"Open your eyes and look at me Hinata." Something cool and soothing ran into my mind so I had the energy to open my eyes as the she said to. When I did I saw my mother bending down beside me as she shoveled me into her arms with fake gentleness.

"My dear you were so perfect. If you had just listened to your mother everything would have been ok. I was even going to let you keep that Uchiha as a pet but now I'm going to take great pleasure in showing him your death so he to can suffer like you did. Don't worry, your heart right now is only beating because the seal I have activated around it. Your mother will soon let you sleep little one, just close your eyes." I did because the strain of everything was too much; I was too tired to keep them open.

"Hinata you should have never disobeyed your mother."

"You should have never let a hyuuga be this close to you." She tensed but she was too late as I gathered all the strength I had left to slam a palm into her chest where her heart was. The seal around me dropped but my heart's beats were becoming normal where's my mothers was slowing. It helped when you had the healing power of a Bijuu inside you.


"You never taught me about seals because you wanted that as insurance against me but that didn't stop me from watching you and learning mother. After all I am your byakugan child ne?"

She just stares at me as blood drips down her mouth, eyes, and ears before she collapses. I take a deep breath and I start to crawl my way upward toward my mother's dead body. I reach her right arm and rip the sleeve of her kimono to see a tattoo of thousands of tiny Black Wings. I take some of my blood and her blood and smear it across the tattoo and insert some of Houkou's chakra. I watch as a seal is lit up by a dark black glow. I take a deep breath and summon every bit of strength I have and activate the destructive element.

I lay back listening to the screams of thousands Black Wings die because of a simple seal. My mother always had to have a back up plan to ensure her power over her followers. The mark all BW get when they first join was more then just a tattoo but a seal. So if one of them went rogue mother could just kill them from her chair. On her other arm was a mark of seven Black Wings, one for her each of her children and one for her. The reason she never activated mine was because she wanted me alive, greed was a powerful thing. The times she let her anger over take her greed were the times she couldn't afford anyone finding out about the seals so she had to resort to other methods. With my eyes I watched her do it many times while she thought she was alone.

***This point is to where chapter one starts off with Hinata talking to the Hokage then falling asleep.

When I wake up I look at a wooden roof that seems somewhat familiar to me.

"You're awake then?" I stare hard at the face trying to place it. The older woman shifts trying to look comfortable under my stare.

"You were brought here Hinata-san. You may not remember me but you and shun-san stayed here and you got into a big fight with the Black Wings." I closed my eyes as memories played themselves in my head like a lullaby. I had just dreamed the last three years of my life.

"How long was I out for?"

"One week." She got up left the room with a click as the door shut behind her.

"Ne-chan?" The voice was small but it held so much hope that it made me smile.

"Everything is going to be ok Tsuni." He came to me then with his own smile.

"Ne-chan what happened?" I sat up wincing at the stiffness of my body but Tsuni helped me.

"She's dead Tsuni; she can never hurt us or anyone else again."

"I know I saw the ash of her body left over from some sort of seal. What I meant was what happened to the Black Wing soldiers?"

"When I killed her I guess that did something to them." I wasn't about to tell anyone the truth of what happened. What if someone wanted to pick up where mother left off?

"What about Saki?"


"Then were free."

"What do we do now?"

"Anything." He seemed so excited I forgot that he was still a kid.

"Can I take the genin exams and become a real Shinobi?" I flinch at the thought of going to a village only for them to realize two generals and last of the BW are their neighbors.

"We're going to have to keep a low profile Tsuni. After all were not exactly in a position to settle down anywhere. Think about it and let me know ok?" I fall asleep again because of Houkou's instructions, not like I would have fought them.

* Three days later

I wait for Tsuni to say his goodbyes to the innkeeper and his family as I stand outside, leaning against the shop. The sun feels good on my face since I've spent so many cold nights alone. Those nights I think of him, the only one who could keep me warm. When I am with Tsuni I can focus entirely on him so I don't feel the pain of not having Sasuke near me. I laugh bitterly to myself since I'm the one who made the choice to let Sasuke have a better life with out me. I know he fought Madara and won, I made sure he was going to be ok before I sneaked back out of his hospital room.

"Ne-chan is anything wrong?" I blink away all thoughts about my old lover and put all my attention on Tsuni.

"No! No! So where we heading to kiddo?" I put my arm around him and pull him into my side. I was going to give Tsuni a real life full of love and everything a real childhood should be.

"Rain." Rain?

"Why Rain?"

"It's a surprise!" I roll my eyes and ruffle his hair.

"Cut that out you're ruining my hair!" I laugh but my laugh was off so I stopped laughing.

When we arrived in Rain I bought us a nice old Japanese house outside the village over looking a pond. We went into the city that seemed untouched by BW I wondered why. We met the Hokage, Konan-sama and I told her the truth since lying to Kage was never a smart thing to do. She surprised me by giving us citizenship and offered me a jounin position and admitted Tsuni into the academy there. She did this all with a small smile, I was shocked but Tsuni went along with it like he knew Rain would accept us.

Konan-sama gave me a month off to recover from my injuries and Tsuni was already going to the academy so I was alone during the day.

I had started a garden of vegetables but to the side I had roses and lilies of all colors. I may have cheated by using Houkou's ability over earth but no one knew but Houkou and he could keep a secret.

It was the middle of the third week in Rain and it was just pouring down. Tsuni was already at the academy and I was indoors reading a scroll when I felt the change in the air.

I dropped the scroll on the ground; my body stopped all functions except my heart which tripled its pace.

"Sasuke." He stood there in the doorway across from me not moving just staring at me. His stare was slow, starting at my bare feet that were curled under my bent legs that had a purple blanket wrapped around them. Then to my middle where my stomach was doing flips to my tingling finger tips. He took his time tracing my neck before he raised his head to meet my shocked expression.

"Shocked?" He took a step toward me and I nodded.
"Didn't expect to ever see me again?" Another step, another nod.

"Didn't think I would find you?" More steps, more nods.

"Tell me Hinata what gives you the right to choose the ending between us?" His knees were brushing against the front of the big chair I was sitting in.

"Konoha was the right place for you to rebuild your clan that didn't include my bad reputation." The heat in his eyes made me squirm.

"Hinata that's twice you've left me because you think I belong with Akatsuki then to Konoha when all you had to do was ask. Haven't you figured it out by now? My place is beside you, where ever you are, what ever your doing." He puts his hands on the chair arms and bends down to face me.

'Sasuke I have Tsuni to look after. I don't want to hurt him." His face is so close that if I tilt my head just a little I could kiss those lips I longed for.

"How do you think I knew you were ok after the battle? How do you think I was able to set this place up for you ahead of tie? How do you think I knew you would be here when I settled everything?"

"Tsuniā€¦ told you?" He smirked and raised his eyebrows in a knowing way.

"He takes after you love. He would do anything to see your true smile." Just like that every excuse I could think of that would stop me from giving myself fully to the man in front of me was gone. He knew it two as he closed that last bit of space between us and stole my breath to match the heart, soul and body he had already taken.

"I love you Sasuke." He pulls me up into his arms in a tight embrace.

'Then never leave me again."

I kiss him this time knowing that with Tsuni and Sasuke beside me I would have a lot of great memories that no one would ever twist again.

I was truly free from my past.

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