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Ducky had just entered the NCIS building when he knew something was amiss. He passed the usually smiling security guards who just nodded and gave him a "prepare yourself for battle" grimace. Ducky knew all to well what that meant, the Director and one Leroy Jethro Gibbs were at each other's throats again.

As he walked into the squad room his hypothesis was proven when he saw three terrified agents cowering behind mountains of paperwork and heard the raised voices of a man and a woman coming form MTAC.

"What is all the commotion, Timothy?" Ducky asked McGee.

"Gibbs got a call earlier and glared at us to get to work. Then he ran up to MTAC, and a minute later ran back down. The-" McGee was interrupted by a very tired looking Tony.

" I'll take over McRamble. Ok so here's what happened; Gibbs gets a call from the Director, right? So I'm thinking 'ok it's just about reports or something.' Then a few minutes later he runs back downstairs like he's Cary Grant running from the plane in North by Northwest! Right when he gets to his desk, his phone rings again and I swear everyone from DC to Los Angeles could hear Jenny yell into the phone 'GET YOUR ASS UP HERE AGENT GIBBS OR I SWEAR I'LL KEELHAUL YOU FROM HERE TO HELL AND BACK!! ' They've been up in her office screaming ever since."

Ducky looked at both agents and gave them a sympathetic half smile.

"I'm very sorry. If there's anything I can think of to get them to stop, I'll try" Tony and McGee gave tired smiles back, thanked Ducky, and let him get on his way to autopsy. Ducky's mind, however, was ablaze with questions on why The Director and Gibbs were fighting, and How he could possibly get them to stop.

30 minutes earlier in Jenny's office....

"You called, Jen?" Gibbs said as he stormed into her office, coffee in hand, passing a frustrated Cynthia. Jenny Shepard looked up fom the case file in her hand and took off her glasses, laughing to herself at the death glare Cynthia was giving him. Jenny gave Cynthia an apologetic smile and nodded at her to shut the door. Once Cynthia was out of sight, Jenny mentally braced herself for what was going to be a category 5 Hurricane.

"Yes, Jethro, I did" she said simply, hoping to stall as long as she could before dropping the bomb


"and SecNav wants me to go to Paris for a United Nations conference"

"Sorry, Jen, but I refuse to act as Director again! Last time was torture enough!" He glared at her, but Jenny was used to this and stared back at him unfazed.

"Sorry to disappoint you Jethro, but that's not what i called you in for." Though he was still glaring, Jenny could see relief flicker across his eyes and he relaxed a little.

"So what's this about then?"

"SecNav wants you to accompany me to Paris..." Jenny barely heard the 'No' as Gibbs stormed back out of her office. Now she was mad! NO ONE stormed out of Jennifer Shepard's office and didn't get hit with consequences. She waited ten more seconds before ringing Jethro and yelling at him loud enough to warn all of NCIS that Hurricanes Jenny and Jethro were about to collide and create a massive storm.