I pushed my hung of junk truck to its limits, trying to get as far away as possible. My chest burned , but still I didn't stop. I had gotten used to the no nonsense way of life that I had had to adapt to ever since the Cullen's had left me close to three years ago. It was either that or be killed.

The strip of forest that I had been driving though finally ended andI saw the lights of civilization ahead. I let out a sigh of relief, knowing I would most likely be safe for another few hours. They tended to wait till I was out of the cities to attack and for that I was grateful. At least no innocents got hurt that way.

I was about to turn off of the street I was on and make my way to a mall so I could get some basic supplies. It was safer to go to a crowded mall than a small convenience store along the way where they could just kill the clerk and floor employees. They were more hesitant to attack in a public place.

As the turn came up something darted in front of my car. I slammed on the brakes and swerved to avoid hitting whatever it was. My car skidded into the slope on the side of the, road, colliding head first into a tree. My head slammed into the steering wheel. The impact jarred my bruised muscles making me cry out in pain.

Steam curled up from the hood of the car accompanied with the sounds of the engine dying. I felt the trickle of blood as I stream of it ran down the side of my face. Groaning I lifted my head. Looking over my shoulder and onto the road, I tried to spot the thing that had run in front of me. Sighing, I grabbed my old tattered bag from the back seat, I would have to walk into town and call a tow truck or something.

I was brought out of my mulling by the sound of metal tearing. The driver's side door was ripped off of its hinges and thrown a good distance away. I felt a stone like hand grip my shirt and yank me out of the car and onto the grass. I let out a moan of pain as my muscles protested the action.

I looked up and saw the stalking shape of Laurent come towards me. He was only one of the vampires that were after me. I assumed the other two, James and Victoria, were not that far behind. James was the leader, and I was betting that Laurent would entertain himself with me until he arrived.

Slowly I got to my feet, trying to keep my face straight trying not to show how much pain I was in.. I knew I couldn't get away, not with him this close. I might have speed, hearing, reflects, and scenting abilities, but I wasn't that fast. Growing up with a coven of undead I had picked up a few of their traits in habit. You kind of had to in order not to miss out on anything and get out of agonizing shopping trips.

"Good day Madison." He said his voice soft and angelic like. It made me sick to my stomach. I had become all but immune to their good looks and seductive tones over the years but not his. The only one who still really affected me had been Edward.

"screw you Laurent." I said, my voice low and dark. I flung back as his fist hit my chest, connecting with my bruised ribs. I landed on my back and gasped, for air.

"You always did have a smart mouth." He said chidingly. "One day I'm going to beat it right out of you."

"I'd like to see you try." I said, my voice shaky but still strong. I knew it was a bad idea to be baiting him but I couldn't help it. It was part of me, to taunt him and the others.

The next thing I knew I was face first in the dirt and had a mad vampire on my back.

Reaching into my pocket, I grabbed my lighter. I had always kept with me, I don't know why but sometimes it comes in handy. Sort of like now, keeping his attention with one of my hands grabbed his face and neck, I brought up the lighter to the other side of his face. With a swift flick of my finger the lighter came to life and the flame connected with his cropped hair.

He let out a surprise yelp and jumped off my back. His hair was now aflame. It spread over most of his scalp. I found out that vampires were flameable. Once you got them lit, they burned up like a plastic.

Quickly I grabbed my bag and started running. Hopefully the flames would keep him occupied long enough for me to make it to town or at least a busy road. I was the fastest human that I knew, and I took full advantage of that skill now. I was no where near the speed a vampire. But I still had to try.

With each stride I was closer to the city and closer to safety. I didn't hear any signs of Laurent or the others. My lungs burned and my legs screamed in pain but I pushed myself, faster than I had ever run before. The rush of adrenalin was strong and helped me urge my body forwards. It only took about 3 minutes I finally passed the boundaries of the city and made it to safety. Still not stopping I ran inside the closest building I could find. It turned out to be a local mall. I sat against the wall, catching my breath.

Once I was able to regulate my breathing I looked around. The mall was tiny, only one story. I spotted the public bathrooms just off to the side and let out a sigh of relief. I quickly headed into the bathroom, making sure no one was around. I groaned when I saw my reflection in the mirror. A small trail of blood started from the side of my face in a big smear of red. My hair was matted with bits of grass and twigs in it. My clothes were smeared with dirt and crumpled.

I splashed some water on my face, trying to clean up my appearance. I tried fingering through my dirty brown hair and whipped off as much dirt as possible. With a lot of damp paper towels. Knowing I couldn't do anything else I decided to get the stuff that I would need for the next few days. There had to be a drug mart or something here.

"Alice, look at this!" I stopped dead in my tracks. I knew that voice.

"OMG We have to get this!" I quickly looked around to see who was talking with the wonderful musical voices just inside the boutique a few stores away. They were both the same as I remembered.

Alice was a small pixie of a girl with spick black hair, wearing an outfit that cost more then all of my savings put together. On her arms were tones of bags all with designer logos on them. Her topaz eyes were filled with uncontained excitement.

Rosalie was her usual beautiful self. Her long blond hair straight down her back, and her fitting red dress complimented her natural curves. And like Rosalie, she had numerous designer bags hanging off of her arms.

I didn't think of what I was fixing to do but the thought left me once I saw my two sisters just mere feet away. I ran towards them. It was amazing that I didn't fall. I barreled into Rosalie, wrapping my arms around her neck.

"What the heck!? Get off of my you little B-" She stopped herself as she seemed to fully realize who I was.

"Madison?" I could hear the surprise in her voice. I couldn't answer I thought I lost my voice for a second there so I just nodded. She clutched me tighter, Alice joined in. Together the three of us collapsed on the floor of the store, laughing, we were together again. And for the first time since they left me, I thought it was all going to be alright.