As Ryu reached the valley below the Dwarfhold Mountains he couldn't stop thinking about what he was getting himself into. How was this going to affect him in the long run? Will war physically scar him for life? Is chocolate ice-cream a proper dinner? Will he always be there for Aeria? He couldn't think for long though, because by the time he thought of everything he would have been trampled. As Ryu looked at the Dwarfhold Mountains, he thought he saw some large creatures coming down from the summit. He couldn't tell because he was too far away. He then looked at the group. They were about a mile ahead. Ryu ran to catch up, and when he finally got to his group. He could distinctly see a large amount of creatures gathering on the summit. He could only hope that they could hold them off till the Battleon Guardians could get there. The one other guardian they brought ran back to get help. In a few hours over ten thousand guardians were there set up in "The Wall" War formation. "The Wall" formation is set up with 1/4 of the people in the front in a line with four lines like that. The formation lines were: cavalry, adventurers, guardians, and x guardians in the back. Now that they were in formation, they looked at the mountain. It looked like the opposite side had twice as many warriors on their side than on Ryu's side.

Everyone was anxious for the battle, and couldn't keep still. Then a deep, loud horn-like sound alerted every one to the battlefield. In a cloud of smoke, Bio-Frost and Bio-Freeze appeared. Standing in the middle of the battlefield, Bio-Frost started to walk towards the wall. Then he said, in a rehearsed manner "Today, there will be a large amount of bloodshed, but that will not stop you from protecting Battleon. But, like so many towns in the past that I took over, you will fail. I will take Battleon today, and from there, take the rest of lore. Once I take over lore, I will be the new ice-lord! And I wont stop until I become the most powerful ice being in this realm. And I will not stop there. I will defeat and destroy all 7 other elemental lords and take their powers for myself. Then I will go to other realms, and I will be the ruler of the universe. And none of you can stop me from doing this," His speech ended in a crazed tone, and in a puff of smoke he and Bio-Freeze disappeared. At that time, another horn sounded and the army on the Dwarfhold charged.

As the other army charged, Falerin started to yell directions to the army on horseback. He then turned the horse and charged at the other army, as did the rest of the army. As the two armies met, all you could hear were screams of anguish. Ryu, being a guardian, didn't start fighting until the armies have been fighting for what seems like hours. As Ryu finally drew his sword, a large creature, called an Anibrute T2, rose it's large clawed hand and swiped at Ryu. Ryu barely ducked as he noticed this claw bearing down on him. As he was getting up he pointed his sword up and it pierced the creatures arm. As the creature roared and flailed it's arm about, Ryu tried to get his sword back. He finally got a good grip on it, when the anibrute back handed him. Ryu was thrown into Galrick who was fighting a giant praying mantis. Ryu apologized and got back up and ran back to the anibrute who was now fighting an adventurer. ryu sliced at it's arm again, but it didn't penetrate the hard leathery skin. The anibrute turned its head only to have the adventurer's sword thrust into it's heart. The shocked look on it's face gave Ryu a good feeling. But then he realized that that was only one. There was still a whole army left to go. He then looked at The Huntress. She was chopping anibrutes and giant mantises in half with one swing.

Then, seemingly out of nowhere a wolf attacked Galrick from behind. Ryu was the only one who saw this. The wolf then looked at Ryu. Its cold red eyes made him shiver in fear. The wolf the disappeared in a flash. Ryu then looked at Galrick's back. It was all torn up. Ryu then picked him up and started to carry him out of the war-torn field. Before he got out, another anibrute got in his way. It turned to face Ryu, and roared. Ryu felt like his ears were going to burst. He ran away frantically, only to be followed by the large monster. The anibrute was catching up fast as ryu dodged through the battlefield, the anibrute pushing people aside like toothpicks. The anibrute was right behind him and was about to eat them when it exploded into black smoke and debris. Ryu stopped to catch his breath, and looked behind him, seeing Falerin standing with his smoking arm out. "Thanks Falerin"

"What happened to Galrick" asked Falerin.

"A wolf-like monster came up out of nowhere and struck him down" replied Ryu.

"We have to treat his wounds right away" Falerin said "Take him back to town and go to the healers from the guardian tower. Stay there, until the battle is over. I promise we not leave you"

Ryu grabbed Galrick again and put him on his back, and again began to run back to Battleon. As he came in view of the guardian tower, Galrick began to wake up. As the pain began to rush back to his body, he couldn't help but scream in agony. Ryu picked up the pace and rushed in and up the stairs. He got to the infirmary room, and ran inside, then set Galrick down on a stretcher. The nurse rushed in and started immediately to work on Galrick. Ryu was told to go outside, and thanked Ryu for getting Galrick there so fast. After getting pushed out Ryu decided to go to the stables and see Aeria. When he got there it seemed really quiet. The lights except one were off, and a stench of rotting eggs filled the air. He called out to see if anyone would answer. He could hear sobbing in the back, so he ran back and saw Aeria curled up in a ball. "Aeria? What's wrong?" she pointed to the darkness behind Ryu. He turned around and a huge black creature jumped out at him, pushing him to the ground. He looked up and saw the wolf that attacked galrick. It growled menacingly as if it was going to rip his face off, but it turned and ran off. Ryu shakily got up and turned to Aeria.

"You ok?"

"Yes, but what about you?"asked Aeria

"Don't worry about me, im fine. Just a little shaken"he said as he helped her up and walked out together. When they finally got out side Aeria was able to stand on her own again. They went in her store and relaxed for a while. Ryu told Aeria about what happened to galrick and why he had to come back. He also said that that wolf that attacked him in the stables was the same wolf that attacked Galrick. After he told her this they heard a horn and went out side to look. As they got to the town square they saw the armies coming back from the fields, with at least 1/4 of them seriously injured. Ryu saw the others. Everyone got in a circle no words had to be spoken but understanding was a present emotion.

"This isn't over, not by a long shot. This is going to be the hardest battle we ever fought. Even harder than the devourer......"said Falerin, knowing everyone knew already.

"Is Galrick alright?" The Huntress asked Ryu.

"I don't know. They told me to leave so I went to check on Aeria, and I saw the wolf that attacked galrick in the stables. It jumped on me but it ran away."explained Ryu.

"Well, whatever happens, we will get through it. And we will fight till we bring Bio-Frost and Bio-Freeze down. We will protect our land till we die and we will fight on even then. We will conquer every thing the Bios throw at us. We will survive, no, we will win!" said Falerin with a growing confidence. Everyone cheered and then went off back to their houses and living quarters.

"Well well, not what we expected, is it Bio-Freeze?"asked Bio-Frost.

"Not at all, Bio-Frost."replied Bio-Freeze.

Bio-Frost got up from his icy throne on the Dwarfhold Mountains and waked to the edge of the cave. "Maybe we should kick it up a notch? Send our third strongest army to training and equip them with our most powerful weapons. We may even need to bring in Doran and Vileras."

"Doran and Vileras sir? But they are our prisoners. We cant use them!" said Bio-Freeze.

"Who are you to tell me what I can and cannot do. We will use our latest technology from the drakel to brainwash them into our command. We will make them generals and destroy Battleon's defenses, but that will be for another day. For now let them rest. We have work to do." Bio-Frost said as he turned and walked down the corridor and out of sight.