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Chapter 6: Sith Lords Can't Keep Secrets

"Wake up Katarn! Wake up!"

The first sense Kyle regained was his hearing, Jan screaming at him was probably the reason for this. "Come on you stupid son of a Bantha wake up!"

His eyes snapped open but the harsh light automatically made him close them again, also the combination of Jan's screaming and the light sent sharp pains through his head. He groaned, "I'm awake Jan, stop shouting."

He opened his eyes again this time he was able to keep them open and saw that Jan was kneeling over him, that was when he realized that he was lying on the floor and that they were in a room he didn't recognize at all, probably a small storage room, the perfect place for a makeshift brig.

"Are you alright?" Jan asked concern evident in her voice, "You were out for a while."

"Feels like a dozen stormtroopers are stomping around in my head," he told her groaning a little from the pain.

Jan felt along his head and he hissed when she hit the spot on the back of his scalp, "You have a lump the size of a Flarion egg here," she told him.

"Lucky me," he replied sarcastically, he slowly sat up and looked around, "Have you seen anyone yet?"

Jan shook her head, "I'm sure they have guards posted outside the door but nobody's come in to speak with us yet."

Kyle sighed and his eyes flicked up to Jan's, "I knew this was a bad idea, we should have waited for more confirmation before rushing to the hanger bay."

"How was I supposed to know that it wasn't Angel?"

"The fact that he wouldn't meet with us was a clue!"

She glared at him, "There was a plausible explanation."

He wasn't taking that excuse, "Yeah, and if you hadn't been so impatient you would have realized that the explanation was that it was a trap!"

"Like you haven't screwed up once in your life," Jan scoffed, "Remember Talume? You walked right into that trap the Imperials laid for you, I told you to wait but no you had to go chase that damn bounty hunter, who had to save your ass then?"

"Well who's going to save our asses now Jan?!" Kyle asked not really expecting an answer. He almost cracked a smile, this was just typical of them, arguing over who was to blame, it was déjà vu all over again really.

"Well why don't you shut up for a minute so we can figure a way out of this so no one has to!"

The sound of approaching footsteps interrupted their thoughts, "Look's like we need to put the escape plans on hold," Kyle told her, "we have company."

It didn't take long for the door to open, four Imperial guards stepped through the door followed by a young man, in his mid to late twenties, in a commander's uniform. The resemblance between this young man and General Rom Mohc was striking; it was obvious that this was his son.

"Commander Castin Mohc I presume," Jan sneered, "I thought you'd be taller."

He glared at her in return, "You must be Jan Ors," his eyes now turned to Kyle and he couldn't hide the glee he was feeling, "And you must be Kyle Katarn, the two people responsible for my father's murder and my humiliation, I can't tell you how much I've waited for this day."

"No but you're going to anyways," Kyle mumbled just as sarcastic as Jan.

"My father was the greatest general the Empire ever knew," Castin said through gritted teeth, "the Dark Trooper Project was his dream, and you destroyed it, you killed him! After that I was considered weak, the Emperor himself personally rebuked me!" now he smiled maliciously, "I see now that it was my blessing, you see I survived when he did not and now, now it is my turn. Now I will have the power to destroy the Republic and I will be the ruler, now I will surpass my father."

"With what?" Kyle asked scoffing at the younger man, "you have a few ships and men but nothing to compare to the Republic, you'll be crushed within a day and you'll be nothing more than a paragraph in a primary school's history book."

Jan silently applauded Kyle's wit; she'd always admired his way of bringing the enemy down with his words.

Mohc glared at Kyle, "I will have the power, a weapon more dangerous than you could ever dream, it will bring the Republic to it's knees and the galaxy will be under Imperial control once again," now he smiled cruelly at the Jedi, "and you will help me."

"Over my dead body."

"That can be arranged," Mohc replied, "in fact I will personally make sure of it," he promised, "but first we need you alive, that's the only way we will get the information we need."

Now Jan was confused, "What information?"

Mohc laughed, "You needn't worry Miss Ors, your partner isn't hiding anything from you." He smiled once more, "in fact he doesn't even know that he carries it."

Both Jan and Kyle were confused, information that he didn't even know he had? Either Mohc had a few screws loose of they knew something he didn't. "What are you talking about?" Kyle finally asked exasperated.

Mohc laughed, "Have you ever heard of the Abscissor?" Both operatives turned to each other with blank glances and Castin laughed again, "I'm not surprised, almost all records of this weapon were erased, you see it was created almost two thousand years ago by Sith scientists in order to purge planets loyal to the Jedi.

"However the Jedi found and captured this weapon before it could be used against them, after careful study they deemed the weapon to be too dangerous and ordered it to be destroyed. One Jedi Knight was instructed with this task, a Jedi by the name of Alic Ka'tan

"Over the years the Ka'tan line has continued, but time and migration has changed the name to Katarn," He smiled once more, "your ancestor."

Kyle nodded, "Thanks for the genealogy lesson, but you said it yourself this Abscissor was destroyed."

"Was it?" Mohc asked, "I'm working with a man—,"

"Let me guess," Jan interrupted, "Jerec's only living apprentice, Ganis."

"I'm impressed," Castin remarked, "As you are aware, Jerec was interested in many ancient Jedi artifacts, including the Valley of the Jedi, but Ganis is more interested in weapons that can be used in the war. He has found information that Alic Ka'tan did not destroy the Abscissor as once believed, he was afraid that the Jedi might need it some day, so he hid it from the Council in the far reaches of space."

"That's great," Kyle replied, "but I don't know where it is and even if I did, I wouldn't tell you."

"But you do know Katarn," Mohc replied, "and as for sharing the information, you won't have any choice. Ganis has many ways of extracting the truth." He smiled cruelly once again, "You see the knowledge of the Abscissor's location was only known to Ka'tan, but that information has been passed on from generation to generation all the way to his descendent…you."

Jan gasped, "You're talking about genetic memory."


Kyle shook his head, "You're wrong, you won't find anything from me."

Mohc just smiled, "As I said you won't have a choice, Ganis has methods to find the information he seeks, very painful methods," His smile broadened, "I cannot wait to observe."

"I got there too late," Angel told Mon Mothma via hologram from the cockpit of the Raven's Claw, "The dock master was willin' to talk, but when I got to the hangar, the darn ship had already blasted away."

