I've always wondered
If you would be there for me
When I was down

I've always wondered
If you would comfort me
When I was blue

I don't even know who you are
But I know I like to look at you from afar
And I know
I love you.

"Hmm." I said softly, playing with my Zapdos and Articuno action figures. I turned to look over at Jessie, my best friend. She was playing with her dolls, combing their hair. She noticed me looking at her, and turned around to look at me. And I was fixed on her eyes from that moment. They may have been just her eyes, but they were a soft shade of blue, sapphire-like, sparkling like diamonds, so beautiful. I snapped back into reality when she spoke.

"James? Why are you looking at me so funny?" she questioned, her lips pursed. Growlie made a noise that sounded like a laugh, and I turned red, deeply embarrassed.

"Uh..no reason, Jess." I answered her question, and we continued to play with our toys.

That night at dinner, I asked my mom a question about love. I felt like I was in it.

"Mommy? What is love?" I asked her curiously. She looked at me for a minute, and then spoke.

"Well, it's a bit hard to explain, but it's when you really want to be with someone. Maybe even forever. That's true love." she smiled at me and patted my head. I blushed.

"I think I'm in love, Mommy." I spoke quietly. She raised her eyebrows.

"Oh? Is that so. With whom?"

"Jessie." I turned red again.

"Well, I think you should tell her. Who knows? She might return the feelings." Mom smiled.

The next morning, I decided to talk to her.

"Jessie?" I asked softly. She turned to face me.


"I love you." I blushed a deep, deep red, and her eyes filled up with tears. I was afraid I had hurt her, or said the wrong thing, and I looked sad.

"I love you too James.." she whispered, hugging me tightly. I smiled, returning the hug. "I've always loved you. Always, James." She blushed and kissed me on the cheek. My eyes filled up with tears, tears of happiness.

And from that day, I knew we would be together forever.