The 5th Egg

Amu's POV

I looked out the into the dark sky and suddenly thought of Ikuto, and without realizing it, i started to cry. Ran,Miki and Suu were confronting me and asking what was wrong "It's just, Easter! H-How can they s-stand to use Ikuto-kun like that!" Suddenly, I went all red! I had just called Ikuto Ikuto-kun!

"Ikuto-kun?" Ran asked

" I-I um I just-" I stammered

Suddenly, Dia came out of her egg

"Dia!" We all shouted

"Amu-chan, lets save Ikuto now!" She said

"Dia..." I said softly "Let's Go! My Own Heart, UNLOCK!"

Normal POV

Amu arrived on top of the Easter building, and headed towards where the violin sound was coming from. Then she saw Ikuto as Death Rebel and Easter president. "IKUTO! Please come back!" She shouted into the night " I-I miss you." She said more softly. Ikuto went back to normal for a minute. But then... "IKUTO! DONT YOU SEE SHES LIEING!" the director boomed then turned to Amu. "Dont you see this is all your fault." He told her "MY fault? How?" She asked the director chuckled "Why do you think it is so easy to put Ikuto under my spell? Because, you are the one thing that mattered in Ikuto's life. Everything he did was for you in the end. And how do you repay him? By breaking his heart."

Amu fell to her knees. He was right. This was her fault. "But, I DO CARE FOR HIM! GREATLY!" she screamed to the director and ran towards Ikuto and hugged him " Ikuto.. Please, i need you" she whisprered in his ear. " Please, I-I love you."

"AMU CHAN" Tadase screamed, but Amu didn't care. Ikuto's eyes with still blank, as tuning forks waves were over powering "Ikuto" she whispered, and then, knowing what to do, she kissed him. All the guardians,(who had heard Amu scream IKUTO PLEASE COME BACK, and quickly rushed over) gasped in shock as the two rose into air and a light went around them. As they broke apart, Ikuto was Ikuto again, not Death Rebel "Amu.." He whispered and hugged her "I-I'm so sorry" He whispered

"QUICK, GRAB HIM!" The director yelled breaking the light and Ikuto wet flying to the ground, where the director grabbed him "WAIT" Amu shouted

"Alright, we can make a trade." The director smirked "What?" Amu said "The Humpty Lock, for Ikuto" he smirked "Amu-Chan, don't do it!" Tadase told her

"I-I. I'll do it" Amu said and took off The Humpty lock and fainted.

Ikuto's Pov

"Amu, Amu wake up" I said to her

"H-huh? Ikuto?" She said, obviously half asleep

"IKUTO!" she them shouted and hugged me "Uhh, where are we?" she asked

Suddenly, dad barged in "Time for your first assignment" He snickered

``assignment`` Amu said ``what do you mean`` she asked

``We took the Humpty Lock and you get Ikuto. You agreed.`` he smirked

``Father, How dare you trick her like that!`` I shouted at him

``Ikuto...`` Amu whispered

``Oh, Whats it to you?" He smirked

"I won't let you control her!" I screamed "I'll protect her!" I told him

"and why is that?"

" ILOVE HER FATHER" I screamed

Suddenly, a light exploded from Amu's chest


"W-What" I said dumbstruck

Suddenly, a egg popped out!

"Showtime" She said

Wait will amu's 5th egg be? See the next chapter to find out! I love leaving people in suspense ^_^