"You did all you could, Angel," Mon Mothma assured him.

"That's not all we're doin'. The kid here is in some kinda trance, tryin' to find Rogue—I mean Kyle—in the Force. Frankly, I don't understand it, but in short we're tryin' to track 'em."

"What is your plan when you find them?"

"I honestly don't know, ma'am. We're kinda makin' it up as we go."

Mon Mothma shook her head and smiled. They both knew that it was a serious risk, but sometimes the greatest victories were achieved by spur of the moment thinking.

"Good luck to you both then. Contact me immediately if you have any updates."

"Will do, ma'am," Angel promised and then shut off the hologram.

Jan and Kyle were unloaded from the Imperial freighter and brought to base, where they were stationed was anyone's guess. They were assuming they were beyond the Outer Rim where space was less civilized.

Once they were inside, they were escorted to a room where they were seated back to back in two chairs. Binders locked around their arms and waists kept them from escaping, but did nothing to keep them from talking to each other.

"Any ideas yet?" Jan asked.

"Why are you delegating this responsibility to me?"

"You're a Jedi; don't you have some sort of sense on how to get out of trouble?"

"Yeah, Force Problem Solver," Kyle said while rolling his eyes, "Sorry, I never got that part of training."

"You know you used to be funny," Jan replied in just as sarcastic a tone, "but I guess becoming a Jedi changed all of that."

"You used to be witty. I don't know what changed that."

Jan was tempted to make a comeback but decided their bickering wasn't going to get them anywhere. "So this Abscissor thing, you've never heard of it?"


"And apparently it's in your memory bank somewhere."

"I guess, but it's not like I can tap in there at will," Kyle replied, "Like the problem solving thing, I haven't found a Force Memory Search either."

"You know, Kyle, you're whole family tree is just crazy," Jan said, "You've got some ancient ancestor who hid a secret Sith weapon and your father found the Valley of the Jedi. What's next? Your grandfather found the Jedi Treasure Chamber?"

"Why are you so upset? The guy doesn't want to dig a hole into your brain."

"I get dragged into it," she hissed back at him. "Tomorrow when it turns out that your mother was some princess who hid some ancient Sith book, I'll be the one flying the getaway ship!"

"That's if we get out of here," Kyle said.

"Oh we'll get out of here. I guarantee it because I want to be the one to kill you."

"Something for me to look forward to then."

The hissing sound of the door-lock being released stole their attention away from themselves and to the new arrivals. Two stormtroopers walked in followed by Castin and then a younger man in flowing black robes. He had black hair and pasty white skin. His sky blue eyes smiled at the prisoners but no in away to comfort them. No, he was overjoyed at the prospect of his plan being well on the way to success.

"Jan Ors and Kyle Katarn," he said, "We meet at last."

"You must be Ganis," Kyle stated.

"Indeed. You defeated my master Jerec."

"Isn't this fun." Kyle remarked to Jan, "Two enemies of our pasts have come back to haunt us."

"Rest assured, Katarn, I do not seek revenge," Ganis told him, "I always believed that my master's quest for the Valley of the Jedi was foolish."

"That's because you don't need it. You're a Shadow Walker."

"Quite right."

"No you're after this Abscissor thing," Kyle said.

Ganis's pleased look left his face and he gazed at Castin Mohc with disapproval. "It appears the commander's tongue is loose."

"It wasn't a secret," Castin retaliated.

"No, but it was my desire to tell them. You do not fully understand the power of this weapon or how to retrieve the knowledge of its location."

"I take it none of this will be fun for me," Kyle said.

Ganis let out a little laugh. "I'm afraid not, Katarn. It is likely to kill you."

"Why am I not surprised?"

Ganis reached into his black robe and pulled out Kyle's lightsaber. He twirled it in his fingers as he said, "This belonged to the Jedi Qu Rahn, a friend of your father's, correct? I wasn't there at his death, but Jerec mentioned it to me, as well as the death of your father."

He pushed the button to activate the green saber into life. "This is the blade that killed my master. You have used it well." He deactivated the saber and looked long and hard at Kyle. "A pity that it will do you no good now."

Ganis dropped the lightsaber onto the floor and then stomped on it with his heavy, black boot. There was a massive crunching sound, and when he removed his boot the saber was revealed to have been trampled into shards of metal and crushed green crystal.

Jan couldn't see Kyle's reaction but she had a feeling his face was blank. She knew on the inside he would be in pain. His father had left that lightsaber for him to use in his quest for the Valley of the Jedi. It was one of the few mementos he had left of his father.

"What did you want with me?" Jan finally spoke up to take Kyle's focus away from his destroyed lightsaber."

"You were only a means to an end," the Sith explained, "When I found your shadow on Illeena, I saw that Katarn exposed himself to save you. I patiently waited until the time was right and then placed the death mark on your head. I knew it would bring him out of hiding again."

"And the attack on my ship," she said, "That was so you could separate us from the others."

"You are a very smart girl," Ganis remarked.

"Would you tell him that?" Jan inquired with a hiss.

The Sith Lord laughed again. "Your relationship is quite entertaining. A part of me wonders how you work so well together, but I can see it in your eyes the bond that flows between you. That is why I knew Katarn would seek you out to protect you from me."

"It was still a risky bet," she replied, "What if I had turned him down?"

"Then I would have found another target," Ganis explained, "Your son."

Jan's heart lurched at the thought and then she winced when she realized what had just happened. Her secret was out.

"She has a son?" Kyle asked in bewilderment. He cocked his head to the side to try and see her through his peripheral vision. "You have a son?" he asked again, still puzzled.

And then it clicked.

"You have a son?!" Kyle shouted now. She could feel that his entire body was now tense with fury. He knew. She hadn't said the words yet, but he knew.

Shaking inside from guilt, Jan refused to let them see. Instead she rolled her eyes and said, "Great, now you see what you've done?"

"How interesting," Ganis mused, "You had no idea that you had fathered a child with Jan Ors?"

Jan felt Kyle tense from behind her again. "Who says he's the father?" she replied. She knew it was pointless with Kyle, but perhaps the Sith Lord was only guessing.

Ganis chuckled. "You are an amusing woman. I felt the Force flowing through him when I found his shadow on Coruscant." The Sith Lord was looking at the silently infuriated Kyle when he said, "He is strong, like his father."

