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The room was silent. Cal stood in front of his audience of three: Foster, Loker, and Torres. The performance was very familiar with Foster, but she still loved seeing Cal tweak it in his own way. Loker, however, had only heard it once and he honestly could not remember it. Then, there was Torres. She was the new girl and Lightman felt it obligatory that she sit in and listen.

For you see, Lightman was preparing for a lecture he had in three weeks and decided to test his introduction on the three. Again, Foster sat in her seat excited, Loker appeared bored and Torres looked anxious.

"To tell or not to tell," began Lightman dramatically, "That is the question:
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to keep hidden
The truths, affairs, and lies of supposed loved ones,
Or to reveal these elements of betrayal,
And," He gave a great pause, "by revealing, end them. To confess, to come clean—
No more—and by a confession we say will free
The soul, the mind, the body and the guilt
That our conscious is heir to—'tis a delight
Devoutly to be wished. To tell, to reveal—
To reveal perchance to save. Ay," His accent suddenly thick, "there's the rub,
For in that prospecting saving power of truth what safety may come,
When we have revealed all there is to say,
Must render us speechless. There's the thing
That makes misfortune of truth." He sighed.
"For who would bear the whips and scorns of lies,
Th' untruthful's wrong, the desperate housewife's contempt,
The pangs of betrayal, the lover's delay,
The corruption of office, and the spurns
That understanding merit of th' trusting takes," He paused again, thoughtfully.
"When he himself may keep hidden
With a small white lie? Who would honestly bear,
To be hurt and deceived under such truths,
But the dread of something unearthed in truth,
The secrets brought to light from whose lives
Will never be the same, scares the honesty
And makes us rather bear those lies we have
Than ask for answers to questions we know not of?
Thus ignorance does make cowards of us all,
And thus the native need of truth
Is slicked o'er with the light cast of dense thoughts,
And crusades of truth and harmony
With this regard their courses turn away
And lose the name of questioning."

The room sat quiet. Slowly a look of confusion crossed Foster's face, "What happen to my line? My introduction?" A small pout rained on her features.

Lightman smiled softly, "You aren't coming to this one, love."

A small smile lit up Foster's face. She stood, gracefully, and headed towards the door. "It was okay, but I've seen better." She giggled before fully exiting his office.

Loker's eyes had glazed over. He stared past Lightman for a moment then shook his head, "I'm with her." He quickly stood and followed Foster's footsteps.

Lightman turned his attention to Torres, "And you?"

Torres gave a chuckle under her breath and looked toward the ground. She swiped a piece of fallen hair and when she looked back up a smile was still on her face. "You have way too much time on your hands." Then, she too walked out.

Cal looked about his empty office and huffed, "Well I thought it was quite good." And he sank into his chair, grabbing a pencil and nibbling on the eraser.

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