was really refreshing. For some unknown reason none of us spoke during the walk, we just enjoyed each others company. Well... At least I did enjoy mine.

I opened the door for Sonny and the usual waitress, Christie, took us to a table next to the air hockey. Since we already knew what we wanted we ordered chicken fingers, chips some iced tea as soon was we sat. Christie took the order and left as she was thought to do since she was with celebrities often.?

"So are you going to tell me about what happened to Eric?" Sonny asked me.

"Oh! Yeah... Sure." I replied "Ms Callait called me into her office because Eric told her I had punched him in the first place. I defended myself saying that he had taped Spencer to a toilet and hurt him before. I told her about the bruises and what Spencer told me he did to him and other boys from his year and some older."

She nodded really interested and told me to continue.

"Well... Ms Callait called Spencer and other students to check my story and some of the poor kids were really bruised and psychologically hurt. Since Eric he's officially an adult Ms Callait was forced to call the police and he was charged with child abuse. He's going to jail. I don't know for how long though."

Sonny was wowed with that story. In my head she looked like a young journalist eager to know the truth about everything. I couldn't stop thinking about journalist Sonny after that, she was cute too and had big nerdy glasses.

"Wow... That's..." She stopped for a bit "Amazing? Awful? I don't even know."

"Yeah... All his 'buddies' were suspended too so the basketball team has been reduced to me." I told her sadly.

"That's tough." Sonny agreed. "But the good part is that Spencer will never be bullied again and if that happened is because of you." She smiled "You're a true hero."

I smiled and our order arrived. Sonny took a chicken finger and dipped it on the mayo. I followed her example.

"Are the randoms still mad at me?" I asked.

"Not anymore. I told them you saved me and now they think you're okay." She chuckled "You're welcomed on our stage."

I felt relived and took a sip of my iced tea.

"That reminds me!" Sonny exclaimed suddenly.


"I've talked to Zora about boys this afternoon."

I looked at her puzzled not sure what she meant by that. She continued.

"She said that she couldn't find the right boy and then I remembered Spencer. Sure she's two years younger but Spencer would like her peculiarity." Sonny explained.

"You think they would be a good match?" I asked her.

"I don't know but it would be good if Spencer forgot the crush he has on me since we're kinda of dating now, right?" She said honestly.

I had to agree with her, I didn't want to hurt my little brother by dating the girl he has a crush on.

"I think we could try to fix them up." I agreed with a smirk.

Sonny smiled back.


The rest of the dinner was really calm. We talked about random subjects and after finishing dinner we played air hockey and ski-ball just for fun. We had a really great time together. We walked back together to the studio and I drove her home.

Before she left the car I remembered something.

"Hey Sonny aren't you forgetting something?" I asked her.

"Hum... I don't think so." She said confused.

"Not even a certain kiss you promised me this afternoon."

"Oh! That kiss." She laughed, I love that laugh of hers.

"Yes that kiss."

Sonny smiled and leaned over me. She placed a soft kiss on my lips and one my cheek.

"See you tomorrow Chad." She said unbuckling her seatbelt.

I watched her as she walked to the front door of her building and waited for her to enter. I smiled happily and drove home feeling relieved since Spencer was okay and tired because it was a really long day.

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