My whole body felt like it had been thoroughly crushed then stomped on repeatedly. My eyes stung with exhaustion, my head pounded like drums and worst of all was I still didn't know who the hell I really I am or where I belong. Every time I look or think about someone I see different versions of them and myself. Sometimes I have amazing dreams of being surrounded by my family and my friends but those nights are few since the ones where I hurt them or they hurt me are over powering.

I gaze into the star filled night with resentment, no one would find me here so there was no immediate need to try and remember the real them or the real me.

"Hinata." I sigh in disappointment before I tilt my head back to look at the Hokage who stood staring down at me.

"Hai Hokage-sama?" the Hokage bends down and looks me in the eyes with worry but I just stare blankly back.

"What happened?" My sigh is tired and long but I reply back anyway.

"I killed her." The Hokage looks shocks before concern is shown again.

"You killed your mother? Gomen Hinata-chan, you shouldn't have had to do that." A version of my younger days raced through my head at the Hokage's smile. It was a happy version but another over takes it as one when the Hokage ordering my death because I was rogue. Both visions possible but the Old man's words ran came to me as always.

"Hinata your past was stolen from you but you have the power to decide your future."

"No, it had to be me." My voice is wistful as my head turns back to the sky and the Hokage starts to heal the surface wounds.

"Are you coming back?"


"Hinata-chan, everyone wants you there. He wants you there."

"I know... but I can't trust another and I can't trust myself so how do you suppose my coming back will solve anything? Gomen Hokage-sama but I can't comeback, truthfully I don't know if I ever will."

"I understand but you're always welcome in Konoha Hinata-chan." The Hokage pats my head and transports back toward the Konoha Nin and I fall asleep dreaming about the day my life changed. It's one of the memories I've found to be truthful so it's one I cherish and regret.

Flash back to three years ago.

I walked between Naruto-kun and Sakura with my head down blushing as the two talked about the mission that was in mist but I was to focused on the fact that I was walking beside naruto-kun. I had confessed to him but the topic of said confession has yet to be brought up. We were on our way to escort a child to safety, the details were sketchy at best. When we arrived Naruto-kun split us up, I go and get provisions while they go get the client. I agree with out a word of protest but I was disappointed at his choice. I walk into the store and find myself staring at the shelf of ramen. I blush at my spacing out but apparently I wasn't the only one who noticed since the man beside me was about 20 centimeters away from my face.

"Ne, what's so interesting about Ramen?" I blush and look down at my feet before I quietly state a reply.

"Ah, gomen."

"Why are you apologizing? Last time I checked there was no harm staring at ramen. Though I have to say it's a little weird, but hey, whatever floats your boat right?" I look up at him to see him laughing very loudly and attracting a lot of attention.

"I know..."
"Eh? Know what?

"That I'm different and weird." I can't stop my voice from lowering and I knew I could continue naming my failures but I luckily stop.

"The way I see it is I rather be weird and different then be like everyone else. Life isn't very fun if you have to be like everyone else and my mission in life is to have no regrets. By the way my name is Shun, and what might be my weird little friends name?"

"Hinata." Usually when people call me weird they're trying to insult me but when Shun-san says it I feel as though he's complimenting me.

"Well Hinata-chan here's to the beginning of a friendship!" He hands me a drink off the shelf and cracks it open and clinks it against mine before he chugs it back. I stare at shock at him before smiles at me questionably.

"Ne, aren't you going to drink Hinata-chan?"

"Ano…can we really be friends?" He laughs and the other people in the store only mildly stare at us this time.

"Ah, of course we can! Who has the power to say we can't? Besides we're both weird so it only fits us that we should be friends!"

"Hai!" I chug back the drink and Shun-san laughs again and I soon join him.

I pay for the supplies and we walk out of the store and down the streets till we find ourselves in the middle of the street.

'Well my weird friend I think it's time we part." I look down while trying to hide my sad face.

"Ne, don't be sad. We'll definitely meet again since we're friends, so show some faith ne?"


"Ah, I promise. Have a good life, until we meet again!" I watch him walk away and I smile while believing in his words. His long silver hair, green shirt, brown vest and black pants show me he's nin but I didn't see any headband.