He looked back at Jan. "My suspicions were confirmed when I looked into his birth records and saw you had listed Katarn's name."

"Great idea Jan, put your son in danger by being honest," she muttered to herself.

"However, now that I have Katarn, I have no use for your son. My plan worked perfectly,"

"Good for you," Jan said.

Ganis was smiling when he said, "I'm afraid I do not have time to talk any further. I must prepare for the extraction."

Jan could see how pleased he was to leave them with her secret exposed and chafing Kyle raw. Castin was grinning at them when he said. "It won't be long now."

The stormtroopers followed them out, leaving Jan alone with Kyle. When the door closed, she had expected a full out verbal assault; instead she was greeted with silence. She had never been good with silence.

"I'm sorry about your lightsaber," she said to break the quiet. Kyle didn't reply. "Aren't you going to say something?"

Still nothing from her companion.

"Apparently not," she said and then let out a long sigh. She was in big trouble.

"We think we've found 'em ma'am," Angel spoke to Mon Mothma via hologram again, "The Imps brung 'em to Junira."

"Are you sure?"

"The kid says he can feel Kyle's presence…and another one."

"The Sith Lord leading this operation," she stated.

"That's what we're thinkin' ma'am," Angel said with a nod.

"Do you have a plan?"

"We're gonna land in a safe spot and then try and find a way in," he explained. "It ain't a very big base. My theory is that they work from a ship. These bases here are only small operations."

"I can see what you mean," Mon Mothma said, "However, it means their headquarters will be harder to find if it is a ship."

"I reckon so."

She sighed and shook her head. "Find them quickly and all of you get out safe."

"We'll try our hardest," he promised. To guarantee their safety was foolish. When it came to the Sith, you never knew if you could get out alive.

It was taking every ounce of the Jedi in him to keep Kyle calm. He couldn't allow Ganis to feel how volatile his emotions were at the moment, but it was obvious that he was angry. He kept quiet so he could work out a plan to get him and Jan out of here…so he could strangle her.

Be calm, Kyle, be calm, he told himself, now is not the time to dish it out to her. Look forward to that later.

Arrogance was a common Sith trait and Ganis was no exception. His now destroyed lightsaber was left on the floor, no doubt to mock him on his helplessness. Some of the metal was sharp and might be able to fit into the lock to his binders if he could wedge it in place. Once he was free, he could easily release Jan so they could both get out of here. Then he could strangle her.

"You know your silence is just plain petty," Jan said to him. Things had been quiet for several minutes, which was pretty much the longest time she had ever been silent.

His silence was the only thing that was keeping him calm while her talking was what was keeping out of focus with his goal.

"When I misread the distance and crashed us down on Padua and we were stuck there for a week, you at least talked to me in very angry sentences."

Padua! She was comparing this to Padua?! Be calm, be calm, be calm. Kyle reverted his focus to the crumbled lightsaber and reached into that powerful current inside of him. He selected a long, sharp sliver but before he could pick it up, Jan broke in.

"You're driving me crazy, Kyle, just say something."

A part of his control slipped. "Shut up," he hissed.

Jan hesitated and then shrugged. "At least that's a start."

"Shut up, Jan, so I can focus."

"Focus on what?" she asked.

"On getting us the hell out of here," he said through gritted teeth. She immediately complied with his former request and watched as he used the Force to pick up the metal piece. He dragged it towards him with his mind. He couldn't grab it with his hand so he used the Force to jam it into the lock. It took some work, but he finally forced his binder to unlock.

Kyle leapt out of his chair but saw that his makeshift pick was damaged beyond repair. "What are you waiting for, Katarn? Get me out," Jan said.

"Stay here," he ordered her.

"What?" she asked in disbelief as he turned his back to her. "Don't you dare leave me here Kyle!"

He could have assured her that he would come back, but at that moment letting her squirm seemed like a very good idea. Might teach her a lesson of sorts, or at least give him a small degree of satisfaction.

So he ignored her protests and shut the door behind them. Two stormtroopers were guarding both ends of the corridor with their backs to him. They were about to turn around to see what was going on when Kyle tapped into the Force again and grabbed them both. He clapped his hands together, dragging them both until they slammed against each other.

They might have been dead thought more likely they were unconscious, but Kyle didn't care. He scooped up their blasters and opened their prison door again. Jan was glaring daggers at him when he walked back inside. "You're a bastard, you know that Katarn?"

"I've got a name for you to, but we don't have time to fight each other." He held up his blaster and then instructed, "Hold still."

He pulled the trigger and the shot struck the clasp on her binder. Jan flung it off of her and stood up. "Good to know that your aim hasn't gotten rusty since you became a Jedi."

She was trying to make up; or at least smooth the waters a little. Kyle didn't want glassy water, he wanted torrential storms. He ignored her comment and tossed her the second blaster. "Let's go."


It had been Cole's idea for how they got inside the base. He had remembered Luke's stories and salvaged the idea of them taking out two stormtroopers guarding the base and donning their armor. His fit fine, Angel was struggling to walk.

"We're going to have to stop so you can get out of that thing," Cole said through the helmet comm, "You look like an idiot."

"I feel like an idiot," Angel replied in his gruff voice, "Your fountain of good ideas needs a little tunin'."

Cole chuckled and then nodded his helmet towards an open door. "That room looks clear, let's change in there."

"Thank you."

They locked the door behind them and stripped out of their white armor. "Jeez, why would anyone be a stormtrooper? It's boiling in there," Cole said as he wiped heavy sweat away from his eyes.

"Takes trainin' I guess," Angel replied. He pried one of the small white boots off of his feet, "You'll have to ask Rogue. He used to be one."

"No wonder he defected from the Empire."

Now free of the cumbersome armor, both men had their weapons ready as the left the supply room. "So how are we going to find them?" Cole asked, "Are we going to hack into the network like Jan does?"

"Only if you can do it."

"I can barely work a computer."

"I figured," Angel replied, "Then I reckon our best bet is interrogatin' one of the Imps."

"By interrogating you mean…" Cole didn't finish because Angel nodded.

"We ain't gonna do much besides scare 'em," Angel assured him, "I don't s'pose you can use your Jedi tricks to do that."

"I'm in enough trouble with Luke as it is."

"Alrighty then, I can do it."

