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smmiskimen aka Shannon

Chapter 1


I really hate birthdays, well my birthdays. They are always over rated and in my mind, all the attention on me, and all the embarrassment too. I usually wound up embarrassed, blushing, and tripping over something. It wasn't odd to end up with bruises, blood, or broken bones either.

However, this birthday I had to be more careful. This birthday was going to be different. I was going to be spending it with my boyfriend and his family. They are all vampires and, while they maintain a 'vegetarian' lifestyle of animal blood, they still have the hidden cravings for human blood, my blood.

I knew that I had nothing to worry about but there was still the issue of Jasper. He had the hardest time controlling himself cause he had only been a vegetarian for a short while, some 90 or 100 years. He still could not get too close to me without struggling with the urges. He fed more often than he needed to in order to combat this.

"Grrrrrrrrrrrr!" I said out loud. I hated the fact that Alice was making me get dressed up for this. It was just a small family affair. Why did I need a dress and makeup and my hair done? But I consented so I was going to be her lab rabbit for the day.

As she finished carefully curling my hair to look messy and like I had just woken up (why bother I could have just not brushed my hair today and it would have looked the same) she turned and looked at me.

"Beautiful!" the little pixie squealed. "Edward is going to be amazed at the sight of you! I did a great job!"

Edward… just the sound of his name being spoken was enough to make butterflies dance around my stomach. He was my one true love. And in just a few long minutes he would be here to pick me up for my 18th birthday. However, I wasn't looking forward to "turning" 18. Edward was 17 and always would be. And every day I got older and older. Eventually he and I were going to have to talk about something.

A few months ago I brought up the idea of me becoming a vampire too so that Edward and I would be together forever. It was right after I had a dream about an old woman and Edward. They were both smiling and holding hands and looked so in love. The old woman looked like my grandmother. But what shocked me was when Edward had turned to the old woman and called her Bella. I had woken up and decided right then and there that I would become a vampire; Edward would just have to agree.

I just couldn't bring it up to him that night even though he looked at me strangely when I jumped up from sleep. Edward had been lying next to me and gave me a strange look when I sat straight up from sleep. I told him it was nothing and went back to sleep in his arms.

Alice left my house just moments before Edward pulled up in his silver Volvo. He walked quickly up to the door and was about to knock when I opened the door. His eyes bulged out of his head and his jaw dropped to the ground. I blushed.

"What?" I asked.

"You're beautiful, absolutely beautiful" Edward told me.

"Stop it, I am nothing special."

"Isabella Swan, MY Bella, my love… when are you going to realize that you are the most special thing that has ever existed and are even more wonderful because you chose me?"

I felt the blush creep farther up my face and Edward chuckled.

He took me by the waist with his cold strong hands and pulled me closer and kissed me. Just then I heard someone clearing their throat. Charlie!

"You two look nice. Edward, don't keep my baby girl out too late. I know she is now 18 but she still has a curfew" Charlie stated.

"No sir, she will be home at 11pm sharp" Edward said in an almost military way. I giggled at the thought of him acting just like Major Jasper.

I quickly hugged Charlie and told him that I would see him later and walked hand in hand with Edward towards his car.

At the car he took one more long, passionate look at me and what I was wearing. It wasn't anything special, a simple dress and a black cardigan. Edward put me in the car and got behind the wheel and we slowly pulled away from the house because Charlie was still watching.

As soon as we were out of sight Edward sped up to his normal speed of 90 mph. However I asked him slow down because there was something I wanted to talk to him about. He slowed to a crawl then stopped altogether on the side of the road.

"I….. I….." I tried to get the words started.

"What is it Bella? You can tell me anything you know" Edward said while reaching out to hold my hand.

"Well, remember a few months ago when I sat up from sleep and told you nothing was wrong?


"Well, it wasn't entirely true. I had a dream that night of you with an old woman and you looked so in love with her. Then you called her Bella and that was when I realized that I was getting older and you were staying the same age."

"Oh Bella…."

"No! Don't try to comfort me now. I realized that I am going to get older and eventually die and you are going to continue living forever and I don't want that! I want….." I had to struggle to get the strength behind my words. "I WANT TO BECOME A VAMPIRE SO I NEVER HAVE TO LEAVE YOU!"

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