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Nyota came up behind her husband and wrapped her arms around his waist, burying her face into his back, breathing in his scent.

"How are you, husband?" She asked softly.

"I am well, wife." He turned and took her into his arms. "And you? Are you well?"

"Indeed." She giggled. "I'm just glad I wasn't on Vulcan when the journals came out with Leonard's paper about us."

"I also am pleased we are far from New Vulcan." He laid his forehead against hers.

"So, what's the story? Have you spoken to your father? Is the high council in apoplectic shock?" She asked in a conspiratorial tone.

"I think not, at least it was not related to me by either Sarek or Spock. However, I have received communiqués from some young Vulcan males requesting an analysis of our relationship and the feasibility of pursuing a possible bond with Terran females." He led her to sit on the couch.

"Analysis of our relationship? Do you mean our sexual relationship?" Nyota asked with a raised brow in a very Spock-like manner.

"Indeed. You recall Sonak and Solkar; you met them at the symposium on Vulcan?" He pulled her close as he allowed his fingers to run along her spine, causing Nyota to shiver.

"Umm, yes, I remember them." She burrowed deeper into his embrace.

"It seems they were visiting Star Fleet Academy at the time of the destruction and were spared. They have been on New Vulcan aiding in the rebuilding but a few months ago they decided to enroll at Star Fleet, taking several classes with the hopes of aiding in the rebuilding the Vulcan Science Academy. They felt it imperative to learn varied teaching processes and Star Fleet welcomed them." He explained.

"Really? Oh, I'm so glad they survived." She smiled.

"It would also appear that since the paper was published, they have been approached by several females interested in Vulcan sexuality." Nyota pull back to look at Spock's face before she burst out laughing.

"Oh, it's so sad Gaila isn't here, she would've loved this."

"I fail to find the humor in this, Nyota." Spock softly chided her.

"Oh, baby, don't you?" She shook her head.

He leaned his forehead against her. "Perhaps."

"So, how are they reacting to their popularity?" Nyota asked with a straight face.

"This is why they contacted me regarding the feasibility of pursuing a relationship with a Terran woman." He clarified.

"So, did you go into details about us?"

"Well, I felt it was my duty to explain the history of our relationship and how it pertained to the change you experienced. I hope you do not mind." He pulled her back against his chest.

"No, as long as you didn't go into the specifics of my…predilections." He could feel her grinning.

"No, of course not. But I did inform them of your pregnancy." Spock laid his hands on her still flat stomach.

She laid her hands over his. "And what was their reaction?"

"Difficult to determine, but I got the impression that it was a positive one. They are, after all, full blooded Vulcan. But they did extend congratulations. They were hopeful at the ease of our conception. Especially after the difficulty of my own. They also informed me that they would attempt to find a female, and I quote, 'with Lt Uhura's exemplary countenance'." Spock almost chuckled.

"Find them to what end?" She asked, her lips pursed in slight disgust.

"To woe and wed." Spock supplied. "It seems Solkar has been reading Terran literature, particularly Shakespeare. Nyota, you know that as a race we take bonding very seriously. They can no longer rely on bond that was formed in their childhood. Now, they must choose a mate of their own free will. And they also know that a Terran bride will more than likely consider a marriage with an off-worlder only for love. They both know this and will not enter lightly into a relationship with the end result being to procreate."

"It just all seems so clinical. When we first came together you told me you couldn't give me promises or poetry. But, Spock, that's what my life with you has been filled with. Promises, poetry and love. I would only wish this for Sonak and Solkar and whoever they might bond with." She sighed as she held his hand more firmly against her stomach.

"K'diwa, do not concern yourself. This is an option that has been opened. Whether it is acted upon is up to the individuals. Both Vulcan and Terran. Only time will tell us of the end result." He whispered into her ear, causing a shaft of heat to course through her body.

"Okay." She smiled up at him. Spock rubbed his hand in circles on her stomach, still marveling at the idea that she was carrying his child.

"Nyota?" Spock pulled her up to sit on his lap.

"Yes, baby?" She adjusted herself to straddle him as she nuzzled his neck.

"Are you…happy with our life?" Nyota blinked in surprise and pulled back to look into her husband's face.

"Spock? Do you really need to ask? Can't you feel it everyday?" She asked softly.

He took a deep breath. "This child wasn't planned. I…your career is very important…" Nyota cut him off before he could finish.

"My career is just that, a career. But you, my sweet adun, you are my life. And now this little one is part of our life. We can make it all work. As long as we have each other, I'm happy." She kissed him long and deep.

"Thank you, my wife, you please me greatly. And I am…happy as well." Spock actually smiled at his mate. "It would appear our end result is merely another beginning."

"Oh, baby." Nyota chuckled. "See, you really are poetic."

"Only for you, my Nyota, only for you."