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Dare to Dream Part II: Picking up the Pieces

Prologue: Coming Home

Commodore Saks had been on the run for many years now. The destruction of the Empire had left him with only a few options. He could have surrendered which meant facing a trial and imprisonment, or he could be a fugitive.

Why did the rebels have to be so touchy when it came to civilians? The planet he had occupied had been filled with disgruntled citizens. How else to keep them from rioting then forcing them to obey with an iron hand?

So now he was an outlaw just trying to survive. Sometimes he cheated, a bunch of times he stole and twice he had murdered. Life sure hadn't come out the way he'd planned with no more commendations coming from CO's or from the Emperor himself.

Saks was hiding out in the alley behind a dilapidated home. Gang members addicted to drugs hung out inside. Sure it had a roof over his head but he had been an Imperial Commodore. No man of that caliber deigned to live among squalor like that.

He had managed to make a fire in an old metal crate. The soft crackling of the orange and yellow flames helped to soothe his chapped hands. Galiox was cold in the winter months as the planet circled too far away from the sun to get enough warm rays. Perhaps he would sneak aboard a passing freighter to go to someplace warmer. Tatooine ought to be nice and toasty at this time of year.

Food would be good right now. It was getting close to when families would be settling in for their dinner. Now should he walk in with his blaster out to force them to hand over their meal, or should he simply sneak in after they were done and find what was left of it in their kitchen? Well robbing them at gun point guaranteed a hot dinner which seemed like a good idea at the moment.

Saks left his alley and walked down the suburban streets. There were nice, chipper little house with pretty yards, the perfect place for parents to let their annoying children run out and play. He briefly considered setting fire to the area to burn out the rebel families, but now was not the time. He needed food.

He had his blaster ready and armed when a female voice called out, "Why hello there, Commodore Saks."

He turned around and saw the woman behind him, a familiar looking woman but he couldn't place her. She was pretty with brown hair pulled back from her face. He couldn't see what color her eyes were but they were shaped nicely on her comely face. She had a good figure, but he didn't get a good look at that on account that she had her blaster fixed on him.

"So what were you thinking about doing?" she inquired, "Were you thinking about robbing this family off all there money and food? Well your pilfering days are over. But don't worry; we've got a nice cell picked out for you with three cold, greasy meals a day."

Saks laughed at the woman. "You think you can intimidate me? You're one pathetic woman. I can easily handle you."

"You think so?" she questioned, "Don't you recognize me, Saks? Let me refresh your memory, that crook in your nose was a nice punch by me if I do say so myself."

Saks saw red as the memory of the day his handsome face was ruined. "Jan Ors!" he growled out her name.

Ors flashed him a brilliant smile. "In the flesh."

"You crazy bitch! I swore I would kill you one day."

"Looks like you won't be getting the chance," she replied.

"You may have a blaster on me, but that won't stop me," Saks said, "You're all alone."

"Who said I was alone?"

Someone tapped his shoulder from behind and Saks turned around to find the largest man he had ever seen. The giant had long black hair and a wooly beard. A hideous scar ran perpendicular across his face. However, this all came from one glimpse because the next thing Saks saw was an enormous fist slamming into his face. Then all he saw was black.


Jan loved being in the pilot seat of her ship, of any ship actually. It wasn't so much the sense of power but simply the love of being in space. She liked the look of the white stars against the inky black. The feel of the ship in light-speed, the deep push of it against the endless area with no gravity, was amazing.

Angel broke the peace that had been filling the cockpit but it wasn't an unwelcome disturbance. "How's our prisoner?" she asked.

"Still out cold. Do you reckon I hit him too hard?"

Jan smiled. "Saks deserved a harder blow than what you gave him."

"I s'pose seeing as how he was gonna torture you on his ship if you hadn't escaped."

"That was a tough one to get out of," she admitted.

"Was that before or after you met—?"

"We should be in Coruscant within the hour," Jan cut him off before Angel could finish.

"That was fast, are you in a hurry?"

Jan smiled back at him. "I'm always in a hurry now with someone at home waiting for me."

"Guess that's a mighty fine reason if I ever heard one," Angel replied, matching her smile.

"I'm inclined to agree."

True to her word, the Raven's Claw arrived in Coruscant in less than hour. It was night but the giant city was still wide awake. Lights were on in every building and speeders buzzed over the streets in a great hurry. Everyone had somewhere to go, even Jan who was itching to get there.

Once she landed the ship she hopped out of her chair. "I reckon you're ready to get home now that we're here," Angel said when he noted her anxious manner.

"I'll help you take Saks to the prison level first."

"Nah, you don't have to go and do that," Angel said, "He's still sleepin' so I'll have to carry him. You go on ahead."

Jan walked up and kissed Angel's cheek. "Thanks Angel, now if you don't mind, I've got a man at home waiting to be kissed."

"See you tomorrow for the report to Mon Mothma."

Jan waved goodbye to her dear friend before leaving the ship. She hurried through the hangar bay without stopping to chat with any acquaintances. She had the determined look in her eyes, the same look she had while on missions, but a smile was on her face.

She had changed apartments in the past year and a half, needing the extra room with a special person now in her life. Oh how she hated to be apart from him!

Jan used her key-card to unlock her apartment. A nice looking older woman was inside watching the tele-net, "Oh Miss Ors, you're home."

"Mindy," Jan said her name with a sigh, "How many times have I asked you to call me Jan?"

"I'm afraid I've lost count." Mindy smiled and scooped up her bag she had left packed on the floor. "He's sleeping now. Do tell me when you'll need me again."

"Of course," Jan replied, "Thank you for taking care of him while I was gone."

"It's always a pleasure," Mindy replied before leaving the apartment.

Jan dropped her bag in the living room, too anxious to bring it to her bedroom which was right next door to her destination. Inside the spare room the walls were painted a pale blue but now the seemed even brighter with the lights from the street trickling through the curtains. No music was playing so Jan assumed that Mindy hadn't had any trouble tonight.

She crept inside and stopped to curl her fingers around the top rung and looked down at the angel inside.

He was a perfect, the most beautiful thing in this galaxy. He had soft, fine brown hair that almost covered his head. He wore a blue pajama suit with spaceships on it, an outfit Jan had chosen for him. He had kicked off the covers and was sucking his thumb in his sleep.

Jan leaned down and kissed the top of his head. "Sleep well Morgan, my beautiful baby boy."

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