They carefully traipsed down the hallway, keeping a careful eye out for any Imperials. They didn't find any of those right away, but it was apparent that their presence was detected when two attack droids hovered towards them with their blasters firing.

Angel fired back at one with a shot of one of his 'twin's. The bolt struck the droid and sent an electric wave across its mechanical body. The droid let out a whine and then collapsed into a scrap of metal.

Cole was busy deflecting the bolts of the other. He reached into the Force and sent a current of mild electricity to destroy the droid in front of him. "Too easy," he stated.

"You said it, kid."

"Do you have any idea where we are?" Cole asked.

"I don't see any control areas so I'm guessin' we're in the personnel section."

Cole smiled. "Excellent, we'll trap one of the Imps in their own room and then make them tell us where Jan and Kyle are."


"Do you have any idea where we are going?" Jan asked Kyle as they rushed through the hallways.

"I have a genetic memory not the schematics of the base in my head," he replied.

"Well you act like you have an idea."

"I'm doing what I always do: running on blind luck."

"That didn't always work out for us in the past," Jan reminded him.

Kyle stopped to look her in the eye. "Do you want to take over?"

"Frankly yes. I'll find a computer and download the schematics, maybe we can even send out a transmission to Mon Mothma."

"Why didn't you suggest that before?"

"You've been ignoring me ever since we got free so I figured you wouldn't listen."

Kyle sucked in a breath through his teeth. He wasn't sure if she knew that he had locked away his emotions in a tiny box and the more impudent she acted the more his emotions strained to break free. However, she probably knew. She was probably trying to get his reaction seeing as how she hated it when she couldn't read his mind.

"Let's find you a computer then," Kyle grumbled. It was time to tighten his grip on his emotions and revert back to when they were still partners. They were legends in their field because they worked so well together. Everything else needed to be put aside. For this brief amount of time they were Jan and Kyle again. It actually felt a little good.

That didn't mean he had to be nice to her.

Someone fired a shot at them from behind. They both quickly whirled around and fired back at the two stormtroopers who had found them. It did feel a little strange firing a blaster after having to rely on a lightsaber for over two years, but Kyle's shooting didn't betray this. Together, they managed to take down the Imps with just three shots.

"Let's keep moving," Kyle urged Jan. He clamped on hand around her arm to keep her next to him as they ran. She normally would have protested but she must have decided that there wasn't time.

"There might be a security room up ahead," Jan said and pointed to a familiar insignia carved above one of the doors.

A red dart zipped past Jan's head. Kyle pulled her out of the way as another shot nearly hit her. He shoved her forward, "Go, I'll hold them off."

She fired a few blind shots behind her as she took off to the security room. Kyle followed but walked backwards, facing the four troopers head on. It was risky what he was doing. When he was still an operative, he had infiltrated bases but always with armor and a shield to protect him self. He had neither now.

Kyle kept his aim exact while he used up a few precious seconds firing at the troops. Four quick bursts, each one striking the joint between the helmet and the neck, sent all of the Imps sprawling on the ground. He didn't wait to see if more were coming, instead he ran into the security room.

Jan was already hard at work on the computer typing in codes that Kyle had never been able to understand. "Anything?" he asked. He stayed near the door in case they were attacked.

"I'm just breaking into the cipher now," she told him.

The computer beeped and the screen said that she had been granted access. Almost immediately, a message appeared marked 'urgent'. "What's that?"

"The base has been put on high alert."

"No surprise there," Kyle said.

Jan shook her head. "It concerns a break in from the personnel wing."

"A break in?" he repeated with a confused look. His features relaxed when a conclusion occurred to him. He could see Jan had come up with the same thought and they said at the same time, "Angel and Cole."

"They must have followed us somehow," Jan nodded.

"Does it say where they are?" Kyle asked.

She shook her head again. "It's just a warning."

"Get the schematics and we'll head for the personnel wing. With luck we might find them on our way there."

"That'll take a lot of luck," Jan replied while her fingers went to work on the keyboard.

"We haven't run out so far, so I'd say there's hope."


Castin watched as one of his officers's feet dangled inches above the ground and heard his gasps as he struggled for breath. Ganis had used the Force to choke the officer in retaliation of the bad news he had brought forward.

"You mean to tell me that Katarn has escaped?" Ganis hissed.

"Y-y-yes," the officer choked out, "W-we don't th-think that he-he's left the—base."

Ganis let out a growl and released the officer. The man gasped in great gulps of air and rubbed his bruised throat.

"Mohc," the Sith Lord called out, "Order your men to find them. The woman isn't important but I need Katarn alive."

"We have also received word that two others have infiltrated the base," Castin told him.

"They must be Ors's companions. Kill the giant, but leave the Jedi." The Sith Lord grinned to himself as he said, "I think I should speak to him myself."


Angel and Cole never made it to any of the personnel's quarters because they didn't have to. Instead they had managed to stumble into a maintenance bay with two troopers guarding the door and one man inside fixing a speeder. They took out the two stormtroopers and selected the third man for questioning.

Cole was sitting in the pilot's seat, revving up the engine while Angel had the man's head positioned just in front of the engine. "We're runnin' out of patience," he warned the man, "My friend's gonna pull the turbo trigger soon and then your head's gonna be fried."

For added effect, Cole pushed down on the fuel line harder, making the engine roar.

"You're bluffing," the Imperial said in an uncertain voice, "The Alliance would never sanction this."

"We ain't in Republic territory and I'm very pissed off so you might wanna think it over some."

The man gulped in some air but didn't say anything. "Have it your way," Angel said, "Fire it up, kid!"

Cole made the engine scream again before saying, "Okay, Angel."

"No, no, no! Wait!" the man shouted, "I'll talk."

Cole grinned and shut down the speeder. He turned around in his seat so he could watch Angel talk. "Where are they?"

"I haven't seen them," the Imperial admitted, "but they should be one floor above us in the detention section on the right wing of the base. I don't know which cell."

"That'll do, Imp," Angel replied.

"Hey, I think I might have broken this," Cole said to the man and then threw him a part of the speeder.

The Imperial caught it and then gasped. It was the turbo ignition. Without it, the engine could do little more but make a lot of noise. He had just been intimidated by an empty threat. "You bastards!" he shouted at them, "I knew you were bluffing!"

