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Yujiro Hanma, felt Baki's body fall to the floor. The thud sound that it made was familiar to the sadistic father of Baki. Yujiro knew this was the closest Baki ever was to death, more then Yujiro had placed him. "Stupid fool..." The beast of the man, Yujiro walked with a slow stride, the small taps of his feet guided Bison's vision towards his next opponent.

Yujiro stood firm, as did Bison, both stared at each other, a figurative black cloud and heat warped in between the two. Ryu and Ken leaped in and pulled Baki out of the area, keeping him from gaining further harm. Bison had started to glow with a strange purple energy and bared his teeth, slightly bucking his knees to a crouch and placed his arms out, fists clenched. "Show me what you can do, You got me when I let m guard down...I am fully prepared..."

Yujiro smiled and raised his hands above his head, his serious stance. Bison floated on air quickly and landed a low kick to Yujiro's leg. The blow kicked the leg out and Yujiro took at knee. Bison flowed with a rising knee, but Yujiro hooked his arms around the leg of Bison and shoved it back towards the floor, Bison's foot went into the floor.

Ryu noticed Bison's foot was stuck in the floor and was overly impressed with Yujiro's skill and power. The King sweeps his foot out against Bison's leg and broke Shadowlaw's leader's ankle bone. This was the first time Ryu heard Bison's voice get high pitch and in pain. "BWAAAAGH!!" Yujiro shook his head and rolled back, then got back up, "Pathetic..."

Bison pulled his foot out of the ground and hopped lightly. Ryu and Ken Masters were dumbfounded. "How could Bison be this mismatched?"

Yujiro's smile and slow walked towards his opponent stopped immediately as Bison began a small and slow laugh that began to grow. This brought back Yujiro's scornful look and his hands at his side. "You must be quite a fool....a dislocated ankle is not something to be a comedian about..." Bison's strange eyes shifted to Yujiro and he placed his foot on the ground and floated up in the air. "You can't win Ogre."

Bison shifted around quickly in a mirage styled way. Yujiro's eyes darted around but Bison appeared behind Yujiro and dashed across the floor, his right foot at lead, in a flying kick style and sent Yujiro into the air. Yujiro flipped around, his face contoured with rage and killing in his mind. Yujiro landed as Bison floated across the room and chuckled as he gathered his energy for his best attack against Yujiro.

Ryu and Ken knew what Bison was going to do. "We gotta stop him!" Ryu placed his hands at his side and twisted his body a bit, "Hoooo....." electricity lightly crackled around his body. Yujiro got to his feet as he landed and ripped his own shirt off. "Bison you are a impeccable fool, far more greater then insolent humans...alow me to reveal my greatest gift..." Yujiro turned his back to Bison and lisfted his arms, the face of a demon appearing on Hanma's back.

This visual image stopped Ryu's move and made him freeze with fear. "This...is something like...Akuma..."

Baki's eyes fluttered, the side of his head was resting on Chun Li's breasts. Baki's eyes went wide when he turned towards them and his face went into them and he pulled away. "Oh crap...Doppo, do NOT say a word toKozue!"

Doppo shook his head and made a lock and key motion with his mouth and pointed at Yujiro. Baki looked towards his father and hated himself for the way he fought. "Damn it..."

Bison fley at Bison, yelling "PSHYCO CRUSHER!!!"

Yujiro closed his eyes and raised his arms up high, the demon face on his back seemed as if it were crying. Yujiro stepped back and twisted his body and then thrusted his fist towards Bison, as the two collided.

Yujiro's fist impacted Bison's face and threw the man flying, straight into the wall, blood poured out of Bison's face. "You never fight directly when you know you will lose!!"

Yujiro turned to the now conscious Baki. "You!" The Father leaped towards Baki and grabbed him by the throat and lifted him into the air, "You challenge me to battle and nearly a month into your training you nearly lose!!!!!?"

Choking on his lack of air, Baki struggled to pry himself from the death clutch of his deranged father. Ryu had enough, "Hey! he's just a kid!" The martial art's master jumped towards the monster and threw a strong high kick. Yujiro dropped Baki and lifted his arm up and blocked the blow with little effort. "Wha-?" Ryu then leaped back up after landing and tryed his whirl-wind spinning heel kick, but the blows were dodged by Yujiro.

"You people...your not worth the effort to battle."

With that said Yujiro looked back at his son and then shook his head and walked away. "Baki...you are getting stronger...I felt your grasp this time..."