"Hinata-chan!" I blink in surprise as the next thing I know I'm being dragged through streets by a very excited naruto-kun.

He drags me all the way to the end of the village and into the house and through some rooms till he lets me go suddenly and I fall onto the floor with a thud.

"Naruto-baka! Be more careful with Hinata-chan!"

"Eh? Gomen Hinata-chan but I am really excited for you!" I look up at Sakura whose scolding Naruto and Naruto whose trying to make some excuses.

"Eh why?" They don't hear my voice or maybe they don't pay attention to me but some one answer for them.

"Because of me Hyuuga-san." He turn my head and for the first time I look across the table at the other person in the room.

He had long golden hair that's braided behind him that made him look very elegant and almost fragile but my instinct told me this man was very dangerous to me.

"Ano…" He smiled but his smile reminded me of Sai-san's smile, a perfect poker face and much too practiced.

"My name is Hiro and I work for your mother who sent me to find you." I was completely shocked at what he said and he just kept smiling and talking.

"It was fortunate that I found you here Hyuuga-san and I that I didn't have to travel to Konoha. Your mother has waited many years to see you again since she had to wait till you were an appropriate age to make this decision. I'll take you to her but I'm afraid you can only go alone since there's a particular circumstance in which I am not at liberty to tell you. You have the night to decide hyuuga-san and if you choose to go on this new path then will you meet me at the west gates at dawn?"

"Hai" He smiles again and every fiber of my body is telling me to run but I simply stare dumbly at the man.

"Then I hope you take this chance Hinata-san. Ah and one last thing, your mother has given this to me for proof that I am not lying."

My eyes widen at the box which is slid across the table toward me and I don't notice as the man leaves the room. I reach for it very slowly and when I touch it I do so with the most gentle of touches before I open it and the melody that has haunted too many of my dreams come into the tensed air.

"You're crying Hinata-chan." Sakura and Naruto sit on either side of me but for once I don't notice as my full attention is on the music box until it ends and I come back to reality.

"You're going to go right?" I sigh before I shut the music box and push it away before I get up and head for the door.

"No, it doesn't feel right."

"Oi! You're mother is alive and you're really going to walk from the chance to meet her again?"

"Hai, I saw my mother die Naruto-kun. I don't know what exactly is going on but the one thing I know is that the path he's offering me is one I should never cross." I open the door and walk through it before he can reply. I head toward the garden to find some peace but the music melody keeps floating inside my mind and my heart.

I feel some one shaking me and calling my name so I open my eyes to see Sakura-san's smiling face before she tells me we're leaving.

I get up and do my routine before I meet her and Naruto downstairs for breakfast. They inhale their food quickly and before I'm half way done mine they get it to go and are once again dragging me away.

"ne we forgot the boy!" I myself just remembered the boy myself but the two don't seem to care and with a sickening feeling I realize I'm being dragged to the west gate.

"I told you I wasn't going!"

"Hinata-chan we're you're friends and there is no way we're letting you pass this up just because you're afraid of a new path!"

"You don't understand!"

"Hai we do and that's why we're doing this!"

"I'll be made a rogue nin!"

"Feh don't worry about that! We'll make sure you won't be named a rogue nin so trust us!" We arrive at the gate and they give me my supplies and the music box before hugging me but I'm crying.

"I really don't want to go."

"Ne don't be like that Hinata-chan, have some courage!" I look at Naruto-kun hopelessly before Sakura gives me a shove to the awaiting figure.

"Besides it's not forever and when you come back you'll definitely thank us!"

"Sakura-chan what if I-"
"Hinata-chan do this for us ok? We wouldn't trust this guy with you if we didn't think you'll be happier for it." I stare back at them with puppy eyes but they stand firm so I turn around and start walking dejectedly to my new path. I walk up to Hiro-san and he smiles and starts walking and I follow silently behind him till Naruto-kun's voice rings out.

"I'll be waiting for you Hinata-chan! That's a promise!" I turn around and stare at him in shock before I smile and continue walking and I can no longer hear the two shouting their farewells.

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