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Story insipired by the stong : Indestructable by Disturbed

Requested by : Dune7

Baki Hanma watches as Ali senior has Ali Jr. taken from the ring, Yujiro Hanma smiles at Baki's willingness to end life. Baki turns to his father, the King and makes a fateful decision.

MitsunariTokugawa, the tournament runner and owner of the underground arena watches as Baki Hanma, the strongest and youngest fighter his arena had ever seen, challenges his beast of a father, Yujiro Hanma. "I challenge you, Father. It will be my last fight in in the underground arena."

Yujiro's face was emotionless, then it showed a hint of a smile, then a grin. Yujiro's lips then curved into a sinister grin followed by outrageous laughter. "Bwahahahahaha!!!" Yujiro's smile amuses Baki, but he hides the hatred in his heart through the sly grin. "Baki...my son, Wild fang...you have become my equal...almost."

Yujiro turns away from his son, leaving Baki with a look of confusion. "Wait! What do you mean? I have beaten the Dark Arrow in brute strength, I have gained your notion for killing...what more do i need to gain to fight you on a even battleground!!?"

The Ogre stops and turns his head, slightly looking at Baki, "Review. Go back and fight everyone you have...and everyone you didn't...If you truly are ment to fight me...you will find the last of the puzzle...I'll give you one more year."

Baki watches as his father walks out of the arena and out of his life for a year...

"Baki Hanma..."

Baki turned around and saw a figure exit the shadows, it was the form of the only man he had ever seen stand toe to toe with his father and lived.

"Kaku Kaioh..."

Baki suddenly began to laugh, and it startled everyone, even Kaku, it sounded a lot like his fathers. "So Kaku, what is it that you are doing here?" Baki smiled and walked over to the small frail looking man sitting in his wheel chair.

Kaku smiled and removed his sunglasses showing off his aged face. "Baki...I take it that you are looking to become the new king?" Baki nods, this brings a smile to Kaku's face. "Well...I guess that you will be the one, if any to defeat your own flesh and blood...as it all should be. Oh! I have a gift for you Baki."

The son of the Ogre looks at Kaku and waits until Baki is about to speak Kaku finaly lets his words out, looking at Doppo Orochi. "I have been helping your son, Doppo, in the fusion of the five hundred years of Karate and the four thousand years of Chinese martial arts."

"You mean I have been helping him in the fusion, Kaku."

Another Familiar face emerges from the shadows, Retsu Kaioh. The Kempo Karate master walks out next to the old man. Kaku chuckles, "Yes i guess you are the one helping him to fuse the knowledge...but i am the one training his body to understand the pure art of my Xiao-lee style...."

Baki looks back and forth from Retsu and Kaku. He listens and then smiles and places his hands into the pockets of some pants he had just gotten on. "So Katsumi is getting top quality training now, huh?" Retsu Kaioh looks at Baki with a smile.

"Yes, Katsumi will be a great challenge...to you."

Baki's eye brows went up slighty, "What do you mean, for me?" Baki took his hands out of his pockets and crossed his arms, as if to expect some kind of joke or prank.

"Katsumi is training to defeat you...then Yujiro."

Baki closes his eyes ans smiles, he slowly begins to walk away. "Ironic...to fight my father, my last fight in the underground arena...I have to fight everyone I already have, and haven't yet...I must achive the one thing he has, to become his true equal..."

Baki looked around, seeing the empty hallway leading to the back area where the fighters wait and the way to the arena. "This fight will be war..." Baki threw his right hand out so quickly that the air around his fist nearly turned to fire...


I know the first chapter is short as hell, but its more like a intro, a proluge if you will...plus I'm working on the rest with difficulty. =P