Me: Hello. Hola. Ni-hao. Ohaiyo. Ello govena… What's up my peoples?

Sasuke: Will you get to the point already?

Me: Don't rush me… *ehem*, welcome to the very first chapter of my new story- "Love And Breakdancing!"

Sasuke: What kind of name is that??

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Sasuke: Whatever…

Hinata: B-be nice to Anaghia, S-sasuke. You know s-she has the ability t-to make you die a horrible d-death in the story.

Sasuke: *glares at me* You wouldn't.

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Sasuke: *mumbles* Dammit… fine, I'll be nice.

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"C'mon, Hinata!" Tenten says as she dragged me along behind her in the direction of our destination. "We're gonna be late if you don't hurry up!"

"Alright, alright!" I gasp, trying to keep up with her. Sure, I exercise on a regular basis, but no where near as much as my best friend.

"The gang's never gonna forgive me if I'm late again," she tells me as we round a corner.

"Calm down," I says, pulling on her arm so she'll slow down, "we're only a couple of blocks away from the place, so can you please slow down?!"

She groans and reluctantly slows her pace enough so that I won't be dragged anymore. To help her calm down a little, I decide to start a small conversation. "So who are you guys going up against tonight?"

"The Mist-Ellaneous group." (A/N: Sorry if it sounds corny, I'm not good at making up group names…)


"The Mist-Ellaneous group! You know, from the Village Hidden in the Mist? Their name may not be the best, but they're pretty good breakers." I notice that she says this respectfully, but not nervously at all.

"So it's like "miscellaneous," right?"

"Yep, and it suits them. They're a wide variety of people, it seems like."

Finally, we reach a small, two-story brick building. There's a line starting to form near the front door, and I can see that some people are starting to get impatient, but the bouncers are keeping things in check.

Tenten and I walk straight pass them, earning a few grumbles from the line of people, and to the bouncer. She begins to dig through the small purple tote bag she brought. "Honestly, I don't see why I have to do this every damn time…" Tenten mumbles as she shows them her ID.

The first bouncer lowers his sunglasses (why is he even wearing them? It's nighttime!) and peers at the ID. "Go ahead," he says, jerking his thumb towards the door. Tenten goes right in, but the guy stops me first.

"I really don't like you going in here, Hinata," Neji whispers to me.

"I'll be fine Neji," I say, "I know Father only made you get this job to keep an eye on me since Tenten brings me here sometimes, but that doesn't mean you can tell me what to do while I'm out."

Neji raised his eyebrows. "Apparently coming here has made you a bit bold." I blushed, causing him to grin. He opened the door. "Alright, go ahead in."

I nod to him in thanks and shuffle inside. The first thing I hear- and can always hear, even from outside- is the music. It takes my eyes a minute to adjust to the dim lighting. There are beams of light coming from the balcony and the people controlling them. There are even some ceiling lights over the counter of the bar counter, but it's not much.

I look around for Tenten among the small crowd of people as the music pounds in my ears. It's pretty useless to call out her name because of the music, so I just weave my way through the crowd, hoping to find her along the way.

Most of the people don't notice me coming through. Some even bump into me, with only one apologizing for it. Where the hell is Tenten?!

Suddenly, I'm bumped so hard the I fall onto a clear part of the floor (it still shocks me that part of the floor could actually be clear outside of the breakdancing area). "Ouch!" I cry out as my butt makes contact with the hard floor (how do people even breakdance on this floor??). I look up at the person who bumped into me.

When I don't see anyone who could've bumped me, I look down. The perpetrator fell opposite me. It's a guy. He looks no older than I am, but he's gorgeous. His jet-black hair is fairly long, and he has a few bangs hanging over his face. He's wearing tennis shoes, black jeans, and navy blue t-shirt (at least I think so… it's so dark in here!) along with a cap. And, even in the darkness, I can see his dark, dark eyes. They remind me of an abyss.