"You still fell for it," Cole replied with a smug smile, "I say its lights out for you buddy."

The man didn't seem to understand, but it was made clear when Angel slammed his big fist onto the top of his skull. He fell down limp onto the ground.

"Nice work, Angel," Cole said before he leapt over the side of the speeder to join his friend on the ground.

"I saw a lift across the hall we can take to the next floor," Angel said.

"Then let's get to it."

Cole kept his lightsaber in hand but left it dormant. The lift didn't take to long to retrieve them and then it brought them promptly to the floor they desired. Mere seconds after they stepped off of the lift, blaster fire surrounded them.

Cole deflected the shots while Angel fired back, teamwork they had perfected since they had started to work together. There had been five initially, but within minutes the stormtroopers were down to two.

"I know you are here, Jedi," a voice whispered in Cole's mind.

Two more troopers appeared at the end of the hall so Cole pushed the voice into the back of his mind to fight his friend. But his focus didn't last long.

"Your father was murdered, Jedi, I can sense it in you. Your father was murdered by a Sith."

Cole halted his motions as the memory of his father's death flooded his mind involuntarily. He had been only five, but he could still remember hiding in the alcove as his father had instructed. He could still here the cries of the two lightsabers, one blue and one red, clashing against one another. Darth Vader's mechanical rasps still lingered during his dreams, mingled with the sound of his father's shout of pain when the red saber had impaled his body.

"Does it sill haunt you, Jedi? Do you still dream of your father's suffering?"

The answer was yes. Many nights he woke up covered in sweat after being torn up inside at the memory of that horrific day. What always followed was a wave of heated anger and this time was no exception.

"I feel your anger, Jedi. Come and fight me. Fight me to avenge your father."

Anger was ruling his mind at the moment so it was anger that made him turn away from Angel. "Can you feel me, Jedi? Come then and fight."

Cole walked away from his friend, but Angel noticed him. "Kid, where're you goin'?"

"I'll be back, Angel," he said without looking over his shoulder, "Keep looking for Kyle and Jan."

"Nu uh," Angel said and fired one more shot to kill the last trooper, "We ain't gettin' separated."

Cole whirled around with a snarl. "I have to face him, Angel and you don't have the power to help me."

The heat in his voice startled Angel who backed away. "What's goin' on, kid?"

"Find Jan and Kyle," Cole instructed, "I'll deal with Ganis."

Angel's eyes turned round at the mention of the Sith Lord's name. "Ganis? Cole you can't—."

Cole didn't want to listen to the usual excuses. He was too young, too headstrong; too foolish. He was tired of being told what he couldn't do. He wanted to fight; he wanted to be as great a Jedi as his father had been. He couldn't do that if everyone was holding him back.

He took off down the hall and he heard Angel call out, "Cole, no!" but he ignored his friend. For once he was going to do exactly what he wanted and no one could stop him.


"Something's wrong," Jan heard Kyle say absently as she tapped away at the computer.

"We're stuck on an Imperial base with a lunatic commander wanting revenge on us and a Sith Lord wanting to dissect your brain, of course something's wrong," she replied.

"No, I can feel something," he replied.

Uh oh, Jan thought to herself. It sounded like this dealt with the Force and that usually meant trouble. "Like what?" she asked.

Kyle had his eyes closed and he was shaking his head. "I feel anger and confusion but I can't focus on the source. It's like something is clouding my vision."

"Like Ganis?" Jan asked.


"Well we really don't have time to investigate this," she replied, "I'm almost done here."

She had nearly broken through the last decryption when she heard a strange humming sound. Then a blaze of electricity shot through her fingertips. The shock knocked Jan off of her feet and she hit the floor hard. She heard the computer pop and crackle before she smelled the smoke from the fried circuits.

Kyle appeared at her side with a concern look on his face. "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine," she replied. He put one of his hands behind her head to help her sit up. "Thanks," she said.

"What happened?"

"They overloaded the network," Jan explained, "They must have figured out what I was doing, smart bastards."

"That means that they probably know we're here," Kyle said.


"So we should probably leave now."


"Great," Kyle muttered. He grabbed her arm to help her climb back to her feet. Jan felt a little woozy but she didn't say anything. Rest time was not a luxury they could afford at the moment.

She picked up her blaster and followed Kyle out of the room. He swept both sides of the corridor first before running to the opposite wall. Jan followed him with her blaster drawn. She was glad to see that Kyle was cooperating with her, but she could also tell that he had merely put aside his anger. Once this was over she was in for a nice shouting match. Such a match wasn't new but seeing as how this dealt with something a little more serious than misjudging the distance for a landing, she wasn't looking forward to it.

Stormtroopers spotted them up ahead and began to fire. They both took opposite ends of the corridor and shot back. There was a lot of smoke, but Jan counted four troopers. They each managed to take out one before one of the two survivors pulled something out of his belt and threw it towards them.

"Sithspit!" she and Kyle said at the same time. The thermal detonator was still arcing towards them when Kyle grabbed Jan and pushed behind a terminal desk. He fell on top of her just as the blast went off.

Bits of plaster struck them but only their ears suffered from the explosion. Jan opened her eyes and saw that Kyle was still covering her body with his. "You comfortable, Katarn?" she asked

He still wasn't in the mood for a little teasing because he gave her a stony look before rolling to the side. Jan didn't like this tension between them anymore. It was uncomfortable now to have such a barrier separating them, especially when they had to depend on each other right now.

She wanted to say something, but what was there to say? Would an apology really be appropriate at a time like this?

The sound of different set of shots struck Jan's ringing ears and she at up. "I know those guns."

She and Kyle both climbed to their feet and walked around the damage created by the detonator. "Angel?" Jan called out through the blaster fire.

There were two more shots and then some silence. "She-cat? Is that you?"

Jan let out a sigh of relief. The smoke was thick, but she could see Angel's big, dark shape eagerly coming towards them. "Angel, you have never looked more beautiful," she gasped out before he swept her into a giant hug.

"Ah, She-cat, I surely was worried about you."

"Angel—I—have to—breath."

"Oh, sorry." He released her and then looked at Kyle. "Rogue—."

Kyle took a step back with a smile. "I'll take a hand shake instead of broken ribs."

Angel laughed and did as Kyle asked. "I'm glad to see you ain't had much damage done to you."

