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"Gibbs, I can just call a taxi."


"I don't even live near you."


"There is no point in you driving out of your way just to take me home."


Abby huffed and put her hands on her hips. "You saying 'no' repeatedly is not going to make me change my mind!"

A small smile graced Gibbs' lips. "No?"

Abby tried to force it back, but eventually she smiled as well. "Fine. But I'm giving you gas money!"


Gibbs placed his hand on Abby's back as they walked from the elevator through the parking garage. "Why do you always do that?" Abby asked.

"Do what?"

"Place your hand on my back? Is it because you love me?" she teased.

"No, its because if I don't you will wander off and I will spend the next 45 minutes waiting for you to say goodbye to whoever we come in contact with." Abby stopped in her tracks and stared at Gibbs unbelievingly. "What?"


"And because I love you." Abby slapped the back of her hand against his side. "Ow! Hey!"

"That didn't hurt, you wuss."

"Do you see that?" Abby said as they approached the highway in Gibbs' car.

"Yup." It was backed up all the way to the entrance ramp.

"We could take the back way," she suggested. "It would be a longer trip but probably shorter on time than sitting through that mess."

"Yeah." Gibbs turned around in an empty parking lot and headed in the other direction.

"At least it stopped raining."


"I like to drive this way when I want to be alone. There is a really neat cemetery off one of the back roads."


"Plus, I hardly ever see any cars this way. You could drive as fast as you want." She smiled at him encouragingly. But she got nothing in return. Her face went to slightly annoyed. "You know, in case you are in hurry to get rid of me."



He quickly turned his head towards her for a second. "What?"

"You weren't even listening to me, were you?"

"No." Abby slouched down in the seat and crossed her arms in front her, staring out the windshield. They rode in silence for a while; Gibbs concentrating on the road, Abby watching the scenery as best she could with only the headlights to illuminate the area in front of her.

Abby suddenly gasped and shot up in her seat, putting her left arm out in front of her and the right one to the side holding the door.

"Oh shi-," Gibbs started to say as he was coming around the corner and saw the deer standing in the middle of the lane. He quickly tried to change lanes, but the back wheels caught a puddle and they hydroplaned out of control. The backend spun around to the front and he wasn't able to move around the corner. They went straight off the road and down the hill. The corner of the backend, hit a tree causing them to spin around and roll over. Gibbs forehead hit the steering wheel a second before the airbag exploded., throwing his head back against the seat. He thought he heard Abby say his name, but couldn't hear much of anything over the crunching metal of the car, shattering of glass and ringing in his head. The car finally came to a stop once it hit a tree at the bottom.