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Actually, it was her shoes that had caused the problem, if it could be classified as such. They were red, barely held onto her feet with several thin straps, and heels that were in his estimation at the very least, 4 inches in height. Despite the fact that she was undoubtedly doing irreparable damage to her feet, they looked…fascinating.

An hour earlier…

Christopher Pike had invited Spock to accompany him to a local establishment, a club frequented by officers as well as cadets. Spock had refused, with gratitude naturally, but felt he would be out of place.

"Oh, come on, man! You simply cannot spend all your evenings cooped up in that office or your apartment grading assignments and reviewing class schedules." He slapped Spock on the shoulder, ignoring the Vulcan's discomfort. "I'll be picking you up at 2100 hours. And you better not be wearing your Star Fleet uniform, dress casual. And that's order!" He laughed at the expression on the younger man's face.

"Relax, Spock. I'll be fun." He rethought the enticement. "Well, at the very least, I'll be…educational." Chris Pike laughed again as he left Spock to get prepared.

Spock shook his head and retreated to his bedroom to 'dress casual', per his superior officer's order. Casual, he repeated in his mind. He had purchased a pair of black jeans and a few button down collared shirts when he had first come to San Francisco. It was an attempt to blend in when he would go off campus, exploring varying facets of San Francisco. But basically, his uniform had sufficed.

Pulling the clothes from his closet he sighed as he prepared to shower and attire himself in the informal garb. Spock remembered the blazer his mother had purchased for him on her last visit and decided to wear that, as well.

Once he was dried off, Spock dressed and scrutinized his image in the full length mirror on the bathroom door. He shrugged and pulled on the jacket as his door chimed alerting him to the presence of Captain Pike.

"Sir." Spock opened the door and allowed his friend and mentor in.

"Spock, you really gotta start calling me Chris, or in my totally illogical human way I'm going to be insulted." He chided.

"Yes, sir. Excuse me, Chris. Is this attire suitable for this evening?" Spock gently placed his id badge and credit disc in his pocket and followed Chris out the door.

"I have a feeling you'll be beating the ladies off with a stick." He chuckled at the Vulcan's raised eyebrow. "I promise, Spock, if you don't find this evening at the very least, edifying, I will see to it that Professor Klein teaches your elementary Vulcan class for the semester." Pike cast a sideways glance at his young friend.

"Hmm, a very gratifying exchange." Spock agreed. "I will inform you at the evening's end if I have been enlightened. If I endure that long."

Chris Pike laughed heartily at his former student's words and led the way to the hover transport.

This wasn't exactly the type of evening Christopher Pike enjoyed. He preferred a good, well worn bar, with a liberal bartender and music that one could get enjoyably drunk with. But he had to admit, he was quite pleased with himself. He'd finally gotten his young colleague to agree to an evening out, even if he had to resort to pulling rank.

The captain had overheard Spock's young assistant and her roommate discussing their evening together as he had arrived for a meeting with the Vulcan and his course was set.

"Nyota, you HAVE to come out with us. You can just wait on those translations until tomorrow." The lovely green-skinned Orion pleaded.

"Gaila, really. I'd much prefer to just…" The young xenolinguistic major was interrupted by her friend.

"No! As your friend and roommate I will not let you waste one more Friday night mooning over your Vulcan professor. We are young and single and we are going out and mingle and that is that!"

Pike heard Cadet Uhura laugh at her insistent roommate. "Fine, but you can only blame yourself for the inner-bitch that's bound to escape while I work on that Andorian text into the early hours of the morning."

"Yea!" She clapped her hands. "I don't care. I'll even help you if I can." She gave Uhura a hug and kiss before leaving the office through the back door.

That's when the plan formed in his mind. Cadet Uhura had set her sights on Spock. And the way the girl's determination and fortitude had gotten her on every dean's list for the past two years, he was sure she'd eventually get Spock as well. But Pike decided to lend a helping hand.

And he was also quite sure Spock would be more than accommodating once he saw the logic in it.

The club was already in full swing by the time the two men arrived. Several of their fellow officers were there and offered them a seat at their table.

"Thank you much, gentlemen, but I think Spock and I will head over to the bar first and then possibly pursue the crowd. This is Spock's first time here and there's so much for him to see.' Chris laughed.

The other officers shook their heads in amusement and confusion. Although Commander Spock was well respected, he was also an oddity to most of his contemporaries. He was driven and brilliant, but he never truly fit in. The Captain getting him to come out and play could be a good thing, most at the table agreed.

"So, you think Pike'll get him drunk and laid?" One junior officer asked.

"The way the ladies are checking him out, getting' screwed, probably not such an issue. But I definitely think he'd need to get drunk first." Another chuckled.

"Hey, I'm just glad the guy finally agreed to get out. He's half human after all; he needs to let loose a little." The last officer waved a server over. "Double Patron shots for those two at the bar. Put it on my tab."

"Yes sir." She smiled at the young officer before moving away.

"What's your poison, Spock?" Pike asked as he ordered a Bud classic.

"I do not consume alcohol, so a mineral water will suffice." Spock nodded.

"Oh, my boy, tonight is a night of firsts. So, let's see…" Chris looked over the drink list as two shots were placed before them.

"The gentleman at the table," the server pointed to the Star Fleet entourage, "he sent them over."

Pike smiled and lifted one to his officers. "Spock, it's rude to refuse."

"Yes, sir." The Vulcan imitated his Captain and downed the drink, enjoying the slight as it made its way down his throat.

Spock placed the now empty glass down on the bar and turned to observe the crowd when his eye was caught by the flash of a red dress and the length of long legs ending in a pair of high heel sandals. They were the most ridiculous shoes he'd ever seen on any number of planets, obviously meant as an exercise in torture, he was convinced. But the way they appeared on the end of those magnificent legs, Spock was unfamiliar with the emotions elicited in his system at the sight of them. The body ensconced in said dress and shoes was very familiar to him and he found his breath caught in his chest.

Actually, it was her shoes that had caused the problem…