We got to the spot and we couldn't stop kissing each other. Finally, he laid me on the bed.

"Are you ready Mrs. Cullen?" He looked at me and I smiled.

"Yes dear husband, I really am" He kissed me one more time with more passion and fire than any other kiss he had given me and then, he pulled back, and whispered "I love you, always and forever" then he kissed my neck. Ipressed my face against his neck and breathed deeply. With his arms around me, our bare skin pressed together, it was only natural that I would skim my lips over the cool flesh there.

Edward stiffened, his arms tightening almost imperceptibly around me. "Oh, Madison," he breathed, and drew me back slightly. He caught my gaze and held it, so long that after a moment I was gasping for breath. Then, he closed his eyes and pressed my against his chest again. "God, I'm nervous." He laughed.

I drew back to look at him again. I considered reminding him that he wasn't allowed to back out before we even got started, but the concentration on his face quieted the voice of protest before it found voice. Instead, I brought my hand up and gently stroked his fingers over the worried crease between his eyebrows. His golden eyes fluttered closed as I lifted myself up slightly to soothing kisses over his cheeks and eyelids before pressing a kiss to his lips.

His eyes opened, and he said im ready.

Edward's eyes searched mine for a moment longer, and then he nodded.

I trembled as his eyes moved slowly over my body as he laid me on the huge bed. He'd seen me when they were in the ocean, of course, but he had never really looked at me. I could feel the self-conscious flush creeping over her bare skin.

But my eyes were roaming as well. He was slowly getting onto the bed, one knee at a time, but I was awarded the view I'd only fantasized about. His muscles rippled gracefully under the pale smooth skin, the shadows casting them into black and white contrast.

He lifted his eyes to mine as he lowered his body, sliding upward slightly as his chest touched my stomach, until we were eye-to-eye. "Madison," he murmured.

My breathing quickened, and then stuttered to a stop. I waited for the nerves to come rushing back, but they never came. How could they, when everything felt so right? "Don't be afraid," I murmured, repeating my words from earlier. "We belong together."

"Yes," he agreed, and he moved over her again, lightly. I felt his cool, rock-hard erection press insistently against me as he did and I arched her back with a gasp.

"Madison," he said again, his voice low and growling. The hair on the back of my neck rose, but not from fear. His lips began their soft trail from the base of her ear downward, over my collarbone as my fingers tightened against his shoulders.

"Edward," I gasped.

It was as though hearing his name gasping cry flipped a switch in his brain. His hands tightened around my arms, and I found myself pulled upward so quickly it made my head spin. I sat straddling on his lap, his erection pressed hard against my stomach, as his fingers clutched onto my thighs, pulling me harder into him. His hand slid deftly under me, between my legs, and without preamble, pushed finger into me.

I squeaked and threw my head back.

"You're so sexy," Edward practically snarled. His kisses were harder now, taking little sharp nips with his lips before crashing his mouth back down to mine. His other hand came up to squeeze my breast. "God, Madison, I can hardly control myself."

I moaned at his words. Since when did he talk to me like this? It was inflaming me, totally and completely. I raked my nails down his chest, eliciting another growl, and suddenly I was back down on her back.

"I don't want you to control yourself," I said. Part of me was afraid he would pull away from me at my candid admission.

But he didn't.

"Careful," he breathed harshly against my neck.

I didn't want to be careful. I wanted to be reckless; I wanted to make him as desperate as I was feeling. "No," I growled back. The finger he still held inside me moved rapidly, and I gasped anew. "Edward, please!"

He froze, his breathing against I neck labored. Slowly, he withdrew his hand from between her legs. I whimpered and his black eyes meeting my brown ones, and slowly I lifted my arms over my head

"What are you doing?" I asked breathlessly. "I want to touch you!"

"I know," Edward answered me placing a gentle kiss on my lips. His body was trembling over mine. "I'm sorry I can't give you that yet." He kissed me again and moved one hand down between them again. "Not now. I'm sorry, my love. But please understand."

I was worrying my lower lip with my teeth again as I felt him pressing insistently between her legs. He took a harsh, steadying breath.

"I understand," I whispered.

With one sharp push, he was inside me.

"I love you," I whispered.

My words cleared his head. Edward's body began to move in a steady rhythm with mine.

My soft cries echoed his own. They were perfectly matched, in every way, and it didn't take long for my fingers to tighten around his own as my body arched against his. "Edward!" I gasped.

And then he was coming, his teeth sinking into the other pillow reflexively. It was the most breathtaking sensation, a wave of total and unabashed pleasure – he was almost sorry to have to come down from its high.

My fingers were threading lazily through his hair, and when he lifted his head to look at me, I had a very satisfied smile plastered across my face. My eyes were closed.


"Mmm," I answered, snuggling against him as he settled himself beside me. It was only moments before I was breathing evenly in sleep, the smile still lingering on my lips.

Edward looked down at me and lifted his hand to brush the stray lock of hair from my forehead, and then froze. Was that a bruise? Looking closer, he saw the darkness beginning to color my cheekbone and my upper lip. Horrified, he gave my body a quick, clinical scan.

There were bruises all over me.

Guilt welled up thick and heavy. If he'd been human he would have felt nauseated. For a moment he considered waking me up to get a more extensive inventory of the damage he'd caused me, but my breathing seemed normal and my heartbeat was strong. Better to let her rest, he decided.

When the morning came, she would see him for what he really was.

A monster.