"You came just in time," he replied, "Ganis had big plans for me. We better get out of here before he has the chance to complete them."

"Where's Cole?" Jan asked when she realized they were missing the fourth member of their party.

"I tried to stop him, honest," Angel pleaded in a worried tone that suggested what he was about to say wasn't going to be good, "but he just took off."

"Took off where?"

"He was gonna go after Ganis, crazy about it."

Jan had to lean against the wall for support. "That stupid, hot-headed kid! Is he insane?"

"Maybe," Angel said, "He kinda went a little nutty. I don't know how else to explain it."

"Which way did he go?" Kyle asked.

Jan locked eyes with Kyle. "You aren't thinking—?"

"Cole doesn't stand a chance against a true Sith Lord. I don't have a choice."

"But your lightsaber—."

"I'm not planning on fighting Ganis," he assured her, "I'm going to grab that kid and then we'll meet you at the exit."

"I came down this hallway from the right," Angel pointed behind him, "Cole went to the left. I don't know where he went from there."

Kyle nodded. "We'll meet you guys as soon as we can."

Jan grabbed his shoulder before he could leave. "Kyle, be careful."

He met her eyes with a cold look. "Don't worry, Jan, you're not getting out of this one that easy."

It wasn't exactly the reassurance she wanted, but if it meant he would come back alive then she would take it.

Jan watched as Kyle left, fearing for both him and Cole. "He sure don't sound happy with you," Angel said.

"He knows," Jan replied.

"About what?"


"Uh oh," Angel said now that he understood, "I reckon you're in for it once all of this is over."

"I know," Jan agreed, "I'm in for it big time."


Cole could feel the darkness coiling inside of him. A part of him knew what was happening and that same part was thrilled by it. He felt…free. He was governing himself again instead of Skywalker or Jan or anyone else. He had survived thirteen years on his own with no one ordering him around. He was in control and no one else.

He was following that whisper in his mind down the corridors. No troopers met him. In fact there wasn't a soul around. It was a little odd seeing as how the entire base was on alert, but this was good. It meant no one would be around to distract him when he killed Ganis.

The room he turned into was empty of most objects. It might have been used as a storage area for the Imperials, or a training ground for a Sith Lord. There were glass windows that expanded one wall to display the grey clouded sky outside.

Ganis was waiting for him in the center of the room. Unlike Cole, his lightsaber wasn't activated. He had a smile on his face, one that sent chills up the young Jedi's spine. "Welcome, Jedi."

"Ganis, I'm guessing."

He nodded in reply. "I am unaware of your name."

"Cole Reigan."

Ganis nodded again and his smile broadened. "You are young. Young and impulsive, not a combination one looks for in a Jedi…but perfect for a Sith."

"Is that why you called for me?" Cole asked, "You want me to join you?" He tightened his grip on his lightsaber. "I'll never do that."

Ganis chuckled and shook his head. "I wouldn't be so certain. I can see how conflicted you are." He slowly circled the boy while never taking his eyes off of him. "Everyone is pressuring you, wanting you to control your impulsive behavior. But you don't want to be confined; you want to be let loose. You want to be your own master."

He stopped in front of him again. "I will let you be that."

Cole shook his head. "No you won't. I didn't come here to talk, you urged me to fight you. That's what I'm going to do."

"If that if your wish."

Ganis flicked on his lightsaber. Cole raised his lightsaber and crashed it down against the red one. The clash of the two sabers meeting was a sound that seemed to resonate within Cole's soul, feeding the flaming heat boiling in his blood.

Each harsh connection with the sabers filled him with the need to strike this Dark Lord down. He wanted to watch as his saber lopped the Sith's head off of his shoulders. He wanted to feel the power of knowing he had brought down a Shadow Walker.

The Sith Lord's blows weren't very strong, perhaps he was tired. Or perhaps his true skill lay with his rare power. He was weak. All talk and no real strength in him. He could easily be defeated, even by a Padawan like Cole.

Cole put more power in his swings. If he could wear him out then he could finish the job. It didn't take long.

The complicated dance their sabers were making forced Ganis to drop his lightsaber. It rolled across the ground deactivated. The Sith Lord looked at Cole with a blank expression while the young Jedi smiled. "Apparently you aren't as tough as you like to think you are."

Cole was about to strike when someone shouted, "Cole no!"

He hesitated and saw that Kyle was running towards him. Ganis grinned and used the Force to reach out and recapture his lightsaber. For a minute, Cole was frozen in what to do next. Everything was happening to fast for him to comprehend. But before Ganis could strike, he was knocked over by Kyle's use of the Force.

Though on the ground, Ganis wasn't out yet. He dipped into the Dark Side and shot at the two Jedi with lightening. Cole was writhing in pain and filling with anger. He and Kyle were both slammed against the wall with a perfect view of Ganis breaking open one of the windows and leaping outside.

Now alone, Kyle and Cole took a few moments to recover and catch their breath. "Man, that crap hurts," Cole said with a groan.

Kyle reached over and grabbed Cole's shoulder in a hard grip and hauled him up to his feet. He was sore due to Ganis's punishment so he let out a gasp. "You moron! What the hell were you thinking?!"

"I had him until you showed up," Cole argued and shoved away from him.

"He was toying with you, Cole," Kyle informed him, "He wanted you to think you were winning." He grabbed Cole's shoulder again to make sure he was looking at him. "Ganis is way out of your league. Hell, he's probably way out of my league. You can't fight him on your own."

"I'm stronger than you think," Cole hissed.

"Maybe," Kyle admitted. He was looking at the boy now, peering into his eyes in search for something. "He got to you, didn't he? He made you a take step away from the Light."

"I'm fine," Cole snapped, "He didn't make me do anything. I wanted to prove that I'm as good a Jedi as you, or Luke, or anyone."

"Suicide doesn't prove anything but stupidity. You want to prove that you're a Jedi? Then grow up."

Cole was getting angry again, but it was futile to fight Kyle. He forced himself to calm down.

Kyle let out a sigh and shook his head. "Let's go before Ganis returns and finishes what he started.


The bodies of stormtroopers were piling up around the hallway outside of the door where Angel and Jan waited. Kyle had been gone for a while now and she was starting to worry. Kyle was a seasoned Jedi but Ganis was a rare brand of Sith. Could someone who could control darkness be defeated, especially by a Jedi who was without a lightsaber?

