Chapter One: 7 minutes. (And only seven!)

.:Amu's POV:.

"Okay. I'll spin the bottle." Said Utau Hoshina. They were at a party, (of course) and Kukai was desperately trying to get someone drunk. So far, he only succeeded in passing out.

Rima suggested that they play '7 Minutes in Heaven'; since Kukai's drinking contests were silenced.

Yaya was the fist to agree. Everyone was shocked by that, because she was usually such a baby, Then Tadase agreed, and I think I was shocked more than everyone else. After that, everyone else agreed, except me.

"Well Amu, don't you want to make out with me?" asked Ikuto, his signature smirk appearing.

"Y-you wish? Y-you're just a p-perverted cat boy!" I stuttered, putting on my 'Cool & Spicy' act. I swear, someday, I'm gonna smack that smirk off his face. Someday. I smirked right at that bastard. "Why, of course, Iku-chan."

He flinched. 'Iku-chan' was the name I had given him whenever I wanted to do…'something bad'. Or so he put it.

As Utau watched the bottle spin, I watched his smirk get bigger. I just know that he trigged something. I shuddered at the thought of all the horrible things he could do to me. I would be scarred. For life.

"..and Ikuto!" I heard Utau yell out.

My face froze as I watched in horror as Ikuto's eyes studied me. "U-Utau-chan, c-can you repeat that?"

She looked perplexed. "Sure, Amu. You and Ikuto are going in the closet.

Ikuto laughed. "come on, Amu-koi. It'll be fn."

Amu…Koi? My face was expressionless. Then I cracked. "DON'T EVER CALL ME THAT, JACKASS!" I screamed. Too late. He had already grabbed hold of me. With my free hand, I looked around to grab hold of something. Anything. I looked at my friends in despair. They looked back, trying to hide they're laughter. "Dammit! You guys set me up!" Before I heard they're reply, I was shoved in the closet.

I sat down in a corner, and to my surprise, Ikuto sat in the other. "Aren't you going to do anything? Perverted?" I asked, wishing I hadn't.

.:Ikuto's POV:.

Here I was, locked up in a closet with Amu. So why wasn't I doing anything?

Amu had asked that question as well. I smirked swear, even though it was damn near pitch-black, I saw her blush. "Are you saying that you want me to do something?"

"N-no." She blushed even harder.

I started to take my top off.

"W-what are you doing?" She questioned me.

I flung my shirt towards her. "Like what you see, Amu?" I whispered haughtily.

"Wha-what? K-like what 'I see?! I can't see anything, you idiot!" she yelled.

"Ah. So you want to see?"

"Y-you word twister! How dare you!"

"And I enjoy every minute of it." She looked away.

I had an idea. I slowly moved towards her, trying to not make any noise. If she caught me, my plan would be ruined. I tapped on her shoulder. Her head flew in my direction, and I swiftly put my plan in action.