A/N: A prediction based on a theory suggested on a thread.

"Henry is the killer because…" Was basically the theme. I looked for like an hour, but couldn't find it.

Anyway, the person stated that Henry was the killer and on the docks with JD, when Abby asked who killed him, he couldn't answer because it was Henry and that if he told her that it was Henry, Henry would have killed her. They also stated that the reason Henry was crying so much was because that if JD had told her it was Henry, Henry would have had to kill Abby too.



He was relieved. He was upset. He was heartbroken. He had just killed his brother in cold blood. Just to keep a secret safe. At the moment, he hated himself more than he had ever hated anyone. He had to kill JD, he had too. He knew everything that was going on. He knew that Henry wasn't really a Dunn. He knew that he was the son of John Wakefield and the late Sarah Lawson. Henry knew that it was only a matter of time before that got out, and he couldn't risk it. He couldn't risk being marked as a potential suspect. Especially when he was the one doing the killings. And when Abby found JD, a panic instantly struck him. What if she figured it out? What would happen then? He came up behind her just in time to hear her ask who had done it.

"It's all about you…" JD gurgled out.

That was true. It was all about her. In Henry's sick and twisted delusion, he was killing everyone for her. See, ever since they were little, he had this little obsession for her. A crush. A crush that manifested to full blown, what Henry thought, love.

So JD Dunn died in a pool of his own blood on the docks on Harper's Island, and Henry cried for the loss of his little 'brother'. However half of his tears were in honor of Abby. The simple thought of having to kill his best friend slash half sister slash love, bothered him immensely. And he prayed to god that he would never have to carry out the task of murdering Abby Mills.


A/N: Okay, I know that it's not that good, but I needed to write something because I was going crazy. Please let me know what you thought anyay!