Thankfully, she couldn't think about it much because stormtroopers kept arriving to stop them from leaving. She had to focus on staying alive herself instead of wondering about her two missing companions.

Blaster fire came from one end of the hall followed by a "Go!" Jan felt a wave of relief when she recognized Kyle's voice. Angel opened the door and shoved her outside.

Junira was a barren world made up of brown dust and dead trees. What had destroyed the once lush forest and grass was a mystery to Jan. "Where's the ship?!" she shouted to Angel who was behind her.

"We hid it behind the dead forest. Should be alright."

She could still hear blaster fire which told her that they were being followed. Jan wanted to stop and fire back, but there wasn't time. They needed to get to the Raven's Claw and leave this wasteland for good. Hopefully they could lose them in the trees.

The brittle limbs of the dry trees scratched at Jan's face and clothes. Some strands of her hair were pulled free from her scalp, but that didn't stop her. She couldn't hear Cole's lightsaber so it appeared he had the brains to not make a trail for him—and ultimately the troopers—to walk through.

The sky rumbled above her, promising rain. Rain would slow them down, not to mention making it harder to take off. Jan kicked in more energy for her run. She was determined to get off of this dump before the rain poured down.

Through the brown trees, she could see the steel color of her beloved ship. Red bolts were flashing behind her so the run through the forest had failed to elude their pursuers.

Angel hit the remote to activate the loading ramp so Jan didn't have to wait to release it manually. She raced aboard her ship and didn't slow down until she reached the cockpit. She was already firing up the controls when Kyle yelled, "Everyone's onboard. Go!"

She put the thrusters into maximum power and then pulled back the controls to force the Claw into the air. It was a dangerous speed, but Jan was confident in her skill. The troopers were firing at her with their blasters, but the deflector shield kept them at bay.

She piloted away from the base in case they had an ion cannon primed. The race to space was bumpy with the clouds making it difficult to see. Jan relied on her instincts to get them out of Junira's atmosphere. When they reached space she let out a gasp. "They have a Star Destroyer?!"

The Claw rocked from a direct hit. Jan saw that their shields were dropped to sixty-four percent. Another hit sent them down to forty-seven.

"Jan, lightspeed now!"

"You don't have to tell me that!" she shouted back to Kyle.

She was setting the trajectory when another blast dropped the shields down to twenty-two percent. One more hit and they were sure to be dead.

Jan pulled back the lever and the stars turned into white streaks of light. The Raven's Claw shot forward into a deep path through space.

Jan ran a quick diagnostic on the ship to see how much damage had been caused by the blasts. The shields had managed to keep the blasts at bay for the most part. Some of the outer hull had been scorched and would need to be patched up, but they should hold out until they could land.

Tired from the excitement, Jan switched over into the autopilot and left the cockpit. In the galley, Angel and Cole were sitting at the table while Kyle was leaning against the wall. "I've set a course for Coruscant. We should be there in a few hours."

She narrowed her eyes at her young Jedi friend. "I also sent a transmission to Luke explaining your detour."

"Great," Cole muttered.

"You're lucky that—Kyle!" she shouted out Kyle's name because at that moment he swooped in, picked her up and threw her over his shoulder. "What the hell are you doing?!"

He didn't reply, just started marching towards her quarters. She pounded her fists into his back but that didn't stop him.

"Angel, do something," she begged.

"I am," he replied with a chuckle, "I'm laughin'."

She let out a cry of frustration. "Traitor," she hissed.

When Kyle reached her quarters, he walked inside and threw her down onto the bed. Jan sat up and watched as he walked back to the door and sealed them inside. He stood in front of the door like a watch dog guarding the exit to a prison.

"Okay," she said calmly, "I can see that you're mad."

"Mad?" Kyle repeated in a tone that clearly said 'guess again'.

"Okay, angry."


Jan threw her hands up into the air. "Furious then."

"You're getting warmer."

"Well I'm running out of adjectives here," she snapped.

Kyle shook his head with a cold chuckle. "Oh, Jan, I am light-years past furious." He glared at her now. "How could you not tell me that I have a son?!"

"I have a son," she corrected him before standing up from her bed.

"He's my son too."

"Since when?" she asked.

"I'm not going to play this game with you, Jan," Kyle said through gritted teeth, "You should have told me."

"What was I supposed to do? Post a notice saying 'Kyle Katarn, come home you knocked up your ex-partner'?"

"This isn't funny, Jan!"

"I agree wholeheartedly," she replied, "I'm just asking you what you would have preferred? Should I have run across the galaxy looking for you again, this time with a baby on my hip?"

"You could have told me once we met again on Aron," he stated.

"Yeah, because you stuck around so long the last time we met," Jan replied.

"That's your excuse?" he questioned.

"You didn't stay with me last time, how was I supposed to know this was going to be different?"

"It is different," Kyle insisted, still scowling at her, "I never would have left our son."

"My son."

"Our son."

"My son."

"Our son."

"My son."

"Jan!" Kyle shouted out her name in frustration.

She let out a sigh and sat back down on her bed. "I don't care if you leave me Kyle…I mean I do care, but it doesn't matter as much as the idea that you would abandon him."

"I just said—."

"How can I believe that?" she cut him off to ask, "I said I loved you and then I wake up the next morning and you're gone. No note, no trans-number, nothing to tell me where you were or why you left. You honestly think that doesn't give me an excuse to assume you'd leave me again?"

Kyle didn't reply. He was out of ways to defend himself, especially when it came to what she had just said. He had left twice; it really wasn't crazy to think he might leave again. He had a right to know, but she had a right to protect their son anyway she…could.

He now looked at her with suspicion when he asked, "This guy you said you were seeing. It's our son, isn't it?"

Jan winced in reply.

"Damn it, Jan! You lied to me!"

"No I didn't," she replied, "I just left out part of the truth."

"A big part," he hissed, "You implied that you were in love with someone else."

"Technically I am."

It was a thin argument and she knew it. "How could you do that to me, Jan?" Kyle asked, "You let me think that you…" He didn't finish because he knew it would just infuriate him even more.

She felt guilty again for what she had done. He had every right to be angry about what she had said to him, but she didn't apologize. Instead she just stayed silent.

"What's his name?" Kyle asked after several moments of silence.

"Morgan," Jan replied.

