Doran is 17 years old. He has a long dark brown hair that's short in the front, and deep green eyes that made the void look like a fun place. He wore a black shirt of his favorite band, AC. He has an average build but was strong for his looks. At least that's what he looks like now. Doran knew he had a strange power since he was in 5th grade when that incident happened in school...he knew he was able to contort space to a certain extent but it made him very exhausted. But other than that so far he's led a pretty calm life...until it happened, the day the skies turned black.

The day that Bio-Frost invaded was a dark day indeed. First there was a low rumbling sound that had a steady drum-like beat. The people in the kingdom of Dreadnaught thought that there was a band on the outskirts of town, so they disregarded the rhythm as just noise. But it continually got louder, and some people got worried. As usual the beggars were waving their 'end of the word posters'. Soon the town called a meeting to discuss what the noise was. Doran was in the crowd with his mother Doran was 10 years old at this time.

The town meeting was just about concluded when the watchman came running through town screaming, "there's something on the horizon!" Now the town was in an uproar. Something on the horizon could only mean one thing. Invaders. As the town guardians rushed to the outskirts of Dreadnaught, the citizens all gathered in the stadium, waiting for the siren that would mean the end of the fight.

It never came. Soon the whole stadium was infiltrated. There were Anibrutes, and Ice Aeons everywhere. Some citizens on the outside of the circle were devoured. Eventualy Bio-Frost entered the stadium. He made a statement about how all the men who died were valiant heros who didn't die in vain. Then he declared dreadnaught part of his controlled territory. He controlled a vast amount of lore. Many people thought he was the Elemental Ice Lord. One thing Doran noticed that many others did not was the blind wyvern that stood near him. Later he found out the name of that wyvern was Bio-Freeze.

Not long after the declaration of control, the people were put into slavery. Doran's father taught him how to control and effectively use his powers. Of course he still got very tired from the practicing. After 5 years of training Doran was able to create his own pet with his newly honed powers. He took images in his head of the dragons flying in the skies above, and the image of Bio-Freeze to make his new baby dragon. Doran named his new pet haespheris. The people around him called him a "sorcerer that will get them all killed,"and shunned him because of that.

He continued his training, although it was self taught, on controlling time he couldn't do it himself, so he asked the local machina fixer if he could possibly create a n item that can control time. The man said he could, but it would cost a lot of money, by the time he was almost 17 he worked up 1,000,000 gold and went back to the machina fixer. The machina fixer was finished by Doran's birthday. Doran decided to go 30 years into the future. But the fixer told him he may only have enough power to get there. Doran decided to take that chance. He said that "he would come back with help from the future. He activated the watch and walked toward the portal, looked back and hugged his mom goodbye, and promised he would be back. Then his dad walked up and handed him a long, heavy, and thick object. He told his son, "use this and make sure you don't let down your mother by not coming back, you hear?" Doran agreed and then he stepped into the portal into the future, and his future...