A week after Stefan's death, Cosmo had woken up with a funny feeling. His new knee was also itching badly. Something was going to happen. He just knew it. Lucien Bonn, aka Ditto the blonde doctor Bartoli baby, entered the room. "We have movement on the TBs."

TBs is short for Toxic Blobs. They were the new beings the Supernaturalists were hunting down. Apparently they went around at night poisoning people and at the same time feeding. They had purple bodies similar to hydro gel. They responded badly to electricity and hated light. Sort of like the Parasites or Un-Spec 4.

The lightning rods were still usable and so Cosmo grabbed his and headed for the Pigmobile. It had taken Mona a while to redo most of it, but it was drivable and that was what mattered.

Mona was already waiting behind the wheel. "Are you ready, chicos?"

"As ready as we'll ever be, Mona, so let's get going!" Cosmo replied energetically.

"Alrighty then," Mona yelled as she wore her devilish grin. She slammed down on the pedal and they were off into the night.

A dark figure stood on a building far in the distance and watched them…waiting.