He raised one of his brows as he gave her a quizzical look. "You named him after my father?"

"He saved his life."

"Okay, you've lost me, Jan."

She sucked in a breath before saying, "After I found out I was pregnant, I didn't know what to do. I was considering all options."

"You mean you thought about—?"

"Don't judge me, Kyle," she cut in, "I was alone and scared and I wasn't sure I could do it."

"I'm not judging you," he replied and she could tell he wasn't lying.

Jan nodded. "Your father appeared in my apartment, scared the crap out of me in fact. He told me that I would regret it if I went through with it." She let out a long sigh. "He was right. It would have been the worst mistake of my life."

Kyle nodded in understanding. "Do you have a picture of him?"

Jan got up from her bed and went to her bureau. She opened a drawer and pulled out her picture of Morgan and then walked over and gave it to Kyle.

He stared at it for a long time with a thoughtful look on his face. Jan could see that he was already falling in love with their son though he hadn't even met him yet. "He looks like me when I was a baby."

"I know."

Kyle gave her a puzzled look. "How would you know?"

"Well he doesn't look like me when I was his age."

He chuckled a little but didn't look up from the picture. "Morgan Ors," he said.

"Morgan Ors Katarn," she corrected.

Kyle lowered the picture with another confused look. "You gave him my last name?"

"You are his father."

"You haven't seemed very thrilled by that fact."

"I never said that I didn't want you to be his father, I'm just expressing doubt that you'll actually do it," she explained, "I'm waiting for you to race out that door and disappear again."

"I guess I can't blame you for that," Kyle admitted. Suddenly, his eyes went hard and cold again. "But that doesn't explain why you would lie to me and say you were in love with someone else."

He just had to bring that up again, Jan though with inward groan. "We don't have time to argue this out. We just escaped from a Sith Lord who wants to poke through your brain."

She had managed to cheat her way out of the original subject by bringing up a hard truth, and she could see that he knew it.

"You owe that Sith Lord a thank you," Kyle said.

"What?" Jan asked in bewilderment.

"He told me about Morgan and that's the best thing that could have happened because now we know he has a Plan B."

"What does Morgan have to do with this?"

"Think about it, Jan," Kyle said, "He's my son. We share the same blood…and the same genetic memory."

Jan's face whitened and she gasped into a breath. "Force no," she whispered, "And he knows where I live."

She pushed Kyle aside and unlocked the door. "I have to contact Mon Mothma and..." She stopped because when she opened the door, Angel and Cole fell to the ground at her feet.

"Hi Jan," Cole said with a sheepish grin.

Jan pursed her lips and reached down to twist Cole's ear. The Jedi let out gasps of pain as she hauled him up to his feet by his ear. Meanwhile, Angel stood up laughing. "What were you two doing?"

"Eavesdroppin'," Angel stated, "It was his idea."

"And you didn't stop him because…?"

"'Cause I wanted to listen in too."

Jan gave him a hard punch on the shoulder that probably did no damage. She pushed past them to head for the cockpit. She called over her shoulder, "You coming, Katarn?"

"Family matter," he told his companions before he followed her to he cockpit.

"This is a very serious matter," Mon Mothma spoke regarding the latest developments that Kyle and Jan had just informed her of.

"That's understating it a bit," Kyle remarked lightly to the hologram of the woman in front of him.

Luke's shimmering hologram form remained still, obviously the Jedi Master was in deep thought, "I have never heard of this Abscissor weapon."

"Neither have I," Kyle explained, "but Ganis wants it bad."

"And the location to this weapon is within your ancestral memory," Mon Mothma said her eyes narrowing a little at the thought, "it doesn't seem plausible."

Kyle shook his head, "Yeah but its just crazy enough to be true."

"And if it is true," Jan interrupted, "then they don't need Kyle, not if they can get to Morgan."

"We won't let that happen," Luke told her, his voice was serious but confident.

"He knows where I live!" She exclaimed, "his shadow was in my home and he saw my son!"

"Calm down Jan," Mon Mothma urged her.

"Calm down?! My son is in danger and I don't…" Kyle put a hand on her shoulder, a gesture of comfort but she also understood his silent message to be quiet for a few moments.

"We need to move Morgan," Kyle spoke up, "he isn't safe on Coruscant."

"Coruscant is the capital of the New Republic," Mon Mothma reminded Kyle, "I doubt Ganis has the man power to launch an attack."

"He doesn't need to, all he has to do is control a few shadows and he could take the boy out from under you," He explained, "you don't have the power to stop him."

"It would be easier to sense his presence if Morgan were in place strong in the Force," Luke agreed, "We could bring him to Yavin, there are enough to Jedi strong enough to sense Ganis's presence and Morgan would be safer with Jedi around."

"I'm going with him," Jan said firmly.

Luke nodded, "I would never ask you to leave your son alone," he said sincerely.

"We are both going," Kyle corrected eyeing Jan with an angry glint in his eye, "It's about time that I met Morgan don't you think?"

"I never should have let you be in charge!" Castin shouted to the Sith Lord. "I captured them and you let them get away!"

Ganis was ignoring the incensed Imperial Commander as he prepared for his meditation. "I never should have allied myself with you. Katarn would be dead now and my father would be avenged if I had done this on my own!"

"You would be the one dead, Mohc," Ganis replied coolly, "You may have the wealth to gather an army, but you do not have the intelligence to outwit Katarn."

"I managed to capture him, didn't I?"

"With my help," Ganis said, "Calm yourself, we will get Katarn back."

"But he'll be on his guard now," Castin stated.

Ganis nodded, "True, but there is another Katarn who can't protect himself. It will be much easier to get the information I need this way."

"You mean the boy, don't you?" Castin said.

"Precisely. The child is strong in the Force. He would make an excellent apprentice and I am in need of one."

"They'll see it coming," Castin pointed out bitterly, "They'll hide the child somewhere where you can't penetrate with your shadow magic."

"I won't need it," Ganis said.

"What do you mean?"

"Once I find out where they are going we will strike. I will send out a beacon in the Force, calling all surviving Sith to come to me. Then we will capture the son of Katarn and learn the location of the Abscissor."

Castin smiled. "And Katarn and his woman will come to us to rescue their son."

Ganis nodded, also smiling, "Then we will have him again and this time we will kill him."

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