The Hybrid Baby


Emmett was outside in the backyard. It was sunny outside, something that is very rare in this godforsaken place, and he was enjoying the sunshine. My lips automatically twitched up into a smile as I watched him, knee deep into the river. Jasper was sitting on the bank doubled over in laughter at watching Emmett wrestle with a fish. Speed, strength…it wasn't quick enough for him to catch those slippery buggers. He was fast enough to catch them, but they were like a bar of soap, the harder he held on to them, the faster they slid out of his fingers.

At this point, it was merely just entertaining to watch the fish propel themselves lazily through the water as Emmett splashed and spluttered through the mud to get to them.

Alice tapped me on the shoulder. "Rose, what do you think about this color?" I turned to look at her. Her brow crinkled in concentration. "I mean, the Capri's look great, but the color is off…" She pointed to the screen.

"It looks fine, Alice." I shrugged.

She nodded. "Yup. I'm going to have to do this all by myself," she muttered to herself.

She continued to press button after button on the screen as she mixed, matched and changed colors of the clothes displayed there. Suddenly she went rigid in her chair, her eyes abnormally vacant. Just another vision… I turned around to watch Jasper and Emmett again. The scene had changed, and now they were both covered head to toe in mud.

I rolled my eyes at the pair of them.

"Something's wrong with Bella…"Alice whispered so low, even I had to strain to catch her words. "Oh…no. It can't be!" she gasped in horror. "Hand me the phone and then get Carlisle." I tossed her the small silver cell phone. "Hurry!"

Of course, leave it to Edward to kill her. Honestly, that was the only thing that flashed through my mind. All this trouble and angst so he could lose control on their honeymoon. Great. I wasn't ready for depressing Edward. The eight months he was abroad were the worst times my family has ever seen. Honestly, they were downright unpleasant. I was grateful the little human, who I now call by her name, took him back.

There was no need for me to find Carlisle because he heard Alice and was down the stairs in the next second. Alice was already on the phone.

"Bella? Bella, are you okay?"

So Edward didn't kill her. Maybe she's a vampire now and has killed a human. The wild bloodthirsty first year…I tried to hide my smile as Alice shot me a threatening glance. Jasper just might win his bet. Emmett's not going to be too happy about that. I refuse to be around him after he eats all ten hot dogs. Jasper has a sick sense of humor.

Carlisle waited patiently for the phone, his hand out stretched.

"Bella, it's Carlisle," he said anxiously. "What's going on?"

My interest was piqued, all the disquiet yet no one seems to know what the predicament is. Even though I didn't care much for the conversation, my ears contradicted my thoughts as they tried to listen harder.

"I –" Bella hesitated on the other end.

I wanted to reach over, grab the phone and tell her to spit it out. My patience was limited sometimes with Bella. Her vampire days were not coming soon enough. It will be nice when there is no longer the constant aroma of her blood in the house.

"I'm a little worried about Edward…Can vampires go into shock?" Bella finally choked out on the other end.

Emmett and Jasper had walked in then, both stripped down to only their boxers, Esme holding a towel out to each of them, a scowl fixed upon her face. Emmett's hair was sopping wet and plastered to his face. I tried to choke down the laughter at the two of them.

"Let me guess," Emmett whispered to Jasper, "he finally saw Bella naked?" They both guffawed in whispers, their heads together. I pressed my lips tightly together in an act to suppress my laughter.

Carlisle glared at the pair of them and they both stiffened and their mouths closed. Again, I listened to Bella on the other end.

"I think…well, I think that…maybe…I might be… Pregnant."

The laughter died at once as everyone froze where they stood, staring at Carlisle in disbelief. I was lost in desperate speculation but all I thought was it couldn't be true.

It had been decided after Carlisle's many questions. Bella. Was. Pregnant. It was a hard concept to wrap my head around. There was a slight glimmer of a nasty shade of green - jealousy unfathomable in me. It wasn't fair, and I knew that I was just throwing myself a huge pity party. She gets her Emmett forever and get's to have a child. Fortune stepped on me to get to her apparently.

I guess the only thing that was worse than all those things combined were their plans to abort the growing creature inside her. It was hard to imagine Edward and Bella creating anything that was worth murdering.

Jasper and Emmett's banter was not funny to me anymore. It had only been thirty minutes since their conversation and they both were making bets, jokes, and literally turning this whole situation into a laughing stalk.

Alice and I promptly kicked them back out of the house, leaving them in their boxers. They retreated slowly into the forest mumbling apologies as we stood on the front porch, arms crossed. Served them right.

