Title: This is Home
I do not own the Chronicles of Narnia and make no profit from this.
The answer to challenge 32: Earth. The connection is a little vague, but I think people will get it. This is also a quadruple drabble – each part is 100 words. Also, despite the title, this has little to nothing to do with the song "This is Home".

Edmund's feet crunched in the snow, sinking until they hit the frozen earth of a hundred-year winter. Mind filled with reckless resentment, he made his way towards the palace that rose between two hills, with its spires of icicles and garden of stone and frost. He remembered delicious treats, the promise of power and revenge. Imposing gates opened for him, frozen images greeted him. His desire for the power he saw was overwhelming; walking up frozen steps to his destiny, desire won over fear as Edmund thought: This is home.

And so it was, until that home became his prison.


Peter had never felt so relieved as when he first laid eyes on Narnia after campaigning against the northern Giants. The harsh permafrost of Ettinsmoor slowly turned into sunken marshlands before opening into the green hills of Narnia. As the army journeyed down the dirt path past merry farms, he ran his hands gently over the golden wheat-fields, breathing in the scent of black, loamy soil. Crossing at Beruna, they soon reached the shores of Cair Paravel, and Peter thought contentedly: This is home.

And so it was, until a White Stag led him to a wardrobe and another world.


Susan boldly strode across the paved streets of London, balanced precariously on high-heels. Her red lips parted in a smile; this was her element, the bustling city with its lights and sounds and entertainment. The ruins of war were slowly being removed, rubble turning into high-rise flats. Even the smog barely bothered her, content as she was with being a free, independent woman with nothing to hold her back from enjoying life. Susan laughed as the party began, as music played, thinking: This is home.

And so it was, until a train crashed and her hollow flat lost its charm.


Lucy was sitting beneath a tree of silver apples when laughter reached her ears. Smiling, she jumped to her feet, dashing through soft grass to where a newly-arrived Susan was happily splashing Edmund with the crystal clear water of the River-Without-End. Peter and Tirian snickered at them from their perches in a great oak tree, not noticing that Corin was enlisting Gale in a cunning plan that was sure to end with a thorough soaking for all. Lucy felt the joy of her family and the presence of the Lion around them and thought: This is home.

And so it was.