Scooby-Doo and the Sailor Senshi

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It was a small fun night at a town hall in Tokyo Japan. People were getting ready for a big event. In about a week a violin contest would happen. The contestants all over the world would be able to play three extremely hard pieces in a series of three days. The winner would receive a grand prize of one thousand hundred dollars. Not that the grand prize would attract a lot of crime and greedy people. One of which happened late at that night. Alarms blazed out as someone burst into the Contest hall. Suddenly there was a sound of something smashing metal. Security guards burst into the room surrounding the culprit. Only to find that the culprit wasn't a culprit. It was the what was robbing banks in Tokyo all over town. The ghost of Yo-Yo Ma. The ghost took one look at the now scared guards, took the pile of money. Then vanished without a trace along with one specific violin. This violin had gold strings instead of the normal strings. The security guards looked around frightened and not knowing what to do.

Meanwhile five teenagers and one dog were riding on a jet towards Tokyo. One teenager with brown hair wearing a green shirt and brown pants sat with a brown and black spotted Great Dane. The teenaged boy was known as Norville Rodgers whom was better known as Shaggy and his dog was Scooby-Doo! As usual the two were settling down eating a nice big sandwich.

One of their friends was another teenager with brown hair. He wore a white shirt, and black pants. In his hands was a violin that was given to him by his parents at the age of five. It also had gold strings instead of the usual ones. Turning to him was a girl with brown hair, she wore a orange shirt and red skirt. She also wore glasses. Next to her was another girl with red hair, she wore a purple sweater and skirt, she wore pink pantyhose, and purple sneakers. These girls were Velma Dinkly and Daphne Blake. Sitting on the left of Daphne was another teenaged boy with blonde hair. He wore a white shirt with a blue color. He also wore an orange ascot with blue pants and brown shoes. He was Fred Jones. Sometimes Fred was known as Freddie. Scooby-Doo, Shaggy, Velma, Daphne, Fred, and now John were members of Mystery Ink a mystery solving group of friends. Danger seemed to be no stranger to them as it lurked everywhere.

"So like tell me why we are going to Tokyo" Shaggy asked as Scooby finished off his sandwich in one bite "I mean come on after the Black Samurai?"

"Which as I remembered correctly" the brown haired teenaged boy began putting down "That you two defeated him."

"That's true John" Fred said "Then why are we going again?"

"So I can compete in the violin competition" John said "You know how I can't resist a little friendly competition. In fact they invited me and five friends. So I thought you five would like to join me."

"Of course we would" Daphne said "You are the best violinist in America…Well in our state anyway."

"Besides Shaggy" Velma said "This time there will be no monsters, or ghost."

"I hope your right for once" Shaggy complained "I mean it's like every time we go someplace there is always a mystery to solve."

"As long as the violin concert doesn't get canceled" John began "I'll take on any mystery. And I'll even take that mystery on if a ghost is involved at those contests."

Velma nodded in agreement "How long is it going to take?"

"The competition?" John asked "Surprisingly at least a week. Besides I once lived in Tokyo. I want to see a friend that I haven't seen in these years, plus my private tutor would hopefully like to see me as well."

Shaggy thought about it "So a week with hearing the best violinist compete against each other…Sounds interesting, I'll go only if they have food."

Scooby-Doo licked his lips "Rhea rood."

"I swear" John muttered silently to himself "You two are always thinking of your stomachs."

The Mystery Inc gang were silent as the flight attendant's voice entered "We are now arriving in Tokyo! Please remember that your luggage may have shift and stay buckled up until the plane has made a complete stop."

"Well were here!" John announced.

The Mystery Inc gang walked up to get their luggage of what they would hope would be a none mystery week. Yet the gang had no idea how wrong they were going to be. Or how long that they were going to be staying in Tokyo.

End of chapter.

I've decided to try my luck at a crossover involving the Scooby-Doo. They don't get much appreciation so I'm trying one. This crossover is with the Sailor Senshi. What mysteries will the Mystery Inc gang and the Sailor Senshi solve find out next. So please review and no flames!

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