As I retreated back into the house my phone vibrated lightly in my pocket. If it's Emmett, I'm throwing my phone out the window. He could be persistent and I refused to spend the rest of the day pressing the ignore button.

To my surprise, the name that was flashing across the screen was Edwards.

"Hello?" I answered skeptically, not sure if my number was the one he meant to call.

"Rosalie? It's Bella." The tiniest quiver of a voice spoke. The word Surprise doesn't even cover how I felt when I heard her name. More like Flabbergasted. "Please. You have to help me."

Forget my last statement. Bombshell. Yes, that summed it up.

"Help?" I asked, tired of her not just getting to the core of things. She constantly floundered around the edges of things while I had to sit here and stifle through clues.

"I didn't realize…" her voice lowered another octave. "I think they want to kill my baby," her voice constricted with emotion.

Could the weirdness get any weirder? "I don't understand, Bella. What can I help you with?" Again, here I was fumbling blindly for some sort of hint.

"I have to hurry, he's going to be back inside the house any minute," she took in a deep breath. "Please…please don't let them hurt my baby." She hesitated on the line. "I love him."

The words fell oddly upon my ears. There was a sudden awareness. My mind grappled with thoughts to unwieldy for a response. She was going to keep the child. A baby. My own maternal possessive nature took over, I felt it rising powerfully within me.

"Him?" I asked with a feeble bravado.

"Yes," her voice lightened. "I think it's a boy."

"Really?" my voice was overly enthusiastic, almost as if her words had blown a different disposition into me.

"Yes. I think he's coming back. Please, Rosalie. Promise me that you won't let them kill my child. You must promise me."

It was abnormal to hear her supplicate, and of all the people in this house I would be the last one she would ever ask. She just happened to pick the one thing I could not say no to. The decision was made before she even asked. How could they possibly think that killing this child was a good idea? Sure, he was some sort of hybrid, but he was just a baby!

"I promise. When you get off that plane you come straight to me. Do you understand?"

The plan was already being decided in my head. We must keep this a secret. If any of them knew they might prevent me from getting to her to save the child.

"Of course," she agreed.

"And Bella." I persisted. "Don't tell Edward. Not a single word. We'll tell him together. It will be safer for the baby that way."

"Yes. That makes sense. I won't say a word," she promised. "I've got to go," she whispered quickly and the phone went dead.

Did Edward hear our conversation? Would he stop me from getting to her, to save that child growing inside of her?

The hours had somehow grown in length. I continued to pace back and forth at the airport, waiting for their arrival. Then, I saw them. Edward was laden with luggage, his face masklike. Bella, one hand on her perceptibly growing stomach, peered through the crowd, her eyes traveling from right to left. Seeing the proof that there was in fact a baby growing inside her just made the whole situation more vitally important.

A pair of bewildered chocolate-brown eyes met mine as relief broke across her features. She flung herself at me, her frail body hit me with a soft thud as my arms wrapped around her protectively. Affection for this human who I once loathed gushed up inside me. Everyone stared at us in incredulity.

"Come on Bella, let's get you home." I hissed when Edward tried to come closer, utter incomprehension in his eyes. Of course, her rush towards me was like placing a target on my thoughts. His eyes turned dark as his face twisted convulsively.

It's your baby, Edward. Seriously…you didn't think we'd just let you kill it, did you? My expression was rapt and exultant.

A positively dangerous look crept across his face. I swear you could almost see sparks fly out of his eyes, fire blow out of his mouth and smoke bellow from his ears. You could literally see the anger growing inside him. There were rattling guttural noises coming from his chest and throat.

Emmett understood immediately and stood on Bella's other side.

"I'm sorry, Edward, but I'm with them," he gestured toward me and Bella in a mellow and pleasant voice. "Also, I'm not quite sure what this is about, but I have a feeling that Bella doesn't want you to abort her baby." Honestly, I was kind of shocked at how perceptive Emmett was. Sometimes we all don't give him enough credit.

If it wasn't for his human sweetheart between the two of us, I'm sure there would have been a fight. Over my pile of ashes, I thought.

"That can be arranged," he snapped, a surge of savage displeasure seeping from his tone.

Esme stepped between us. "Enough of that, children. We are in public!"

It was just an automatic response now. "Yes, Mom," we all mumbled as we exited through the large sliding glass doors.

Author's Note: Well, I was just going to do a one-shot…but now that I think about it, I might write a couple more things to add to this. Probably not in order, but about Rosalie dealing with Bella's pregnancy. Should be fun.

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