Short Recap

"I wont let you control her" "'ll protect her"

"oh, why is that?"


Suddenly, a egg came from Amu's chest


As Amu and Ikuto looked at the egg, it opened

Amu gasped. She was... beautiful! She had hair the exact same color as Ikuto, tied up n a short ponytail with a cross tie and her eyes were the same colour as Ikuto's too! She was wearing a dark black ankle-length dress with blue trimmings and black heels.

"Hello everyone! I'm Otuki! Amu-chan`s 5th Shugo Chara!" she winked

"O-Otuki?" Amu said, dazed

"Yea! I represent your desire to be with Ikuto" she announced

Ikuto's POV

As I looked at the chara as she said "I represent your desire to be with Ikuto" My heart pounced and I blushed. Wait, What the hell, Amu was making me blush? Wow.... Then I looked at Amu. Her face was in disbelief. Then she spoke "M-My desire to be with Ikuto?! What! When did you start to be born" She asked

"Why, I was born that day at the amusement park. I remember seeing Dia in there, ready to go out into the world, but i saw what was in store for her and begged her not to go but, she was stubborn and went anyway" Otuki replied

Normal POV

"But enough of that, Amu-chan! Lets get out of here! Otuki shouted

"But I don't have the Humpty Lock! How will we transform?" Amu cried

"Believe and you can do it! Believe in your desire for Ikuto!" Otuki shouted

"My desire for Ikuto" Amu whispered " MY OWN HEART, UNLOCK!" She then shouted

"Cara Nari! Amulet Cross!"

Amulet Cross was also beautiful. Amu had the same ponytail and dress, and was stunning.

Suddenly, a sharp pain came in Ikuto's head and he fell to the ground, his head aching

"You pitiful girl. I still have control over Ikuto's mind." Ikuto's stepdad smirked

"No.." Amu whispered

"Its ok, Amu chan! Lets use our power" Otuki said

"CROSS SPEAR" Amu shouted and two spears appeared in front of her. She grabbed the spears and used them to break the tuning fork in the directors hand, then rushed to Ikuto.

"!" She shook him

"Amu" Ikuto whispered

"Come on! Lets get out of here!"

Later..( IKuto is there too)

"Amu!" All the guardians rushed at Amu

"Guys guys" Amu laughed. Then they noticed Otuki

"Huh? Amu-chan, who's she" Tadase asked, pointing at Her

"Before Amu could respond, Otuki took the stage

" So YOUR the one who's been delaying my appearance! I outta!" Otuki stormed

"Now Now Otuki. Calm down" Amu told her

"Well, I dunno whats it ta ya, but i'm Otuki, and I represent Amu's desire for Ikuto. Ya wanna fight bout it" She told him " Watch this character change!" She added

And with that, a cross appeared on Amu's hair

"IKUTO-KUN!! I'M SO HAPPY YOUR ALIVE!! I MISSED YA SO MUCH!!!" Amu yelled and hugged Ikuto then the cross disappeared


"What, its yer honest feelings bout 'im why not show 'em" Otuki asked

Suddenly Amu's cell started to ring

"uhh Be Right Back" She said

"hello?" She asked

"Amu! Its me, Utau! I just got back! Can you and the gang meet me at the air port? Thanks! BYE!!" Utau said then hung up

"Alright everyone, come on Utau's back"

"Really? She left?" Ikuto said

"Lets go" Yaya said

At the airport

"Guys!" Utau said running towards them but slipping

"Woah. I gotcha!"Kukai said and stopped her from falling

"Eer, Thanks Kukai" Utau Blushed

Then she looked at Otuki "Who's she?" Utau asked quickly

"Why, i'm Otuki! Amu-chan's 5th egg! I represent her desire to be with Ikuto!"Otuki winked

"WHAAAAAAT!" Utau screamed

"Utau-chan, remember, you need to calm down" Eru said

"You have to get along if your going to be friends" She added

At amu's house

Amu was humming a little tune as she hopped into bed. Then she heard a tap tap at the window. It was Ikuto!
"Ikuto, what are you doing here!" Amu said in a hoarse whisper

"I came to give you a little present" He replied, and then, he kissed her

At first Amu tried to break away, but then she gave in to the kiss. When it was over, Amu looked into eyes and said "Ikuto, I love you."

"Amu, I love you too. You are really the most important thing in my life" He replied

"Realy?" Amu asked

"really" Ikuto replied and kissed her again. He pushed her with force that they fell on Amu's bed and fell asleep

The next day..

"Good Morning, Lovely Amu" Ikuto said to her

"Good Morning, handsome Ikuto" Amu replied

"Whats going on? Why is Ikuto here?" Ran asked

"Ran, We're in love!" She said

"yippee. I'm going back to bed. Good night"

Amu and Ikuto just laughed and kissed again

The End

I hope you enjoyed!!!