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Once Charlotte said goodbye and went to help another passenger. Jenny noticed both Tony and Gibbs were asleep, and she decided it would be a good idea for her to catch up on some Z's too before landing. Knowing how much of an adventure a trip to Paris could be, especially when you were going with Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Jenny would need the extra energy.

Though there were a number of high- ranking passengers on that particular flight to France, all the staff and pilots of "Air United" were briefed that the first female head of an armed federal agency was flying with them. What none of the flight attendants expected was the handsome silver haired man who was with her.

"So are they married?" Hannah, another flight attendant asked Charlotte, who had actually talked to the assumed couple and was now on her break.

"No, but it really seemed like they were." She informed Hannah. "You should see them up close! I wish someone would look at me that way; like it's only you and him in the world…"

Charlotte sighed and turned towards the curtain that separated the staff and the passengers. She peeked through and smiled at the sight she saw. Charlotte called Hannah over and they both sighed as if they were watching a romantic movie. Jenny had her head propped on Gibbs' shoulder and her hand on his chest while Gibbs had his arm around her shoulders and was fingering a red lock of hair. Both were sound asleep.

Tony had a gleeful smile on his face as he stepped into the Paris airport with Ducky, Gibbs, and Jenny close behind. Tony had spent most of the plane ride taking pictures of his boss and Jenny and he was currently e-mailing them to Abby and Ziva back in D.C. His favorite picture by far was the last one he took. Jenny had sleepily nuzzled into Gibbs chest, and his arm slipped around her waist and she'd whispered his name with a smile. He now needed to figure out if they had been together all those years ago and these pictures would hopefully help identify them.

Jenny and Gibbs had both been very quiet since they woke up and found themselves in each other's arms. Both mumbled excuses; knowing that they were blatantly lying to each other, and both baffled by the notion that even subconsciously they sought each other out.

Once baggage was claimed, their driver was found waiting for them, and the group arrived at the hotel where the conference was to be held, it was already 5:00 in the afternoon. The entire group wanted to go up to their rooms and freshen up before the Gala later that night at 8:00. It was to be held in the elaborately decorated hotel ballroom. As Jenny eyed the ballroom, Gibbs and Ducky approached the reception desk.

"Excusez-moi ma chère," Ducky smiled at the woman behind the desk. "We are here to check in Director Shepard of NCIS please." Ducky pointed towards a sitting area where Jenny and Tony were sitting with the luggage.

"Ah oui! Vos deux chambres sont situées au 20e étage. Le chasseur prendra vos sacs. (Ah yes! Your two rooms are on the 20th floor. The bellhop will take your bags)" Gibbs gave the woman an incredulous look.

"Wait, TWO rooms?" He said. "There must be some mistake, we booked FOUR rooms!" getting a look of confusion from the receptionist he looked over at Ducky. "Tell her! Talk in French and straighten this damn thing out!" Duck sighed and explained to the poor woman what was wrong. She gave a sad expression while she talked back to Ducky. These were the times when Gibbs wished there was just one language everyone knew, like phonetics when he was in The Core; no matter where you were all Marines knew the phonetics system.

"Well Duck?" Gibbs was really frustrated now.

"Jethro, I'm afraid there's nothing she can do. First of all, they only had two rooms booked for us to begin with, and normally it would not be a problem to just add two more, but unfortunately they are booked for the remainder of the conference." Ducky thanked the receptionist cheerfully and maneuvered Gibbs toward Jenny and Tony so he would be too distracted carrying the bags to cause a scene. Ducky informed them both of the problem as the group rode the elevator to their floor.

When they arrived at the rooms, which were just across the hall from each other, Ducky was the first to realize they had another slight problem. One room was a double, with two large queen-sized beds, while the other was a single with just one king-sized bed.

"Well it seems we've stumbled on another predicament" Ducky said, and Gibbs pulled Jenny aside.

"What Jethro?" Jenny rubbed the arm Gibbs had hostilely yanked.

"DiNozzo is NOT sharing a room with you!" Gibbs whisper shouted and Jen chuckled, remembering how protective Gibbs could be.

"I didn't know he was. So who is sharing the big bed then?" She asked, wondering what Jethro would think up for a response.

"You and I of course," Gibbs said like it was the obvious answer, and left Jenny with her mouth hanging opened and her eyes slightly widened.

Jenny was absolutely speechless. She could NOT share a room and bed with Jethro for a little less than a week! They would kill each other! No! No, this couldn't happen. She would sleep in the hallway rather than a hotel room IN PARIS with Leroy Jethro Gibbs! But even though she was fuming, a part of her that she didn't want to acknowledge was more excited than ever.

Gibbs grabbed the luggage and he and Jen informed Ducky and Tony of the sleeping arrangements.

"Ok, Duck, you and DiNozzo are in the double, Jen and I are across the hall." Gibbs said and was ready to walk away when he heard Tony whisper something to Ducky,

Hey, Ducky, how strong do you think the king-sized bed is, because from what I've heard about those two-"WHACK! "They… um need to have good security to protect the Director. Boss, I will get right on that!" Tony whipped his bags into his and Ducky's room and ran to the elevator, rubbing his aching head. Gibbs smirked, told Ducky he and Jenny would be in their room, and went to freshen up a bit.

"Ok, where are you going to sleep?" Jenny asked, putting several of her bags on the bed. Jethro moved a few over and put a large duffle bag on one side of the bed, claiming it as his.

"Right here, we're adults Jen, we can share a bed."

"Ugh…" she sighed frustrated, knowing that when Jethro's mind was made up, nothing could change it "I'll be in the bathroom! You better start getting ready for the gala, its 1800 and the gala starts in two hours." Jenny grabbed her garment and makeup bag.

"It takes me twenty minutes to get ready." Gibbs said before situating himself in a large chair and closing his eyes. "Wake me up at 1930" Jenny slammed the bathroom door, trying to remind herself that castration wasn't always the best punishment, but it sounded so tempting right now.

Jenny plugged in her IPod into the travel speakers she had brought with her. It started playing "Like This" by Kelly Rowland, and though Jenny usually didn't like R&B music, this song was one of her favorites. She had just finished her shower and was now drying her hair. Jenny decided she needed every man at the gala to want her. Gibbs always despised other men ogling her; he'd always either kissed her or put his arm around her waist, showing she was taken. She grabbed a bottle of mousse from bag and made sure that her hair had just the right amount of tousled curls.

Once her hair and makeup was done, Jenny carefully stepped into the gorgeous dress she'd bought at a high-end D.C boutique she'd bought specifically for this event. Ziva and Jenny had gone shopping the week before and had fallen in love with the floor length ball gown. It molded to her perfectly and she knew Jethro wouldn't be able to take his eyes off her.

When Jenny exited the bathroom, Gibbs had his back to her, busy adjusting his tie in the mirror. He then stopped and turned around to drink in the sight before him. Jenny's empire-waisted floor length black and white gown had one thick diagonal white stripe going from her waist to her knee. The upper part of the chest to the scoop neck was also white, and right before the hemline, there was an embroidered red rose. She truly was a vision.

"See something you like, Jethro?" Jenny said, leaning against the bathroom door frame. Jethro was void of words and simply mumbled an incoherent response. Jen's smile grew wider and she turned around to grab her purse on the bathroom counter, revealing to Jethro the backless feature the dress had. Now Gibbs wished he'd taken a cold shower before putting on his tux. It was going to be a LONG night.