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Chapter one- Help me!

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Stella was on her way to meet Mac at Sutton's apartment, when someone came up alongside of her and shoved her down a flight of stairs. "Ahh!" She screamed as she went tumbling down the stairs, faster and faster. She couldn't stop herself. Finally, she reached the bottom and lay there on the cold hard floor, face down and motionless.

Her attacker smiled evilly as he headed down the stairs towards her. When he reached her, he knelt down beside her and pushed her over onto her back. "Uhh," Stella moaned as she felt someone pushing her. Her head was pounding, and her vision was blurred. She knew someone was standing over her, she just couldn't see them very good.

Still smiling, he began searching her for the coin. After a while of searching and not finding anything, he was beginning to get frustrated. He removed her gun from its holster and then slowly stood up and aimed it at her head. "Where is it?"

"Uhh, where's….where's what?" Stella asked weakly.

"The coin, where is it?" Her attacker demanded.

"I…I don't-," she broke off. Her head was pounding so terrible; she could barely think, and the fact that she could scarcely make out who she was talking to, didn't help either.

Her attacker glared at her as he cocked her gun. "You're lying, I know you have it."

" I..I don't have anything," she replied weakly then slowly closed her eyes.

Angered, her attacker straddled her unconscious body and pummeled her face. After he was done, he got off her and kicked her in the side. Then he turned and headed back up the stairs, leaving her bruised and bloody.

A young woman was walking past the stair well, when a big tall man came up the stairs and shoved her down as he walked past her. She groaned as she got back up, then turned, and stared down the stairs. When she got about halfway down, she saw a very crumpled and lifeless body. She shuddered, then took a deep breath, and continued down the stairs.

When she reached the body, she saw that it was a woman and her face had been badly beaten. She looked around for an ID and spotted her badge. My…my god, She's a cop. Taking another deep breath, she knelt down next to her and gently touched her bloody cheek. "Hey, can…can you hear me?" There was no response.

With tears welling up in her eyes, the young woman reached into her pocket, pulled out her cell phone, and with shaky fingers dialed 911.