But right now, he's giving me a death glare. He stands up, not even extending a hand to help me up. "Watch it, will ya?" He says. And then, just like that, he's gone.

I'm dumbfounded. I sit on the floor until someone yells at me because they almost trip over me. "Jeez," I mumble as I get up and brush myself off.

Making myself as small and out of the way as I could possibly be, I make my way towards the bar. I could always buy myself a drink and make it seem like the incident with that guy was a dream, but I'm too young. Sure, as "bold" as I've been lately, I could sneak one and not get drunk enough to not go home. But my cousin works here, and the staff can't keep their mouths shut for anything.

"What can I get for you, miss?" asks a bartender, all the while cleaning a small shot glass with a rag.

"Do you have any non-alcoholic drinks here?" I ask reluctantly, still considering a small drink.

He looks at me like I'm nuts. "Um, sure. We've got water and some soda, but that's pretty much it."

"I'll take some pop then."

"What kind?"

"Sprite, please."

"Diet or non?"

By this point, I don't really care, but I end up saying "Non-diet."

"Comin' right up," he says as he walks away. I sigh and look around. Tenten's not at the bar either. Where else is there to be in here?!

That's when someone sits right next to me. I'm facing the direction the bartender went in, and I can feel eyes burning into my back. I start to get nervous. God, I'm so glad no one can see me blush in here!

I turn around to confront whoever it is. It's my other best friend, Kiba. "Yo Hinata!" He says.

My hard look goes soft after I recognize him. "Hi Kiba."

"Here you are," says the bartender, coming back with my pop. He hands it to me and I give him some money for it. I take a long sip.

"So what're you doing here?" Kiba asks.

I put down my drink for a minute. "I'm here with Tenten."

He looks around me to the seat next to me. "Then where is she?"

"Somewhere." I take another swig of Sprite. Good thing I didn't order a real drink.

"She ditched you?" Kiba's eyebrows furrowed a bit.

"Sort of- my cousin stopped me on the way in and-"

"She should've waited for you."

I sigh. "It's not her fault. She was really worked up tonight- about the battle… and time issues."

"It doesn't matter. You're her best friend, and she shouldn't have left you alone in here. End of story." He casts a serious looks my way, making it clear that we were done arguing.

I finish up my drink in silence. "W-well, I guess I better go find her…"

"Oh, I know where she is," Kiba says matter-of-factly.

"You do?" I ask in an annoyed tone. "Why didn't you say something?"

He laughs. "You didn't ask."

I sigh. What am I going to do with him… "Where is she?" I ask calmly.

"In the back room practicing. C'mon." He grabs my hand and steers me towards a door in the corner of the building. Once there, he pushes it open without even knocking and just walks right in, taking me with him.

We're now in a large room that, even though I've come to this place with Tenten, I had no clue about. There's nothing in here but a small wooden stool in the far right corner of the room, a worn-out red couch on the far wall, and a single light bulb hanging from the ceiling directly above the center of the room.

No one even notices us come in. They're all gathered around someone in a small circle. "Wow, this guy's amazing," I hear someone say.

"Definitely deserves the title of being our leader- hands down."

"Not to mention he's totally hot." A female's voice this time.

"Eh, if you say so. But even if he wasn't, his moves are awesome!" That was Tenten's voice. I went in the direction of her voice until I found her among the spectators.

"Tenten!" I say.

"Hm?" She looks at me. "Hinata? We've you been?"

"Oh, with Kiba… you kinda left me back there when I was talking to Neji."

"Oh, I'm sorry," she says as she squeezes me into a tight hug, "I thought you were behind me, and I didn't look back since I was late."

"It's alright, I guess." I say.

"But check it out!" Tenten turns me towards the action going on in the middle of the floor. "This guy is amazing! We saw him one day, and we just had to have him on our team! You won't believe how good he is!"

I couldn't believe what I was seeing, but not because of the breakdancing Tenten was going on about. It was the guy I'd run into earlier- the one who'd knocked me down.

…Just great.

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